Saturday, May 17, 2008

Justa holding pattern!

It's four o'clock on Saturday morning I usually have a post done by now. I have nothing left in the tank. We have a lot going on today. Jeff's Graduation from college,grocery shopping,Jeff's graduation party and then what ever crops up.I'll put some pictures up later today with a little bit more of a post. Momma said she would do a fresh post later also. Enjoy your Saturday we'll catch you later.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Justa hoping for some good Karma!


Hope springs eternal. I never thought I'd be typing these words again. But here goes. Drum roll please. Thanks to my buddy Norm I have a possibility of a job. That's right me, the down but not out kid has a possibility of a J-O-B. I don't know all the details yet. But it sounds pretty good to me. Anything that gets me out of the house for a few hours and I can actually start earning some money. I have to fill out my application and talk to the lady that owns the business yet. From what I understand so far it would be driving developmentally disabled people to their appointments. Hey Stan. Maybe I can take you to your appts. LOL. She was talking about 7:00 am to 9:00am taking the van home then coming back in from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm. This would be a great way for me to get back into the workforce and check out my real capacity on my leg. Wish me luck.

Hope springs eternal courtesy of Google images

Things continue to change on the house front.

It appears we have to now hook to the city water. We can't use the well that is already on the property. Oh well! Earl, the gentlemen we are buying the land from is going to do the work so in the long run it will save us some money. Plus it really is better being on City water. If the power goes off we at least still have water. As W. Clement Stone said way back when. "With every adversity there is a seed of equal or greater benefit". We shall see what it is in this experience. Do you have any saying that motivate you? Any dittys that someone told you, that you would like to share?

Here is an interesting twist to the story.

last night Earl (yes, that Earl) came by to look at our trailer. He is looking for a used double wide to buy for his daughter who is now living in a single wide. He looked it over real good and expressed to us an interest to buy it. I told him that he would have to get in touch with our salesman Dan and gave him the number to the dealership. Guess what lot Earl is talking about putting the house on? image That's right, the one right across the street from us!! How weird would that be? looking out our front window or walking out our front door and seeing the place we lived in for 17 years staring us in the face. Is life interesting or what? It may not happen but Earl seemed very interested so I will keep you up to snuff with this latest development. I think that's a good place to end it today. Thanks for stopping by again. Check back tomorrow you never know what is going to happen here. I'm Justa Saying!



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Thursday, May 15, 2008

I justa lost a post somewhere

I had a new post all done for today. I don't know what happened to it. The computers were acting up last night I pressed save and poof gone. It had a picture of me of the way things were going. Yesterday was one of those days that I was just as soon forget. So that's what I'm going to do. JUST FORGET IT. I  can reproduce the picture easy enough but I'm just going to link to it. When you see it you'll understand what kind of day it was. Today is a new day.

Cindy is taking this morning off to help me attend to some of the things we have to do.

  1. Go to Oswego college book store to get Jeff's tassle for his graduation this coming Saturday. (See I never mentioned that did I?)
  2. Go to Town of Granby to talk to Girl about our Building permit. Also need to talk to Water Clerk about hooking to the City water. (This was in my other post)
  3. Need to Call Bob (The person doing our site prep) about changes in the water hook up. Instead of the well we have to hook to the city water.
  4. Sometime in the next few days I need to get up to Fulton to sign up for the new job I have. (Looking for a job)  Somewhere in all this mess of trying to move and dealing with my bipolar I need to start my job search.They've determined that I can do light duty type of work 8 hrs a day. If any body has any leads or ideas let me know. I'm thinking of working with the disabled maybe driving a van or in a residential setting. This is an Idea I have to be working on in the coming weeks. I have some accountability to Mike from the Insurance company on this.

So I'm pressed for time this morining now and i'm going to keep this short. Here is the link to the picture that shows how I feel right now. Check this out I hope your having a great day. Thanks for stopping buy. Feel free to leave a comment if your so inclined. I'm justa saying!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Justa looking forward!


Can you believe all the natural disasters that are hitting. Does it seem like more than usual or am I just watching to much news. What with the Typhoon, and Earthquakes hitting overseas and the Tornado's and flooding here in the states. It makes our little 4 foot snow falls feel like nothing doesn't it? We can at least dig out of our messes. What do you do when your house comes down around you or is flooded?  Cindy and I are worried about moving 12 miles North of where we live now. We might be up in the 4 foot of snow overnight world. Guess what. Cuddle Time!!! Crawl under the covers after making the "Ain't coming in" call to work and sleep till you can't sleep no more. Or... Hmmmph. as I was saying. We can catch up on the unpacking that won't be done from our move. Right Sandy?

 100_0975Cindy talked to the financial guy today. He said everything is a go ,we should be able to close on the land within 2 weeks. Another 3 weeks after that we could be moved in.Just wanted to share a couple of the pictures of the new house. I promise only two pictures today. I like that kitchen. Look how much room there is. Also notice the dining area. There is a sliding door to the right where we can add a deck on later.

100_0986This is a picture of our new house as it sits on the lot at G&I homes. it's a 28 by 60 which is 8 feet longer than what we live in now. I can't wait until we move in. This packing stuff if getting old. We still have a long way to go,but we are actually making a dent in it.

I'm kind of nervous I have a meeting with the job counselor representing the insurance company today. He told me to remember to bring my list of medications that I am taking. It will be interesting to see his reaction when he sees the Abilify on the list. It ought to make for an interesting discussion. I can't imagine having a full time job right now while I'm trying to get the meds for my Bipolar situation worked out. Can you say fun? Not only that. I can't stand for more than 15 min without my left leg bothering me. Plus when I sit for more that 1/2 hour it takes me a while to get moving. This afternoon will be very interesting. He told me that he was going to ask me 500 questions. I just told him I'd have 500 different answers. I'll let you know tomorrow how it went. Wish me luck.

In closing Garry Conn from Garry

and John Cow from John are having a contest. I am supporting Garry Conn so will be providing a link to his site here. It is a neat contest and will be kind of interesting to follow. Garry is a well respected successful blogger in the Make Money Online niche. While right now I am not trying to make money with my blog beyond having the Google adsense ads on my site. (Of which I have made a whopping $0.03 cents since starting this blog) I still follow Garry, as his integrity is refreshing in this dog eat dog niche and Internet marketing in General. Not only that, Garry took the time to read my blog and sent me a personal email one morning. Check out Garry's blog at Garry

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Justa enjoying the ride

We were at our "OLD" neighbors house on Sunday after church. They haven't changed a bit. (That's to bad). Actually Norm and Sandy, We had an awesome time. As we always do when ever we get together. The kids are growing up in spite of their parenting. LOL. You guys have done a great job. Sandy the Helicopter got called away on an Emergency call. It appears that your situation isn't as dire as it first seemed. It was nice to see your mother again Sandy. She loves you guys to bits. I can see the feeling is mutual. Cindy and I couldn't be with our moms on mothers day, thanks for sharing yours with us. Norm watch out. If you do start a blog it's addicting. It's hard to stay away for more than a day or so. If you get the bug, your hooked.


Cindy and I were like the stealth photographers on Sunday. We forgot the camera when we went to Norm and Sandy's or else their pictures would be on here. After we went back home we got Indy (who loves to ride in the car) and hit the road again.


Our first stop was Jeff & Amanda's to take a couple of pictures of the deck that him and his buddy Justine just finished. Are they good or what?




These are just a few of the ones we got as they were building it. Great job guys. Pencil us in for a couple of years from now at our new place. We'd be glad to have you guys build us a deck any day.

100_1179These just show what a talented guy our son Jeff is. He definitely has a talent for building things. He sure didn't get it from me. I've yet to find my area of expertise I'm still analyzing that as we speak.

100_1211 100_1212

From here we went over to Tom & Sherri's and took some of the landscaping pictures. We showed you some on Monday here are some of the other ones we got.

100_1220 100_1223

Ok the one isn't  a landscaping  picture but I couldn't resist guys. Great photo huh? These two are a couple of the most insane people I know living out side of a mental hospital. A lot of pictures today I know but we just wanted to share some more of the things we did Sunday. It was one heck of a day off and we had such a great time that we wanted to share it with all of you. I'm still skipping around with content aren't I? I just can't help mentioning my friends and family. They are so awesome that I thought you might enjoy sharing them with me.

I haven't mentioned it in a while so here goes. If you like following along with the Justakrusen's on our journey through life you can subscribe to the automatic email updates on the top right of this blog. That way when ever I update a post it would automatically show up in your email. What could be better than that. That email subscription is the best thing since slice bread in my book. That's how I keep up with about 10 or 15 of my favorite blogs. Go out today and as Robin Williams said in the movie. "Seize the day" I'm justa saying. P.S. If you stand on a chair be careful.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Justa returning from our day of Rest


Mothers day has come and gone.

I hope yours was as great as mine. Jeff and Amanda took us out to breakfast at Larkins yesterday morning. They got Cindy an awesome gift. A lighthouse that is powered by the sun during the day and lights up at night.We already had a couple of light houses that we had bought that light up the entrance to our walkway. But this one has far more personality. It even blinks like a real light house. We got a chance to call and wish my mother a happy mothers day. I think she is having a great mothers day. I called, My Sister Donna stopped into see her and I'm sure that was gift enough for my mother and finally for the day. Mom went to My brother Mikes for dinners. I know you'll never read this mom. But, "Happy Mothers day".

We went to Cindy's brother Tom's house.100_1224

Talk about living large we sat on the back deck where Sherri brought roasted Almonds and Nacho chips out to snack on. It doesn't get any better than this. A Barley pop and snacks and relatives you actually enjoy. Don't anybody tell them I said that. 100_1238 If Tom thought I enjoyed coming to his house he might not ever let me come back. Gretchen and Collin came by. They are two of Tom's three kids. Man are they growing. Poor Collin, he is so easy to pick on. And of course you know I'm going to take every advantage of that that I can. Here's a picture of some of the landscaping Tom & Sherri have done. And another of Tom and I sitting on the front patio.


The Mayor and his wife took us out to breakfast on Saturday.

Shawn broke our rule of going Dutch and picked up the tab. He blamed it on a house warming gift. He did that so I wouldn't expect him to buy us a riding lawn mower for a gift. LOL. We were at his mercy for he was driving and we were firmly  locked in the back seat. After breakfast we showed him where the property we are in the process of buying was. Darnit, now he'll know where we live. If you ever need your dog walked just ask my buddy Shawn. (To long a story to tell here) As I'm finishing up this post on Sunday night to post on Monday morning we just got back from Shawn and Pats. Momma made a loaf of home made Cinnamon Raisin bread for Shawn,and she just had to drop it off tonight. Presious Rock won't like this but we just spent $59.20 to fill up our Nissan Altima Hybrid.That's on a car that gets about 38 miles per gal average. OUCH! What's the most some of you have had to pay to fill up your vehicle? Let us know in the comments.

One more thing before I go.

One of my favorite bloggers  Ian Parks, has two blogs that are in my blogroll. The first one that I came across was The Random Forest this is a fun blog that when you start reading him you are begging for more. Ian sense of humor is refreshing and captivating. If you can get away from his site without commenting it would be amazing. Often times you'll find me chiming in with my two cents. Check out this site. Believe me you won't regret it.

His second site that he just started and perhaps one of my favorite "about pets" site in blogger land, is Blog about animals  I can't give away this particular post. For some reason this link is one of my favorite links to this particular blog. (I can't be sure but maybe it's because he has done an article on our 3 pets) Before you sign off you have to go over to this blog and see our 3 babies. Thanks for stopping by  once again.


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