Friday, February 13, 2009

Justa a taxing situation!

image Yep. Momma and I are getting ready to file our taxes. Last year we bought Turbo Tax and that worked very well. We're a little nervous about using it this year though. What with buying the house last year and Cindy having to borrow from her 401k to finish the down payment.{As in they always find more money you need when you go in} We are going to take it to the accountant that we used to use. He does all the rest of the relatives taxes and we used to use him all the time when I owned my truck {OK when my truck owned me} so it's not as if we don't know what we're paying for. He is pretty good and only charges and arm. Instead of the usual arm and a leg.

Valentines day is tomorrow. It's not that I don't like the day.(I HATE it) Don't get me wrong I'm going to got out today a get something. In the past I've gotten flowers,Vermont teddy bear,and what not. I justa don't think we need to have a special day set aside for me to say I love you to my wife. I don't believe a day goes by that I don't say it. I don't need some trumped up commercialized day to tell her. That being said,If I don't get or do something "I" will feel guilty. Momma I don't think would be upset. If she was, she would never let me know it. It's just the psychological effect of thinking I'm a dirt bag for not getting her something that I cant' deal with right now. So when I meander out to let Badger out I will stop and get her something. I have no idea what that will be. By the time anyone reads this and gets back to me with an idea to die for it will be to late. So I will be out there today with all of the rest of the waited till the last day to get something husbands. image

This morning was fun and games. Mamma's drivers side door was frozen shut. We got a couple inches of Snain (snow-rain) last night and I had to scrape all the windows in both cars.Aren't I a nice guy. I go out every morning and start mamma's car and clean the windows off for her. Momma deserves it, believe me. So do you think I would be smart enough to go right back inside and get some hot water and pour it over the edges of the door? Your ahead of me, you already have the answer don't ya? Nope I climbed over from the passenger side. That was a sight to behold. I must of looked funny because if was anything like what it felt like to do it, it looked funny. I didn't know I could contort myself into so many positions. So after I got into the seat and tried to push the door open, I realized the door just wasn't going to budge with out some hot water.{why didn't I think of that before getting in the seat} Well I didn't so I had to climb back out of the car on the passenger side and waddle back inside. I got the water poured it on the door and poof, it opened. Another "If there is a hard way to do something, I will find it" moment by me.

So that is my life in the fast lane. Wasn't that worth putting aside every thing important that you could be doing right now and reading this? You have to see this video!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Justa road trippin!

I've been picking on my blogging buddy Stan for some time now since I've been back in blog land.(As has him on me I might add). I wanted to step above the fray a little and do Stan a favor. If any of you have ever been over to his blog,you've seen the picture of him on the side bar. Well that doesn't tell the whole story. I have Stan in a more thoughtful mode in this pictureimage . If any of you have read his post and comments in particular you will understand more where they come from. It was helpful for me to come across this picture, as I am coming to understand more his vote in the last Presidential election. His stand on Women's issues, his outlook on life and his inability to get in touch with his inner feelings. I have another picture of Stan.This was sent to me by one of the women he went out with recently.image Hey what is she mad at him about at least he was wearing a tie.







On to more important issues of the day.I drove out to Rochester Ny to go to lunch with my daughter Adrianne today. {The picture of Stan in his tie was actually one I used when I posted on missing her birthday last year} I was determined that I wouldn't miss her birthday this year. The weather was awesome today. Temps in the 50's and dry roads all the way out there. A little rain on the way back but not too bad. We went to eat at one of those Japanese restaurants where they cook it in front of you. That was way cool. We went there at 1:30 so there was no one there at all. Just the two of us at the table. I got the beef,chicken and shrimp combo and Adrianne got the beef and chicken, I'm still stuffed.  I ate it all though. Adrianne had to take more that half of hers home for later.

I bet your worried that I'm going to do a post on my grocery bill again.{laughing} Nope! I learned that lesson the hard way. Precious Rock doesn't like when I do post on grocery bill's or what I pay for my gas. So I've had to stop doing post on those two subjects. I can't really think of much else that is on my mind that I want to share today. I've been doing a lot of checking out of others blogs. It makes me feel pretty petty when I get back on and read my own. But it is what it is.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Justa special post for a special announcement!

I couldn't wait until the next time I blogged so I decided to do a quick update.   Cindy and I are going to be Grandparents again.Adrianne my little Girlie (Ok she's 27) and her husband Josh are having a baby. The baby is due September 24th. So now we are going to be grandparents times two. Now Brandon will have a cousin he can teach how to get in trouble. Stay tuned for Spoilings(I mean updates)

It's justa bout time for baseball!

image Norm,you have to be careful with what you let people put on facebook. It is a good picture of you though.

That's right folks just about baseball time. Apparently Norm will be joining the Yankees this year. It looks like he will be the only one not on Steroids. Man what a year. First we elect the least Qualified man in America to be the President. Then we find out that the "Best" Player in baseball is on Steroids. It appears that neither one of them were what they were made out to be were they? It's time for me to start thinking about baseball all ready because the Syracuse basketball team is into their late season swoon.

I went to the Chiropractor today. He did his normal put heat on my back, bend me this way and that. 15minutes in and out. It(my hip) isn't getting any better. If any thing it is getting worse. I haven't gotten my report back from the Independent Medical Examiner yet so I asked my Chiro (Dave) if he had heard anything yet. He checked and he had gotten the report. He read it and told me that they agree with the treatment and continue what we're doing for at least 5 more months. I find it amazing. It has been 2 years now with no end in sight. {Stan is really going to have some ammo to calling me a Liberal now.}

Speaking of Useless. What do you guys think of this Stimulus bill? I just don't see the jobs for the average Joe {Or Mark} in there. Building roads, bridges,and schools and such is not going to put back to work the majority of the people that have been laid off. You don't just take someone that was working in a factory screwing in a few bolts on an assembly line then turn them into a person working on a bridge. And putting all our medical records on to a computer so that every Tom, Dick and Harry can hack into them. I'm not thinking so! That will create a lot of jobs also. What maybe 10.

I reread this post I'm starting to sound a lot like Harry Reid. Cranky,bitter,and totally clueless. I better stop while I'm behind.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Surviving a visit from a teenager Justa barely


100_0941 This is an older picture. But you get the idea.


I survived another weekend with the Lime Green Drama Queen. I think it's more likely that she survived another weekend with me. She is 13 going on 24 and I am 55 going on 13, so you can imagine the interactions we must have had. We went to a Red Box and got a movie last night. Am I cheap or what? $1.00 for a video. That beats the $29.00 bucks Momma and I spent last week. We watched the Movie "Eagle Eye". It was pretty good, Albeit fast paced. It was  a story about how Big Brother can see everything your doing just about everywhere. It was pretty far fetched however I think some of the things Big Brother can do as it relates to tracking cell phone usage, Atm usage and stuff like that is pretty amazing. In fact I think that Big Brother might be reading this blog. In fact maybe Stan is big brother.

We finally heard from Precious Rock yesterday. I sent her an email calling her a liar liar for not getting in touch with me. HINT! Don't ever call Precious a liar!She called me here at home Fulton, Ny From her home Somewhere in Arizona and chewed me out.{Laughing} Good thing I don't live closer I think she might have found me and beat me up. Seriously though. It was good to hear from her. She is coming out of the depths of a pretty good{bad} depression and just doesn't quite feel ready to post again yet. I can relate to that. I was bound determined that I wouldn't post again but here I am. She is feeling much better and hopefully will start posting soon.

Here is a Money fun fact that was on my sidebar yesterday.

Money Fun Fact
Virgin Atlantic Airways discovered that it takes in an average of 18 cents per passenger per flight in loose change found in the plane's seats. If that figure holds for the approximate 320 million people who fly from one country to another worldwide each year, the total is about $58 million. Source:
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Speaking of loose change Stan has been riding me pretty good lately. He is getting the upper hand. He has more practice at rambling on aimlessly. I'll have to practice on his blog  more. So as not to be accused of that practice myself, I'm Out!!