Saturday, June 28, 2008

Mrs Justa and the shed

100_1458 Well folks yesterday was filled with stress, and frustration and disbelief. It

    And the man who came to move the shed reminded me quite a few times that it was my lucky day, because I met him.He had a task, which he took on , knowing that it was going to be difficult to get the shed out of our yard and to Fulton 8 miles away. Directly in front of our shed was the septic tank- hence he needed to lift the shed and inspire it to go angled, which he did. The person he brought to assist was advising him how the shed looked on the trailer- well the helper missed the fact the the shed was hanging off the left side by 4 feet, 100_1462so the whole trip up oncoming traffic had to move over a bit to their shoulder and we thought he was going to drop it off his trailer a couple of times.

He had made mention he was going to take the shed doors off before loading it, but due to a sore wrist, he chose to not do that. He made it to the land slowly, and we had an area that was  straight back and drop, 100_1469

well after he got up there he felt he had been on the job too long, so he whipped the trailer up and drove forward quickly, and ripped the shed doors off. So here we have this shed, Mark feeling like crap, Mark when he asked if he could make doors at his shop at fix these and the dude told him he had been on this job too long and he was pretty busy.  Mark told him that he really isn't a handy man and doesn't work with tools, so the dude looks at me and says Cyn can fix it then. Just take of the hinges, lay the doors on the floor of the shed, and rescrew the hinges in- real simple... gotta go.

And the creep drove off. Never to hear from him again- he did the job for the adrenaline rush, once up there, poof he did not care- he got his $300.00 plus he had us pay an extra $100.00 because it was hard to get it out of our yard.

GRRRRRRRRRRR. This guy really loved himself, and we thought he was a good guy, but after this ordeal we have found him to be an arrogant jerk who really loves himself- bad. The kiss the mirror as you walk by type love himself.

I was able to call my brother Tom, 100_1473 he is super handy and saved the day- as we had the POD there and needed to fill the shed, and now we had no doors. But Tom and his father in law came up, tools , screws and scrap wood, and fixed the doors so they work for now.

So the shed is loaded, and Shawn and Pat came up last evening and we got the whole POD unloaded into the house. Mark felt poorly and has really low endurance, so he helped and took breaks as needed. Shawn busted butt, and we can not thank them enough!! I went up today and did the kitchen unpacking- it took a long time but it went well. Mark came up with all the record albums about mid day- he has been feeling really lousy, he started on new meds yesterday and has nausea, numbness in his hands, really lightheaded and room spinning when he lays down, can not eat, just crappy! So he headed back home as we do not have water up there yet, and he was  in need of having a bathroom close by.

Tomorrow is working on unpacking the spare bedroom, and bathrooms. Monday the water man comes with the meter and I will try to get the certificate of occupancy the next week, once the cinder block foundation is done.

Take care all, Love Mark and Cindy alias Mr. and Mrs Justakrusen

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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Mrs Justa and the tug of war

Whoa, this is how our life feels right now in my semi warped mind. It represents a tug or war, a pull one way and get dragged back the other. 100_0891Feeling at times like we are holding on by a thread, hoping that thread will grow stronger with the tug and not weaker. Back and forth, up and down , to me I see a shape like a bird on the right, it looks like it's bill is trying to pull on the frogs leg . See the frog shape on the left.

That is like me and Mark at times, when one of us feel weak the other tugs to keep the weak one going. I feel the events of this past 2 months have been hard, tugging on the patience,  on the heart strings, on the emotions.

It is NEVER easy to move, it is never easy to uproot your life, and then having a bipolar, manic then depressive struggle in the mix, well it is a lot of life's stressors eating away at Mark, and at me having to live it but not be able to help him out of the slump.

I am off tomorrow- the propane and the shed are the tasks of the day. The propane folks will go and put a tank in and set up the furnace and the stove. The shed dude tomorrow too.

Then we start the unload to the shed and the house. We bought drinks for the potential helpers for tomorrow and Saturday. Mark and I have been talking and he may end up going to Oswego Behavior Health clinic in the morning if he is still unable to sleep and having the racing thoughts. He does not want to leave the stuff tomorrow to me, I do not want him to prolong going up there and seeking someone to see him.I will be okay, he may need help to be okay. 

So we will see how the night goes. All who believe in God and the power of prayer, please join me in praying that he is able to find a practitioner who will care about his well being and listen to him. I know this is not as good as it gets.

Thanks to all for being there. I am actually going to post this on both my blog and his tonight incase someone goes to just one or the other. My love to all, Cindy and Mark-- Mr and Mrs Justakrusen

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

mrs justa stopping by

Okay folks so here it goes. Last night we had gone up to the property to stake out the area for where the shed will go. Well when we got up there, a bulldozer was still where we needed to stake it out. SO I called the construction manager and he said he would be glad to move it today when he went up to the house to re-route the water lines to accommodate the water meter that the water company needs to install.

This construction person , Bob, went up and spent 3 hrs of his day cutting the water line by the hot water heater and redirection the water lines under the house to go directly to these 2 new shut offs he had to put in.

Well he did a fairly nice job, and then tonight I find out that the landowner who sold us this property, when he did the water line from the curb to the house, he installed a "pit meter" - which is basically a deep manhole with fittings where the water meter would go into out by the curb, image so now we have 2 spots for a meter to be put, and needing only one spot. So I called Bob tonight, and told him the dilemma I am in now with a place out by the curb for the water meter and now the cut lines in the utility room.

Now Bob has to get someone to come out and redo everything he just did, to put it back the way it was.

We have electric in the house, the inside is prepped, and the siding is all on the house. The POD100_1357 will be delivered up there tomorrow, and Friday the shed 100_1355_edited will be taken from her to there. We really need the shed to get there in one piece, it is contingent to get a certificate of occupancy to have at least the 12x12 shed- this one is 12x16.

The water, well that is a few days away, as we have to have the taken apart line now replaced and then a meter put in the pit meter.

I am learning new things about the home set-up. It is hard, we personally have had challenges with finances, comp, Mark's past year and now the bipolar and depression taking a toll on Mark. Now at work I am newly promoted to manager of maybe 20 people and trying to get things rolling there, so all this new stuff is kinda overwhelming, but we will survive.

Pretty soon we will be settled and our life and blog will be taking new directions. Love to all, Mr and Mrs Justa.

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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Mrs Justa and the new home

Here it is, the home to be, the place we will be moving to in a couple weeks. Well really for the next couple weeks. There are rules, and more rules. The house must have water hooked up, electric hooked up, a minimum 12x12 ft shed on the property and the foundation of the home neatly cinder blocked all prior to us receiving the certificate of occupancy. 100_1449 Now the codes officer did make it quite clear that until he turns our building permit into a certificate of occupancy- then our stuff can live there, but we can not.

Well it is Tues night already- we have the inside of the house seemly done, but there is the lack of electricity, water and the foundation- so it looks like this weekend our stuff will gradually be finding it's own spots, but our bodies will still be resting on pillows at our current home. The POD will go up Thursday and the shed on Friday-Sean and Pat have offered to come PODING on Friday night, and then Les and Barb are coming over Saturday. So maybe we can do it all this weekend. That gives me the remaining 2 weeks till the U haul arrives, to unpack the bins and boxes and try to organize our stuff .

So the big day of moving the rest of the furniture is the 12th of July. Hopefully ( Mark hates when I say hopefully---too optimistic right now for him ) but hopefully, we should have the lacking components to make the codes officer happy.

Mark, well he is hanging in there, low ebb is an understatement right now. His social worker called him today and told him to just stop the Lithium- cold turkey ( Stan will be glad to hear that I am sure). He has only been on it for 13 days, so he should not have serious consequences stopping it, and maybe ( hopefully) he will begin to feel more like Mr Justakrusen for a bruisen ( that is to you Precious Rock) and less like an old discarded rag. Craig and Diane and Justana- you are right, things will get better, even though this seems like where normal will be to him, it is a glitch in the road, a pot hole maybe.

I am note sure when he will feel better, but I do believe the Lithium and he are not good partners. He has gone into some deep depression in these past 2 weeks. But I always reminds myself- we can not get to the top of the mountain be leaping- we have to take one step at a time. And sometimes we have to go in a different direction to overcome obstacles, but one step at a time.

Until he is up and running again, I will try to keep you posted. Looks like it will be around 7-10-08 before we go off line for about 4 days- so for now- thanks everyone for being there, you have no idea how special you all are. My love and best wishes go out to all, Love , Mrs Justa for the person who so often is the Wind Beneath My Wings

Monday, June 23, 2008

Mrs Justa filling in

For all who suffer from depression, bipolar, or the combination, I wish I could push the woes of the affects of it away like this bulldozer pushes the world away. 100_1432_editedI am torn in many directions by feeling desperate to help Mark, and being unable to help in ways he needs, and I see the blogging buddies out there, and everyone seems to have problems at times with the system, with the lack of understanding of the disorder. I am torn by the lack of society's acceptance and ability to treat those with mental issues the same as those with a broken arm, or an upper respiratory infection.

This is  real folks, this is life, and everyone , no matter what their issues medically need help at times.

As most of you know, Mark has been tossed around this last 1 1/2 years by his ortho, his misfortune with that post op infection and now a disabled leg, and with the depressions and the bipolar. I feel at a great loss, for I am unable to fix things. I have tried, oh I have tried hard, but I am only me and the big brother side of life is way too big at times.

I read the other folks that have supported Mark and are dealing with trying times right now, and I can not thank you enough for being there to support one another, when folks who do not have bipolar can not comprehend. I feel terrible for this unbelievable dilemma that Mark is in. He is on Lithium, having side affects and no one to advise him what to do. Does he wean himself off it? does he continue to go on until someone tells him what to do? Do we bite the bullet and just go to the ER in Oswego where his psychiatrist will be once he sees the doctor in August.

My answers are not good enough, I am one person trying to logically make solutions out of a system, that in my mind, has malfunctioned. Mark does not have the ability to write tonight, he is feeling unmotivated and frustrated at the moment. So to Stan, as to Mark, I say hang in there. My words are sincere, although they may seem cheap. Things happen for a reason, and the reasons are sometimes so hard to see while we are going through trying times. There are quite a few of you who have been there for Mark, and again I say thanks. He asked if I would post for him, so I am posting here tonight, instead of on the wordpress. My wishes and love to all, Cindy ( alias Mrs Justa)

Sunday, June 22, 2008

I'm justa trying to be normal! Whatever normal is!

I really don't feel like writing much right now. I think it will reflect in this post. I don't want to get on here and just complain so I refuse to do so. Saturday was a pretty busy day. We started it out with our regular trip out for breakfast to Mimi's in Fulton, Ny. Shawn and Pat were able to accompany us this week as he didn't have to work until 1:00 pm. After breakfast we took them up to show them the progress on the property with the new slab and such. On Monday they are bringing the home up and placing it on the pad.

Cindy and I came home from breakfast and we both tackled mowing the yard. I'm able to last about 15 min before my knee gets tired. So I helped with the back yard and Cindy finished the front. That will be the last time the yard gets mowed before we move.

After mowing we went to Cindy's Brothers Tom's house for Kyle's graduation party. It was nice to see some people we don't get to see all the time. The kids all seemed to have a good time although they were having a drinking contest of sorts that I'm sure some of them will be paying for this morning as they try to get up. I'm glad I out grew those times

After we left the party our son Jeff and his wife Amanda came over and helped us empty out the rest of the shed and put it in the pod. The Shed is now ready to move up to the land. We just have to let the guy know when to pick it up and will probably follow it up to show him where to put it. We are thinking Thursday maybe.

I want to give a shout out to my blogging buddies PreciousRock and Stan who are both going through a rough patch right now too. It must be something in the air guys. We have to just keep putting one foot in front of the other . Quitting isn't an option. We signed up for the whole rollercoaster ride. No getting off till the ride gets to the end. Maybe it's more like a Merry go Round huh!!

Have a great day. I will post again soon I hope.