Monday, November 17, 2008

Mrs Justa and aging

A Monday morning winter day. Yes folks here we go. And I am not feeling as confident about my winter tires as I was when we were working up to the first snow fall.

 100_1978_editedI had an interesting Sunday and Monday. Seems my eyes want to play head games with me. Yesterday on my way to church I started to be aware of black lines flashing in my right peripheral vision. So I thought , oh maybe my eyelash, or some mascara, or my bangs, or a reflection in my side of my glasses. But as I eliminated all these possibilities, the situation still remained.

Then in the afternoon, it went away, only to return last night and today as flashes of white light. Now in this weird state I felt maybe an appointment to the eye doctor was warranted. I have glaucoma and was reminded of my moms flashes of light that were a result of a torn retina.

Mark drove me to the docs, and the car did not hold the road real well. It was a thick slush, so maybe that is why, it is tough to drive on slush, but I expected those tires to gnaw the snow, ice and slush and show it who was boss.

The good news was the white flashes and black curve is not a detached retina, the BAD news is it goes with aging ! GO figure. The doc warned me if the flashes worsen, or my floaters ( which I have had for 20+ yrs ) increase in number, then call back. So now I am looking like a freak or a paranoid person, as I keep looking real quick to my left, cuz it looks like something is coming for me....but it is only old age coming at me, in the form of lightening flashes. Ya just gotta love it. Mrs Justa and the imaginary spooks creeping up on me

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preciousrock said...

Lightening flashes, Mrs. Justa? I've never heard of that??

Mark Krusen said...

Yeah it is kinda weird. Like the paparazzi is in the side of my head. Now there is this piece of something floating around in my eye, it keeps going in front of the eye, it is like someone is waving waxed paper over my eye. The doc says is can take up to 6 months for this to dissolve. It is driving me nuts!! Ahhh Cindy