Monday, December 22, 2008

Mrs Justa and a terrible drive

Can't you feel  the chill in the air. Today was white knuckle day number 3. ( Well really number 4, but since I did not go out in the blowing and poor visibility yesterday, I do not think it counts towards a white knuckle day. 100_0881 Now if my theory is correct and history repeats itself, then there are only 4 more left for the season.

Somehow I think history will not repeat itself and we may end up with more.

This morning the roads in general were not bad, ( I think). The snow was whipping around and falling so hard I had to stop 4 times to de-ice the clumps from my windshield wipers so I could see the road. And the visibility poor enough that driving in the dark was a blessing, because the headlights shone on the banks of snow on the side of the road and on the tire tracks from the previous winter warrior who was trekking into wherever they were headed.Once the sun came up, it reflected on all the white and made it hard to determine anything.

This morning I left home at 6:10 and arrived at my 8:20 dentist appointment at 8:21, the odometer showed 34 miles for the total trip, and 2 hours to get there. I was averaging between 20-40 mph, and no one was on my bumper, I was feeling like others were having more trouble then me, for they kept their distance behind me. The traffic lines at some of the lights were long and slow going through.

It amazes me how well the plows take care of all the roads at the same time! The snow was really coming down, and not one road ( and I do not go on the expressways), not one had deep snow on it. Thanks to all who do, or know someone who does take care of America's highways. Thanks for keeping it as clear as possible, even when the snow is trying to beat your effort up.

Also Thanks to AutoZone, my wipers were ripped, happened on the way in, and the tears were helping to chuck huge amounts of frozen slush onto the blades and not clear the windshield. So at lunch, during white out conditions, at 13 degrees, I went to AutoZone and bought new blades. They came out in the parking lot, in the bitter cold, and replaced them for me . Thanks , what a great service. And finally thanks to al who stayed in their lane as we trudged through the slippery roads, I appreciate your careful driving. Love to all, and remember , one day closer to spring, Mrs Justa, ( alias) Cindy 

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