Friday, December 5, 2008

Mrs Justa and attitude


W Clement is quoted as saying " There is very little difference in people, but that little difference makes a big difference. The little difference is ATTITUDE."

Indi here is showing the difference attitude can make. AS we drive down the road, he will pace in the back of the car sometimes, huffing and puffing, waiting for and invitation to come up and sit in the passenger seat.

Now if we do not allow him to do that he gets an attitude. And sits with his back totally towards us.

This gesture he does makes the air in the car feel thicker, kinda like if people are fighting, or someone has hurt feelings.

He can not keep his attitude in the ignore zone for too long though, He finally weakens and turns around and gives us a smile. 100_0903

The difference in his attitude changes the whole atmosphere of the ride.

Now I am forced to look at myself, my mannerisms, my words, my body language. What attitude do I portray. What  message am I sending.

At work, at home, on the road, in public. People watch people, people can be affected negatively or positively by just a motion, a gesture, a look.

How do you affect any situation?

I am reminded of working in the hospital, and that second I walked into a patient room was a make it or break it moment. The patient lying in the bed is watching the second you enter, your body language, your gestures, your tone in your voice. Are you acting rushed, put out by them, or are you having an air of compassion flow in your every step and word.

This is how it is in the retail world, in the work world, in situations when you are faced with any type of contact with another living thing. Be careful watch what footprint you are leaving in every moment of your life. Love Mrs justa

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