Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Mrs Justa and goodbye 2008

Okay, call me a fool, call me old fashion, call me whatever....but to me, this does not look like any sort of fun ! So I imagewould drive with Mark 5 hours away, to buck traffic, pay out of the nose for parking, and shuttle or shuffle with over a million other folks to be crammed behind barriers to watch a ball drop for 6o seconds.

Question 1 : why??

Question 2 : Where do you go to the bathroom? 

Question 3:   why??

Question 4:  What would possess anyone to want to stand in sub freezing temperatures for at least 5 hours to watch this?

Now the other way to see 2008 go is100_1673 in a quiet living room , TV on, sitting in a recliner or on the couch, having some rye boat , cheese and crackers and sparkling grape juice, and getting up off the chair at 11:59, holding onto the hand of a loved one, and in the other hand a quarter for good fortune, and watch the ball drop in the comfort of our home.

Hmm, which will I choose......betcha can guess.

2008, it brought us many emotions, many ups and downs, we came out in the end I think better then we maybe thought we would end up, but we do have a new 30 yr mortgage, uncertainty of what Mark will be able to do, and a scary economy, a newly elected, not quite in office yet democratic president and house, and it feels like the world is full of anger and unsettledness. So for 2009--I hope for health, wisdom, strength, guidance that we do the right thing, for all the troubled souls to find something safe to hang onto, to be a better me, for Jeff , Amanda and Brandon to sell their existing home and find peace in their new home, for Mark to improve health wise, and Adrianne and Josh to continue to prosper, to cherish family and friends, to write a book, for the financial and emotional instability in the world to calm down, and to win the lottery. ( just the mega lottery- once- that is not being greedy is it? Happy New year to all, see ya next year ! ( I just love saying that when I leave work!) Mrs Justa

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Mrs Justa and we only live once

Isabell Moore once wrote, " Life is a one way street. No matter how many detours we take , none of them lead back. Once we know and accept that, then life becomes much simpler. Because then we know we must do the best we can with what we have and what we are and what we have become. "100_1872

I can remember my mom always saying to me that a scratch gets better and is easily forgotten, but words do not ever leave the persons mind and heart. If words are said in anger or jealously, the moment may be gone, but the words stay to keep the ugliness fresh.

Once we say or do something, we can not retract it. We give up ownership of a word or action once it leaves us. 

We can't go back. Have you ever tried to go back to a place, or a part of your life, and only find out you can not.

So my thought for today is to remember that this moment is gone, and the next is in your control. The thought in your mind is yours , until you speak it or write it, then it is gone, no longer yours only. Your life is limited, there are only x number of days you are on this earth. How are you going to spend them? When footprints in the sand do you want to be remembered by?   Tick, tick , tick... seconds of your life are gone, never to come back, make the best of the next ones.

Love Mrs Justa

Monday, December 29, 2008

Mrs Justa and tennis balls of life


To some

this may look like "justa" tennis ball. But to others it is more then that.

Indi lives and breathes for this tennis ball, he greets it first thing in the morning, throughout the day it is with him, and at night before bed time the ball is still in action.

When he tires of playing with it, he has been known to take a little nap with it between his paws or touching his nose.

This simple round rubber is what Indi lives for, it is almost like a part of him. He longs to share it's special value and meaning with others.

This made me ponder

about what is so important to us? Each of us? What do we live for? What can we not do without? And whatever it is, do others know the importance it has to us?

Hmmm, my tennis balls in life are probably God, church, my family, my job, friends, music, food, my morning cup of coffee, keeping this blog up, singing, taking photos, laughter. I think I need all these to live, to feel fulfilled.

What are your tennis balls in life?

This then led to a phrase from a song that was written by Ray Stevens " There is none so blind as he who will not see. We must not close our minds, we must let our thoughts be free. "

With that, my mind goes to the fact that I need to be more cognizant of others "tennis balls". What is important to others may not be important to me, but I need to still treat it as important, because it is to them.

How many times has someone come to you,

or to me , and said something that was taken lightly, instead of with the importance it was given in.

To all those , whose "tennis balls" I did not appreciate, I apologize. I am sure there are people I have run across, that I heard but did not absorb the message, the emotion.

As I end this for today,

I will make a commitment to be a better listener, a better observer, and to look beyond .

Ray Stevens also wrote " Don't worry about what shows from without, but the love that lies within. "  Good night to all,

Mrs Justa.... alias Cindy

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Mrs Justa and Squeaky

squeaky and the paper

Meet Squeaky

, she was a cat we had that was , I swear , my grandmother reincarnated. She was part cat part human. She would jump up on the bar stool and sit on it like a person, and look at the paper, my coffee, whatever was there. She did not make a mess, she just was like she was better then just a cat.

I bring her up as I am thinking about how we perceive people

and things to be. I think we are sometimes guilty of not taking the time to really meet the living souls of the people or things we are around.

Many probably looked a Squeaky in a quick glance and only saw a cat, but there was so much more.

She would wash each morsel of her food before she ate it.

  She would squeak as she jumped, and she would do this thing in flight that was so funny. If the dog was napping, and she wanted his attention, she would bound back and forth in mid air, as if she was a person, head up, back legs down, and as she boinged back and forth she would glance at the dog to see if she was annoying him. She loved women and girls. She had a fascination for my earrings and necklaces. She was more then a cat.

Who or what are you accustomed to seeing,

and you look at them as; only a poor person, or a disabled person, or just that person next door, or just a dog, just a cat, just a person at work, just a cashier, etc.. The person holding the cardboard sign on the street corner has a history, a personality, and could be me or you. Each living being is on this earth for a reason. We are blessed with a gift of life. We are blessed with the freedom of choice, and unfortunately some living beings makes poor choices, and commit crimes, or choose to act in ways that are not as if they are blessed. But , I believe, each living being is here for a reason.

So as each day is lived, I believe we all need to look for beyond the surface of those we come across, and remember that we all have personalities, feelings, memories, hurt, joys.

Squeaky, I miss you

, cancer took you after 9 short years of life, but I am forever grateful for the times I was home recovering from a few surgeries, because of those times, I got to know you more then just being a cat. The recovery time, was not a curse, but a blessing, because it made me aware that I was too busy to take the time to really get to know those people and pets in my life. Bless you all, Mrs Justa.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Mrs Justa and children

Merry Christmas time is a time of wonder, but nothing is as marvelous as the laughter of a child. Here is Brandon in his Christmas vest, white shirt and tie laughing at his dad. 100_2146_editedHe was cooing and chatting in his little baby  sounds and just filling my heart with pleasure. The children are what Christmas is all about.

Next year he will be 1 yr and 4 months, he will probably have the giggles down to a science by then. They will be in their new home by then and  he will have different wonders to experience.

I remember when Jeff was able to absorb the magic of the lights,he was a year and 9 months old, and we decorated a 10 foot tree while he was in bed,Jeffs first Christmas tree the next night when it was dark, we took him into the living room and turned on the lights . The magic filled the room and his face lit up with wonder and the room echoed with his chuckle. 

As Mark and I packed up the decorations yesterday, and I wrapped the ornaments, I witnessed again the different phases of wonder in Jeff's years gone by. 
From the time I was pregnant on Christmas 1981 through the time Jeff was 18, there was a photo ornament I had made up for each year. As I carefully wrapped them and put them away, I realized how precious time is, and love is and our children are.
Live each moment in the wonder of Christmas, and make memories for those you come across. Love, Cindy

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Mrs Justa and Christmas

Christmas time, a time for reflection, a time for magic, a time for family , a time for rest,a time for giving, a time to be thankful, a time for memories of years gone by, and memories you are creating for the future.

For to me, even though I feel the swarming of commercialism at the holiday season, I try to stay out of the trend of charging for gifts, and dreading the credit card bill that will hit in January. Instead I remind myself of Jesus being born to lead us bless us and guide us.

Mark and I did not go nuts for Christmas, we set a limit of $50.00 for each of us, and for our kids and grandson. We did mostly stay at that level.100_2003  I love to decorate at Christmas time, the tree, the santas and snowmen, the ornaments that hold memories, Christmas carols.

Christmas is not about the gifts, they do go along with the holiday, but it is more the fact that we have a warm home, a family to share special moments with, and now a grandson who has yet to feel all the magic in his innocence of Christmas and Santa Claus and all the decorations.

I held Brandon for quite a bit last night at my brother's home, and I swayed back and forth to the lights on the Christmas tree. He was mesmerized by the sparkle and twinkle.

One tradition in our family to to gather on Christmas eve, my brother and his wife put on a buffet supper which includes a stroganoff that is to die for. We have time together, and we recently started a new tradition that each adult buys one 20.00 gift- unisex, and we draw numbers, we pick a gift, open it, and we can choose to keep it, of take someone else's already opened gift, and they get what you opened. Last year I was maybe # 4 of 14 , and before the dust settled, people kept taking my gift in exchange for what they opened, I think I had 6 different gifts before I ended up with a really neat thermometer that has 2 remote sensors. It is suppose to be for indoor outdoor, but I put the second sensor in the babies room, so I know the temperature is okay for Brandon. This year I have come home with a $20.00 gift card to an Italian restaurant in town.

May you all have a wonderful holiday season, and a very Happy New Year. Mrs and Mr Justa Krusen

Monday, December 22, 2008

Mrs Justa and a terrible drive

Can't you feel  the chill in the air. Today was white knuckle day number 3. ( Well really number 4, but since I did not go out in the blowing and poor visibility yesterday, I do not think it counts towards a white knuckle day. 100_0881 Now if my theory is correct and history repeats itself, then there are only 4 more left for the season.

Somehow I think history will not repeat itself and we may end up with more.

This morning the roads in general were not bad, ( I think). The snow was whipping around and falling so hard I had to stop 4 times to de-ice the clumps from my windshield wipers so I could see the road. And the visibility poor enough that driving in the dark was a blessing, because the headlights shone on the banks of snow on the side of the road and on the tire tracks from the previous winter warrior who was trekking into wherever they were headed.Once the sun came up, it reflected on all the white and made it hard to determine anything.

This morning I left home at 6:10 and arrived at my 8:20 dentist appointment at 8:21, the odometer showed 34 miles for the total trip, and 2 hours to get there. I was averaging between 20-40 mph, and no one was on my bumper, I was feeling like others were having more trouble then me, for they kept their distance behind me. The traffic lines at some of the lights were long and slow going through.

It amazes me how well the plows take care of all the roads at the same time! The snow was really coming down, and not one road ( and I do not go on the expressways), not one had deep snow on it. Thanks to all who do, or know someone who does take care of America's highways. Thanks for keeping it as clear as possible, even when the snow is trying to beat your effort up.

Also Thanks to AutoZone, my wipers were ripped, happened on the way in, and the tears were helping to chuck huge amounts of frozen slush onto the blades and not clear the windshield. So at lunch, during white out conditions, at 13 degrees, I went to AutoZone and bought new blades. They came out in the parking lot, in the bitter cold, and replaced them for me . Thanks , what a great service. And finally thanks to al who stayed in their lane as we trudged through the slippery roads, I appreciate your careful driving. Love to all, and remember , one day closer to spring, Mrs Justa, ( alias) Cindy 

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Mrs justa and the beginning of winter

Today is 12-21-08, the first day of Winter, Winter's solstice. 100_0817 We had lake effect snow last night and it was pretty intense till this afternoon. We got enough for the plow dude to come back today, at $20.00 a plowing, if this keeps up, he may end up being our most expensive bill each month. This is the 5th plow of December, and he did one in November too. And all that was before winter started !

I look at 12-21 as the beginning of the road to Spring. The days are now getting lighter more, and I can almost smell Spring in the air. I know I am a sick unit, but that is how I look at it. One more day closer to Spring.
Mark is listening to the weather on the news as I am intensely typing to you, and they are saying up to another 12 inches before tomorrow is over. The wind gusts are up to 40mph, which can be good for the snow that is built up on the roof, as long as it does not blow to the driveway!

I have a 8:20 AM dental appnt tomorrow, so I am planning to leave here early, settle in at work and then leave from there to the dentist. The dentist has a 48 hour cancellation policy, which stinks when the weather is bad! So I will go and conquer the world early tomorrow .

Tonight there is the smell or chicken in the crock pot, it has been roasting in there since 12:30, and it is smelling pretty good. I put in a cup of water and a bouillon cube and then covered the outside with a butter, thyme, sage and poultry season paste I made up, can't wait to have it. We are drinking coffee and tea right now as the chill from the wind seems to permeate through our pores, even though the windows are tight, the glass has a tendency make it feel cooler.

So, as we go an prepare for a chicken dinner, and sip our warm beverages, we hope you are warm and safe, hang onto the wheel on the slippery roads, and enjoy the first day of Winter. Love to all, Cindy

Friday, December 19, 2008

Mrs Justa and the white knuckle day

Two down, 5 more to go. White knuckle days , as I kindly refer to them. The snow came down fast and hard today, and the roads were treacherous for many. image Some businesses chose to close early,( not where I work) , schools sent kids home by 11:00. It was the 2nd of my normal 7 white knuckle days in a winter season. image

Mark was leery of me driving, and felt he would rather drive the 38 miles each way this morning and this evening, then be sitting home worrying about me driving them alone.

So he was the one with the white knuckles. He does it better then me as far as the stress of it. I am  a good driver , I think, but on the old white knuckle days, I find comfort in belting out the Lord's prayer all the way to and from work. Jesus does take the wheel. For there are times, when I can not see the road in front of me, or there is ice on the pavement that causes the cars to find a deep attraction to ditches, and I swear that Jesus drove the car.

I pray every day, but it is the intense sessions that keep me calm when I am solo on the drive to and from work.

Here I am now, it is 7:40 on Friday night, in the comfort of my home with my husband,dog, cat and bird. There is about 12 inches of hard packed snow in the walkway, it is too cold and the snow too deep for the dog to take his time and try to totally relieve himself, so we will shovel him an area to do that. I will help, as Mark's leg is limiting to what he can do.

I am about to go and start paying some bills, doing some housework, and just chilling for a weekend.

I hope you who dealt with the north east storm, and anyone that had it before it hit here, are all safe.

I will be back later, Love Cindy

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Mrs Justa and fear

Gerry Goffin and Carol King had lyrics to a song that said " I love to wander thru the forest , Where the trees have leaves of prisms." A forest path in Redwoods State Park, California. It brings me back to many wanderings through the forest and I find myself chuckling at some times in my past too.

There is a nature center about 8 miles from here , with various paths through the woods. There are times one can go there and be alone on the path with the life that lives within the forest. I have stood real still listening for the hustling of animals scurrying here and there. But being it is a nature center, it brings a safety net to being in the woods.

In my first marriage, back in 1979, my husband had a place where he owned 103 acres and had built a home on it. The safety net of knowing there are people around was not there, as my husband worked 95 minutes away from where we lived, and we were out in the sticks. It was me and these 103 acres. I by nature had been a fairly strong willed person, but when I first moved into this house, I was a frightened, paranoid woman. I had had some very bad experiences in the past 7 years from people that were cruel and mentally abusive, so that led me to be this frail scared person. It was paralyzing to feel that way, and it literally took me weeks to get the nerve to venture into the woods. I was assured by my husband that there was nothing to be afraid of, and that every path he had made in the woods eventually led back to the house. My fear had no rational side to it, it was from being shot down for everything I had done and being told I was nothing for years.

I would go out into the mouth of a path and walk maybe 10 feet, and then turn back and run in the house, locking all the doors. Then I would venture out maybe 15 feet, and again turn around and run back in. Eventually, I talked myself into going in the woods, I remember my heart pounding in my ears, shallow breath, but I was going to conquer this fear of living. So I am in the woods and I hear da-lop, da lop louder and louder, I am thinking it is in my mind, but the noise became so loud I felt it deafening, so an abrupt about face, and I boogied towards the house. Only to find behind me a horse from up the road about 3 miles that had gotten loose and was running through the path I was on.

Well, let me tell you, it took me about a year to get the nerve up to venture out again, that horse scared the be-jeepers out of me. But I am proud to say I did conquer that fear, and many others that I had. And now I love the sounds of the woods, the birds singing in the distance, the occasional chipmunk or squirrel as the hurry to their destination.

I did my own therapy, my own reassuring of myself , through thought and prayer, and I reminded myself in time that life is beautiful, not always happy, but every moment a blessing. If you have fears, oh I understand. it is hard not to have them swallow you up, but if you can conquer them, bit by bit, you too will see how precious every moment we are on this earth is. Love, Cindy ( Photo from adobe sample prints)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Mrs Justa and the ocean

The ocean is a place where I can go, where I realize how insignificant I am in the whole scheme of things. 100_1844 The power of the waves crashing on the rocks, the breeze that comes whipping the sand in my face, the majestic never ending sunrise and sunsets along the horizon.

I find peace at the ocean though, whether it is calm or forceful, there is peace in the waves slapping along the shore.

As a child, I grew up in Bridgeport Conn, and I can remember being brought down to the ocean often. We would bring pails and a sifter. We would play in the sand, building sand castles and sifting handfuls of sand looking for that special shell. The waves would come and splash and our sand castle would erode, would tumble.

I was 4 1/2 when we moved from there, but we would return a few times after. It was an colonial early American town when I lived there, I went back as an adult and it's characteristics had changed. It seemed more run down, more unsettling.

I have gone to the ocean in Virginia, in Maine , on the cape, and in Massachusetts. No matter where I have gone, I find the solitude of the water, the insignificance of me, and time seems to stop there. I get swallowed up in the wonder, as the water goes on forever, and I realize I am just a drop of water in the sea of life. It shapes me up, it puts me down to where I need to think, meditate, pray and be thankful. It helps my mental health, as I feel my mind emptying all the ugliness and soaking in pure. I hope each of you have a special part of the world that can be an escape. Love, Cindy

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Mrs Justa and "Old Dogs , children and watermelon wine"

There is an old song that I happened to hear the a part of it this morning and it was titled "Old Dogs and Children and Watermelon Wine". by Tom T. Hall . It is about a man who is drinking at a bar and an older man is cleaning the bar, he spikes up a conversation with the man having a drink....
There were a few  lines that hit me .

"Ain't but three things in this world that's worth a solitary dime,
But old dogs and children and watermelon wine."

 "He said, "Women think about themselves, when men-folk ain't around. "
( I do not totally agree with the women part, but I may be in denial LOL)
And friends are hard to find when they discover that you're down."
I am agreeing to an extent on this one, Mark and I do have a few good friends, who will not ever let you down, no matter what. But in the road of life I have found, for myself and for others, that there have been friends and family that turn away when things are not going well. Have I turned away on others?
He said, "I tried it all when I was young and in my natural prime, Now it's old dogs and children and watermelon wine." 100_1762_edited

I do not know if you have every had a dog, but I am reminded of the various dogs we have had. And it is so accurate. A dog will stay with you whether you are well or ill, wealthy or poor, angry or happy. This little guy has been with us for a year now, we got him from the SPCA. I can not imagine the pain the owners must have had letting him go. They have unconditional love.

And a child,  100_1903 how can the innocence and love of a child not be worth every penny in the world. Children do not come into the world hating, nor being nasty, they do not know revenge, the world helps to characterize the child into an adult. I know that some of us have biological disorders which destine us to have physical or emotional qualities. But at the time a child is young, there is a feeling of total innocence, total trust.

I heard this song and wanted to share it, as it touched a part of my heart, and made me soul search to see what kind of friend and family I have been. Love to all, Cindy

Friday, December 12, 2008

Mrs Justa and the goals unachieved

"The journey of a thousand miles starts with one step" Chinese proverbThe famous mesas of Monument Valley, Utah..  To get from here to there we must move. This means in everything we do, everything we want to accomplish. I am using this photo because it represents how far some goals seem.

I have many goals, many wishes , many places in the future I would like to get to. But not one of the goals will be achieved if I do not start them. Do you have goals? Do you have intentions that lay dormant, except in your mind?

My mom used to tell me "The road to Hell is paved with good intentions" . I better watch out then cuz I think the asphalt on that treacherous road is getting thicker.

Goals, intentions, they have a way to haunt me. Simple goals, like washing the car inside and out and waxing it. I almost met that goal in September, but it started to rain. And the intent and goal became clouded over. Sure I go to the no touch car washes and do the quick vacuum, but I am talking a detail type clean. I am just going to have to bite the bullet and let the folks at "Delta Sonic" do it. Keep that asphalt from the detail job not done off that road to hell.

Another goal, exercise 3-4 times a week, whether it be on the stationery bike, or walk up the road we live on, I live the goal in my mind, but never get to it.

Follow the weight loss plan that works, another good intention.

Get more involved with church. Take a nice vacation. Take the dog for a walk.

Have time for friends and family more, well I think I partially do that, but not to the intent I would like to.

Save enough money to back us for 6 months of bills, not doing too well on that one.

Undercoat my car, nope not done yet.

Write a book, nope not that either. So you can see, at least for me , I have started some pretty heavy paving project on the dreaded roadway, I have not gotten any closer to my goals on the horizon. How about you? Love Mrs Justa

(Photo the compliments of goggle)

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Mrs Justa and friends

"The glory of friendship is not the outstretched hand,nor the kindly smile, nor the joy of companionship: it is the spiritual inspiration  that comes to one when he discovers that someone else believes in him and is willing to trust him. " Ralph Waldo Emerson. 100_0881 I chose this photo because of its representation of tranquility to me.

This quote on friendship is mind opening . When I am a friend to others, how often is the friendship offered by an outstretched hand. How often do we inspire our friends spiritually?

What kind of friends do you have? What kind of friend are you? What kind of friends are in your life?

I have never had many friends. Never lived a life like those portrayed on movies and prime time shows, where all the friends gather around for what seems like most of their lives, doing things, going places.

What friends I have are true friends. They accept me for me, they ask me not to be anything I am not. I hope they trust me and believe in me, and I feel that way about my dear friends too.

But, and this is a big but, how many times have those who said they were my friend in years gone by, were they really only pretending, only saying it because at the time they felt like it was necessary to say it?

I remember in high school I thought I had good friends. Not many, but few, and good ones. And what happened was we graduated, and we never spoke to one another again, we never saw one another, we never cared to share our lives . So according to Ralph Waldo Emerson, these were not friends. I longed for high school friends after I graduated, and I pathetically have studied my year book for years, looking at faces and names, so if by chance , I saw someone in public that resembled an older image of one of the 564 kids I graduated with, that I would be able to say hi to them, and ask, " Did you go to Liverpool High School?" and if they said yes, then I would say, " what year did you graduate?" And if they said 1971, I would ask them if they were so and so, they most of the time are that person, but they never knew who I was.

I was the misfit in school, the lonely one, in second hand home made clothes, the kid that other kids walked by in the hall, the kid who asked  the popular kids to sign my year book, ( because they were not going to come to me to offer to sign it). The kid who thought that I had good friends, only to find out after June 1971, that I was alone in the world.

We need to be good friends to others, we need to take the time to let them know we care, we need to let them know they are important to us. So as I sign off, I beg you, please look at your friendships, look at how you treat them, and don't let them be left alone in this very big world. Love , Mrs Justa

Monday, December 8, 2008

Mrs Justa and challenges

Guess what we got to do again on Saturday!!! Yep, we watched Brandon for a while. 100_2010_edited "How big is the baby..sooooo big."

We love going and seeing him, he is changing every week. Mark holds him and smiles at him, he got to feed him and then I rocked him to sleep for one of his brief cat naps.

His eyes are royal blue, he has not quite gotten the giggle out yet, but he is so close it is not long before he will have the contagious chuckle of a baby.

Amanda and Jeff are really good parents. They share in the responsibilities and they have things each has fame on. Jeff is the king of bath time. Amanda was telling us that Jeff bathes him most of the time, they have a bonding time . Jeff comes home from work and helps with Brandon as Amanda does dinner. Then they share responsibilities. That is what a marriage is about.

Amanda is the queen of the cuddling, comforting, caring and really knowing every cry. She has him always well dressed, clean and they both show their unending love for their little bundle of joy.

Right now they have tons on their plates with both working full time,  selling their current home,having a new baby, a sick dog and also getting the new home ready for residency, so I applaud their patience , their endurance,

as things are rough right now. With Badger on steroids and not feeling well, he really needs someone to be available to let him out, so Mark goes over there during the day to help out that way.

Life is so challenging for most, and I think the challenges make us stronger, that is what gets me thru tough times, I always think that it is a strength builder. Love to all, Proud Mrs Justa

Friday, December 5, 2008

Mrs Justa and attitude


W Clement is quoted as saying " There is very little difference in people, but that little difference makes a big difference. The little difference is ATTITUDE."

Indi here is showing the difference attitude can make. AS we drive down the road, he will pace in the back of the car sometimes, huffing and puffing, waiting for and invitation to come up and sit in the passenger seat.

Now if we do not allow him to do that he gets an attitude. And sits with his back totally towards us.

This gesture he does makes the air in the car feel thicker, kinda like if people are fighting, or someone has hurt feelings.

He can not keep his attitude in the ignore zone for too long though, He finally weakens and turns around and gives us a smile. 100_0903

The difference in his attitude changes the whole atmosphere of the ride.

Now I am forced to look at myself, my mannerisms, my words, my body language. What attitude do I portray. What  message am I sending.

At work, at home, on the road, in public. People watch people, people can be affected negatively or positively by just a motion, a gesture, a look.

How do you affect any situation?

I am reminded of working in the hospital, and that second I walked into a patient room was a make it or break it moment. The patient lying in the bed is watching the second you enter, your body language, your gestures, your tone in your voice. Are you acting rushed, put out by them, or are you having an air of compassion flow in your every step and word.

This is how it is in the retail world, in the work world, in situations when you are faced with any type of contact with another living thing. Be careful watch what footprint you are leaving in every moment of your life. Love Mrs justa

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Mrs Justa and depression within

Louis L'Amour once said' It is always easier to travel then to stop. As long as one travels toward a promise land, the dream is there; to stop means to face reality"

That is pretty heavy in the reflection of my life. I am always going, always busy. Cleaning, cooking, working, singing, always doing something. I love to be busy, but is it that I love to be busy so I do not have to face me? 


When I have been stopped, mostly due to a medical reason, like a fracture or after a surgery, or maybe with the flu, that is when reality comes up to my face real close!

I remember back when I had had ankle surgery, and the simple procedure had become complicated and I was non weight bearing for 6 weeks. In the beginning the pain was incredible, and I was hostage to the recliner. I found a dark side of me, it is probably always there, but when I am buzzing around, it is hidden .

I found I slept, I found I felt depressed, I found I felt like " Is that all there is" about my life in general.Captive within myself.  I watched Jerry Springer and divorce court to feel better about my hostage life in the blue recliner.

I would watch TV and see people who appeared to have it all, money with no end, unending time to travel, incredible homes, always friends over for parties, it just made me feel like my homebodiness was abnormal.

It is weird, but I feel like a misfit when I stop and really think about reality. I am not the model on TV, or the wealthy person with a social calendar that is unending, I am plain ol me. I think I like who me is. Yeah I do. I love existing with my family, I love being home, I hate crowds, I like watching the same sappy movie over and over again, I like singing to the karaoke songs, I love cleaning and mowing, sewing and taking photos, doing some crafts. I love nursing, love being nice to people, love helping others, love going to church. But am I blah?

So I must keep busy, keep traveling through life, that keeps the dark side covered and the road moving.

So I am off to be busy, bills to pay, laundry to wash... busy me.... Love to all, Mrs Justa.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Mrs Justa and the farmer

As I drive back and forth to work, I go by many farms. 100_1754 I find myself consumed with the admiration for the farmer. They work hard all day long, toil in the farms and in the fields. They do this for everyone. They are not prejudice in who gets their crops, they are not selfish about the time they give to their profession.

These folks are not wealthy in the stock market wealth, but they are wealthy with life. Taking the Godly gift of the land, and taking their precious moments of the short lives we have on earth and devoting them to the world.

The few farmers I have known in my life follow this lifestyle. Farmers are down to earth people, they are practical, they know how to stretch a dollar. Their kids are respectful. They do not go for the modern fashions, they appreciate what they have.

I do admire them and their families, for as I am going to work , they are already out working the farm, and when I come home at night, they have gone inside to spend the evening with their families.

What a gracious appreciation of life. Thanks to all, love Mrs Justa

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Mrs Justa and the Christmas Tree

To the delight of the cat, I put up the actual Christmas tree this year. For the past 3 years Mark and I put up a table top tree, silver, with a color disc that spins around inside the stand and make the tree change colors. 100_2003It is a cute tree, but in this house we actually have a front window in the living room. So I brought in the 6 foot tree from its comfortable place on the back wall of the shed, and Mark and I reshaped the branches and slowly it came to life.

I like this tree, about 9 years ago, Jeff and I were decorating for Christmas, and the tree we had was a family pass down to the next needy person type artificial tree. It had served its needs, but on a spur of a moment, we flew off to K Mart and got this one. The flier had come and it was marked down 50%, so we got it. The family pass down went to my sister. I do not know if she still has it or not, but it was one of the first made artificial trees and really looked artificial. Jeff had terrible allergies to molds and we found he became more congested with a real tree, hence the starting of artificial.

Usually as I decorate for the holidays, Christmas music is playing and there is either tea, coffee or cocoa on the stove, maybe fresh baked cookies. I hope Jeff remembers those times of decorating for the holidays. We always did it on the weekend after Thanksgiving. We would sing carols as we put hundreds of thumbtacks around the house. There was one year Jeff had blinking lights down the hall and around his bedroom ceiling.

The holidays bring joy and sadness. Sadness for the fact that people have passed on, traditions seem to be scarcer, and well it isn't like it was in days gone by. The joy as we are now grandparents, and there is a magical part of Christmas to children. We still have Christmas Eve buffet dinner and gift opening at my moms old house, now owned by my brother and his wife. And Christmas morning we have coffee and breakfast with Jeff and Amanda , open gifts and they go off to her parents home for dinner.

I love driving around and looking at all the houses that have decorations up. I love the baking, and the secret Santa at work, the cookie exchange, Christmas Carols, and how people seem to be more friendly during the holidays. People actually look at one another and say Merry Christmas. The magic of Christmas and what it stands for to me.

Mark, he likes the tree, although he says if it was up to him, this tree would not be standing up in the living room. He likes the table top tree just fine. Christmas is not as magical to him as it is to me. The cat, well he thinks Christmas means we have hung new toys for him on a tree, and placed tinsel to gnaw on. So it is magical to him too. Indi, the dog, he seems to care less about the tree. And baby Brandon, this tree is up for you ! Love Mrs Justa,

Friday, November 28, 2008

Mrs Justa lighting a candle for Mr Badger

Please keep Badger in your thoughts and prayers. 100_1195 Badger is our son's families dog, he is a gentle giant. He is 2 1/2 years old and loves to cuddle. He has something funky going on with his left eye, it looks like blood in it. The vet saw him tonight and can not diagnose it until the 350.00 worth of blood work comes back.

The vet said it could indicate a variety of diagnoses, so lets wait for the blood results.

So a candle is being lit for Badger tonight.

I feel bad for the kids, they try so hard to do the right things , to get ahead, and when life comes down and socks them in the gut, I hurt too.

I hope that Badger pulls through, maybe only needs a steroid eye drop or something that simple. He is not blind in the eye, just it is not right. So think of him , will you please. Say a prayer, light a candle, and let's see how things turn out for the kids and the dog. Love, Badgers Grandma--- Mrs Justa

Update on Mr Badger,

His blood work was abnormal, his platelet count is low, he is on a mixture of medications, it could be an infection, or it could be something more serious, it could be cancer, no one knows yet for sure. On Thanksgiving he had 3 candles lit for him, I want to keep him close in my prayers and heart. My Badger is the best behaved dog, his compassion for his family is amazing. We watched him in August 2007 for a week when the kids went on their honeymoon, in the morning he would try to slither up on the bed for a morning cuddle, and let me tell you, it is hard for a 100 lb dog to slither anywhere. He gallops like a horse, and believes he is a lap dog.

So as I settle down from the Thanksgiving day dinner with family and friends, I once again say, hang in there Badger. We love you > Love mrs Justa

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Mrs Justa and the teeth ache

Okay, go figure, it is the week of a holiday and I do not have one toothache, I have the whole left side of my face hurting. image Now I do not mean a dull ache, I mean the kind that makes me want to stand up and salute the darn pain so it will go away.

Now bear in mind that this is the side of my mouth that has had all the attention in the past few years. Probably in the tune of 2-3,000 buckaroonies of work when you combine what we have paid and the insurance company has paid, bridges, caps, redone fillings.

So yesterday my dentist took me in and x rayed all over, can not find why it is acting up. And I personally am not turned on by having all my bridge work removed. The x rays looked okay for what he could see among the hardware. The consensus is a lower left sinus infection that may be pushing on the roots of the teeth which run very close to the bottom of the sinus. So I am on some good ol penicillin, and I am really hoping it is what it is and it cures the pain. 

It only hurts if they are exposed to cold or hot. So I will put my turkey on a plate before everyone else on Thursday and let everything cool down to room temperature.

The pain is eye crossing when it flairs up, at work today I had an episode of pain when my lunch had not quite cooled down enough, nope I needed my instant oatmeal to get to room temp. Once the pain flairs up, is takes a long while to settle down. As I am writing this, well it is flared again, the water I just had must have been too cool.

Ahhhhhhhhhh I am really looking at my thankfulness of many things, the teeth... well that is not on my list , just thankful when the pain goes away for a while. Peace to all, Love mrs Justa

Monday, November 24, 2008

Mrs Justa and the cycling of life

It is amazing how life recycles.

So many living things come onto the earth, plant their seed, grow new beings like themselves and eventually move on. Only for the cycle of life to repeat itself.

Similar to this plant.

In the Spring it began, it challenged all inclement weather and withstood the various tests of time, and now, in it's various stages of ending it's cycle, it is opening up, wings on it's seeds, daring and asking the wind to come and carry the seeds far away, to once again nestle for the winter and begin in the Spring.

We do this as human,

but our life cycles are often longer then a year. 100_1820_editedMany of us choose to reproduce, to  raise children to become adults to raise others. The challenges we face in our cycle's of life. No matter the length of the cycle, there are such rough patches along the way. Think of how you attack these challenges.

We are not blessed to have the wind spread our seeds,

but we are lucky enough to leave our own footprints in the sand of life. Our prints are all there, we choose what they mean, but each one of us leaves a print.

As this plant had different characteristics,

so do we. This plant was born at once, yet look at the different phases of it's life.

Now look at us, each individual,

we have fingers, toes, noses, and such, we have hearts and brains. We need to choose how to formulate our future. We can not destine our death, but we can choose how to live.

This does not mean we can choose our wealth ,

some make it, some do not.Some have opportunities for college, some do not. We can choose how to live with what we have, and how to strive for more, if that is what we want , but accept what we have as we proceed. God has a plan for each of us, that I truly believe. Our families, our loves, our children, our passion, our gifts.

We must let people know

that we care about them, we must think before we speak, and consider those around us. For all these things help to define that footprint in the sand. Walk carefully, speak softly, and treasure each moment, before your Spring turns to Fall, turns to the Winter of your life. Love, Mrs Justa

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Mrs Justa and apple pie

The smells of the holiday are effervescing through the house today. 100_1990 100_1989We are hosting Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday and I have to work this week, so I have been getting ready for the special day.

Can ya smell this apple pie through the cyber waves?

It is cooling on the counter right now, then I will wrap it tight and freeze it for a few days.

The breads are already made and in the freezer. 2 zucchini, 2 banana and one streusel.

So I have a good start on the day. Mark and I do the weekly cleaning every weekend, so thankfully there is not much to do in that area. I am looking forward to the day, to meeting with people we love and share a few special hours.

The turkey is thawing in the fridge and the ham is still in the freezer. Mark suggested doing a spiral ham also, hey if there are leftovers we have a freezer.

In the roaster right now is a "left over roast beef casserole" recipe that I got off line today. I printed 3 different ones up, as we sliced up the left over roast beef from last week, and it should make 3 casseroles. This one had 1 can cr mushroom soup, 1 1/2 cups sliced beef, 1/2 onion thin sliced and sauteed, 1/3 c milk, 3 c thinly slice potatoes and mix together, top w/ 3/4 c cheddar cheese and bake at 350 for 1 1/2 to 2 hrs. Since my oven was baking pie and breads I chose the roaster to cook the casserole.

I am reminded of years long ago, when my mom would bake apple pie and breads for the holidays. The smell of the cinnamon and apple made  a comforting feeling in the house, like it was filled with love. Mom, I know you watch over me from heaven, thanks for guiding me through this baking day, I think I was the tool for her so she could once again bake.

Peace to all, Love Cindy

Friday, November 21, 2008

Mrs Justa and "Help Wanted"

It is scary out in the employment world,

with every night hearing news on lay offs and companies going down. image Work is out there, but we have to accept what is available and not shun away an offer.

Today we had an opening

for a temporary position for our clerical support team. Normally we hear in about 2-3 days that the agency has a fit. Today we heard in less then 4 hrs. That spoke volumes to me.

As I have said before I do love my job,

and I am thankful that I have a job first of all, and secondly that I like the one I have. I did leave a tad early today because of a migraine and this funky thing going on with my right eye is not helping settle the headache. I did get to work this morning pretty early, and when I came home I was able to go back on line and do some work from here, so all was not lost for the day.

My thought for the day has to do with people looking for work.

The interview process is not a comfortable situation for me. I try not to show that I feel like I am begging for a job. In my past 38 years of working, I have gone on interviews and been the interviewer a number of times. So today my thoughts are some tips for when anyone goes on an interview .

First, listen to the interviewer,

and answer questions openly after the interviewer has stopped asking/talking. I have had some people, over the years , come in for an interview and talk over everything that is being said. That tells me 2 things, first they do not hear everything if they have already thought of something to say. And second, if they do this in an interview, how will it be to try to train a person.

Second, arrive a little early for your interview.

There may be an application you need to fill out. I had a person once reprimand me because they had to fill out an application. Oh yeah, I would advise not saying you want to come and work for the company because you want a job where you can kick back your feet and relax , that too is not a selling point.

Attire, no low cut tops,

cleavage needs to be covered.  I have in the past a few woman who have come in who I thought might have their breast end up on the table. Totally not acceptable in my book. My thought was if this is how the person is going to dress for an interview, what will it be like once they are comfortable. I could not help but wonder if they did this thinking a male might be conducting the interview. Conservative and casual business wear is best.

Ask questions,

do not just sit and nod and then leave. Make eye contact with the interviewer, the interviewer is taking time out of their day to meet with you. When you talk, talk to the interviewer and not to some spot on the wall, and if there is a window, do not be looking out it as the interviewer/s are talking to you.If the company has a web site, go on it in advance and learn something about them. That shows you have interest in your future and in the company you are applying at. And after, send a thank you to the company for taking the time to meet with you, ( if of course you are thankful for the interview). Good luck, Love, Mrs Justa.( image courtesy of google image)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Mrs Justa and being thankful

Have you ever taken time to think what really makes you happy? What brings you such joy? There are certain things that bring Indi joy, a joy that is endless,such as hanging his face out the window of the car as we go down the road.

Now this makes no sense to me, because I can blow in his face and he hates it, 100_1907_edited

but gusts of 55 mph in his face and he is in hog's heaven. He does not beg to go with us, but always appreciates the chance.

100_1965 His tennis ball, now this brings him pleasure to no end, he will ask for it thrown, will chase it and then lay contently with it touching his nose, so no one steals it.

Things that bring me joy: Laughter, the kind that makes my eyes water and me almost gasp my breath: Babies,the smell of a baby, the warmth of their existence, the cuddling and their need for comfort: Music makes me fill with joy, it fills me with content: A good book, ahh, not enough of them are read, but when I get my hands on one, ahh it is ecstasy: taking a walk; exercising : A good friend. If you have a really good friend, you have more wealth than money can buy: Doing things for others : Knowing that my son loves me: having a husband that cherishes and loves me: knowing our kids are in good marriages: knowing the kids and their spouses love Mark and me: Feeling God's presence: Lilacs : Payday ! : Loosing weight: Singing : 100_1969

Cooking something that turns out perfect:  Mowing a yard: Cleaning our house:

Shoveling snow: a campfire: camping: sitting at the ocean or walking the beach: being on a mountain top: the love from a pet: going to my job; sitting on the park bench and just chilling.... Yep I am weird, but these things- and so many more - bring me such joy.

I do not stop enough to count my blessings, to treasure the things I find joy from. Do you? Take time to be thankful for what you have and look for those things that make you whole. Love always, Mrs Justa.... Cindy

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Mrs Justa and home

Charles Lindbergh once said" City and country are different qualities of human life, and each is essential to it. But they are like sugar and salt, not to be taken together in the same spoon. You should go from one to the other....and maybe even change your clothes along the way." I love the country life, I work in the outskirts of the city. 100_1869

Some people love the city life and may find nothing attractive about the county. To me, the country is quiet. If we hear a plane going overhead, it is a cause for concern. We never hear a train whistle, and every once in a while maybe a siren will go by on the county route we live just off of.

I can go out at night and see stars from one horizon to the other. We can watch the sun rise out of one end of the house and the sun set out of the other end of the house. It may sound weird, but I feel the presence of Gods being in the country. It opens up the gifts the world has to offer. The wind, the trees, the breeze, the colors of the sky.

There is no music pounding from a distance, unless it is a car going by. There is no constant noise, or hustle. I can sing karaoke at any hour of the day or night. Vacuum when we want to - not to worry about the neighbors being disturbed.

And then five days a week, I take the journey from the fields and openness to the life of a city. It is not a huge city, so it comes no where near to the tails of trucking from Mark's past. He drove anywhere they dispatched him, image

with lanes next to lanes of bumper to bumper traffic. I can not do that. If there is a chance for bad driving conditions you can find me on a country road, holding the wheel and watching the landmarks to get me to work or home.

The older I get, the more I love the home life. Sitting in the evening and spending it home, watching a little TV, maybe sewing something , or doing a crossword or a word search. Hopping on the exercise bike, cooking, cleaning. I love being home.

There is a peace that I hunger for, and we have it here. Others I know hunger for the closeness of the city. A very good friend of mine came out here over the summer and made a comment that she would probably not be back unless she took a wrong turn. She was born and raised in the  city, so this is like a road trip to come out here. 

We need people who like the cities, to help keep the cities going. But me, give me a park bench 100_1706 and a cup of iced tea, a camp fire, maybe a early evening cup of coffee as I watch the world go from colors to silhouettes to shadows and  I am a happy camper. I hope that each of you live in a place you love, for home is where we are grounded, where we can take off the masks and be ourselves, where a pair of sweats may be the best feeling of the day, where you can be you. Peace to all, Love Mrs Justa

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Monday, November 17, 2008

Mrs Justa and aging

A Monday morning winter day. Yes folks here we go. And I am not feeling as confident about my winter tires as I was when we were working up to the first snow fall.

 100_1978_editedI had an interesting Sunday and Monday. Seems my eyes want to play head games with me. Yesterday on my way to church I started to be aware of black lines flashing in my right peripheral vision. So I thought , oh maybe my eyelash, or some mascara, or my bangs, or a reflection in my side of my glasses. But as I eliminated all these possibilities, the situation still remained.

Then in the afternoon, it went away, only to return last night and today as flashes of white light. Now in this weird state I felt maybe an appointment to the eye doctor was warranted. I have glaucoma and was reminded of my moms flashes of light that were a result of a torn retina.

Mark drove me to the docs, and the car did not hold the road real well. It was a thick slush, so maybe that is why, it is tough to drive on slush, but I expected those tires to gnaw the snow, ice and slush and show it who was boss.

The good news was the white flashes and black curve is not a detached retina, the BAD news is it goes with aging ! GO figure. The doc warned me if the flashes worsen, or my floaters ( which I have had for 20+ yrs ) increase in number, then call back. So now I am looking like a freak or a paranoid person, as I keep looking real quick to my left, cuz it looks like something is coming for me....but it is only old age coming at me, in the form of lightening flashes. Ya just gotta love it. Mrs Justa and the imaginary spooks creeping up on me

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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Mrs Justa and life

This room is filled with potential of joy. This is our back bedroom, and we have a crib , in case Brandon is over and a regular bed, for anyone to rest a weary head on, and my karaoke machine. I bring this room to the foreground today  100_1668because today was a day I sang in church.

This room is one place I practice whatever song I am going to do over and over again. This week was a song titled " I Can Only Imagine" . This song was on the top 40s a few years back on the contemporary adult music stations. This song has a message that is powerful. I actually almost tear up as I sing it, thinking about the meaning of the song.

Part of it goes " I can only imagine, What it will be like, when I walk by your side. I can only imagine what my eyes will see when you face is before me, I can only imagine."

It makes me think about what is next after this life we are in, and from what I have read in the Bible, and with what I have heard in church, this is a stepping stone to an eternal life.  Some of you may not believe that, and I respect that, but I do very much believe it. And the way I look at it is, let's say this is all not true- then I have lived a life the best way I can and when I am gone, I will have left a good memory for those I have left behind. I treasure my family, I treasure my work, I am so very thankful for everyone in my life, I try not to judge, I am honest, and I try to bring the best to all I do.

But what if it is true, and I chose to ignore the Bible and the words of life, then what. It will be too late to turn back and say I am sorry for all I have done.

Some people I have spoken to have made comments like " When I know I am ready to die, then I will ask forgiveness and believe.. but now I am living life my way." Well I guess that is an option, if you are blessed with a premonition of death, but what if you die instantly- a horrible accident, sudden death from a heart attack or maybe shock. There are no second chances.

This song beings out the - what will it be like when I have died on earth and gone to my eternal life. The song went alright today, the nerves before singing were there, but I made it through, and now "I Can Only Imagine" is playing in my head, in my heart. I wish you peace, and calmness on this Sunday in November, Love Mrs Justa

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Friday, November 14, 2008

Mrs Justa and Imus part 2

Part 2 of Mr Imus. This is Imus doing a type of break dance.

Kinda like being Michael Jackson wanna be. This cat is a trip

He will stand on his hind legs and box the dog. Or as in this set of photos he was just boogying. 100_0679   

100_0694He twists and turns and then took a bow.

Mornings however bring out his major thought process. First my alarm may not yet have gone off, I awaken to him trying to play with the alarm clock, like he is trying to set it off early.

That doesn't work, so then I wake as he is playing with the rod on the blinds, like he is trying to open them.

Still no luck, he has more tricks, he tries to knock the phone receiver off, I do not know if he is trying to call for help, or get that annoying alarm sound to go off letting me know the receiver is off. SO we leave our bedroom door closed, as soon as the alarm goes off he starts meowing in a strange fashion , sliding his paw under the door and shaking the door.


Once we feed him, he is fine. Quiet for the rest of the day. He plays with the dog, then takes a snooze. But morning time... that is a time for attention. :) I love this little guy, but I found out a long time ago that pets have personalities just like people. If you take the time to sit back and watch them, it is quite entertaining. Love to all, Mrs Justa :)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Mrs Justa and Imus and Indi

Tonight is the night for Imus ( and INDI) . This cat is the funniest little animal that I think I have known for a long time. 100_0696_edited He has a fetish for clean counters, and will push off anything that he feels is not supposed to be there.

For example, we have a couple of toy VW bugs at the base of a lamp, every morning they are on the floor.

I was unloading some stuff from my arms and left an empty bag on the counter for a second, he jumped up knocked it off and disappeared.

He does not jump up and bother when there is food preparation, just for the other stuff. Ya gotta laugh at his lack of fear to that quick pop up, knock off and disappear.

He also loves Indi, I mean loves him.They get along so well, they play rumble and 100_0783then lay next to each other and clean each other off. 

I look at these two guys and am reminded of a saying- a Bulgarian proverb...

"God promises a safe landing but not a calm passage." These two have both landed safely. One was a stray cat, born to a farm cat and left to walk around in the outside by a busy country road. And Indi was given up by an elderly couple and left alone at the SPCA. Their journey was not always easy, but they have landed in a home filled with safety and love. They never are let out alone, the dog on a leash and comes right back in. The cat only out for the vet.

I love these 2 guys. I think we all need to be reminded that the road in life is never guaranteed to be smooth, but it is the landing that counts.

  Have a kitty cat/

puppy dog type of day! Cindy

Monday, November 10, 2008

Mrs Justa and the colors of life

My mom used to say her favorite color was sky-blue-pink. This photo is dedicated to my mom, for this is the closest to sky-blue-pink I can run across. I see many colors evolve before my eyes as I drive in to work every morning. Now that daylight savings time has forced us to turn our clocks back an hour, I find I am half way to work before the darkened sky becomes illuminated with colors.

I love the peacefulness of the early morning hours, when you can hear the wind whisper and the 100_1809clouds start to rise above the land. In the process of doing so, the trees begin to pop out their heads through the blanket of mist.

I saw a deer this morning as it surfaced on the fog filled field. It was like an image growing from the earth. It's elegant stance , so poetic, and then the sucker darted across the road, smack dab in front of me. It took the ahhh , the peaceful feeling, and accelerated shock and fear in me. From ahhhh to AHHHHH. Fortunately Bambi and my vehicle survived the sudden change. But by the time I had recuperated from the fear of smashing the car and trashing the deer, the sunset had lost it's color and it was replaced with a glaring yellow sun.

Each sunrise is different, and it always brings me peace. Who knows what colors will be there tomorrow, painted across the horizon. But whatever it is, I will try to enjoy them. Things like this bring me such joy, such peace and such realization that we are such a minute part of this great world that God has provided us with.  

100_1865_edited We do need to stop, look around and see what we can see, in this lifetime movie set that we live in. The admission is free, the sites constantly change, and the beauty never ends if you look for it.

Love always , Mrs Justa.