Friday, November 14, 2008

Mrs Justa and Imus part 2

Part 2 of Mr Imus. This is Imus doing a type of break dance.

Kinda like being Michael Jackson wanna be. This cat is a trip

He will stand on his hind legs and box the dog. Or as in this set of photos he was just boogying. 100_0679   

100_0694He twists and turns and then took a bow.

Mornings however bring out his major thought process. First my alarm may not yet have gone off, I awaken to him trying to play with the alarm clock, like he is trying to set it off early.

That doesn't work, so then I wake as he is playing with the rod on the blinds, like he is trying to open them.

Still no luck, he has more tricks, he tries to knock the phone receiver off, I do not know if he is trying to call for help, or get that annoying alarm sound to go off letting me know the receiver is off. SO we leave our bedroom door closed, as soon as the alarm goes off he starts meowing in a strange fashion , sliding his paw under the door and shaking the door.


Once we feed him, he is fine. Quiet for the rest of the day. He plays with the dog, then takes a snooze. But morning time... that is a time for attention. :) I love this little guy, but I found out a long time ago that pets have personalities just like people. If you take the time to sit back and watch them, it is quite entertaining. Love to all, Mrs Justa :)


preciousrock said...

What a fun, loveable, adorable lil kittie. Gotta say I wouldn't tolerate being wakened prior to the alarm clock though, lol.

Mark Krusen said...

Oh he is fun ! And yes, the alarm clock thing is a pain - so we lock him out of the room at night! Love, CIndy