Saturday, August 23, 2008

Mrs Justa and a peek at the special boy

Now tell me he does not look comfy! This is Brandon, our new grandson. We have not yet been formally introduced, cuz the lil guy came into the world 6 wks early. But here he is. He may get out of the intensive care area next week, but we are not sure. Jeff and Amanda are going up to see him as much as they can. He was born this past Tuesday.


So now we are Mr and Mrs Granjusta I guess. Life is so precious, babies are such a blessing, and life is so very unpredictable. I am working on some cloth books that I am trying to bring back to life right now, Jeff had washed them and they got a little misshapen, So I am off to be grandma repairing the babies books.

But I wanted to do a quick blog- to show you our new member to our family :)

Mom and dad are good, and Brandon.. he will be just fine. Love always, Mrs Justa

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Mrs Justa and the morning workout

Day one of my journey and Satan did not win! Nope I hopped on this bike, in my jammies this morning and rode for 15 minutes. It was about 5:20, so I did not have a really long time, but it did feel good. I will shoot for tomorrow and the tread mill:) It was a good feeling, tough, but good. 100_1590_edited Work is chaotic right now , to say the least, so I think the extra working out will help the stress level.

I am probably going to try to alternate every day for now. And I am thinking about trying to walk the whole road we live this weekend. That has gotta be about a 2 - mile adventure.

I am also going to update some photos of the landscaping outside, I think it looks pretty good for folks on a very tight budget.

I do love it here, it is quiet, it is spacious, it is home.

May you each find a place that brings you comfort, whether it be a house, an apartment, a room, it makes no difference, it is a place that is for relaxing, it can be a park bench, or a lounge chair, a tub, just somewhere to take time for you, each of us deserve that. Love, Cindy--- Mrs justa.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Mrs Justa and unattainable goals

"Just love me with all my faults, as I love you.

Accept me for what I am,

Accept me for the things I do "


This was lyrics from a song , I am unsure what song it was from though.

Is that not what we all want. TO be accepted for who and what we are?

I can never be beautiful in the eyes of Hollywood, and I will never be a size 4 or 6. I know what my limits are. But one thing that I know is that my son , my husband, our dog and cat, my brothers and sisters , and all my family, they love me for who I am.

They never make me feel subconscious of my looks, that comes from my inner self. I want to be prettier, I want to be shapelier, I want to be something I will never be. And that is not healthy, because my wants are unobtainable, and with that I make my life a failure before I even get started.

I try to lose weight, I try to look good, I try to wear clothes that are attractive on me, but I do not succeed to the level I want to be at.

I hope starting tomorrow I can get up 20 minutes earlier and hop on the tread mill or bike, and the next day on the other, and try it for 1 month. My wish for you is you make your goals real, do not be like me, for if you are, you set yourself up for disappointment before your feet hit the floor each morning. Love, Mrs Justa

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