Saturday, May 24, 2008

Justa cha,cha,cha, changing!


Cindy's family reunion is coming up on July the 4th weekend. Here is a picture of a lot of the relatives that will be there 100_0401

God willing of course. In this picture ages from early 20's to early 70's are

represented.There will probably upwards of 40 people total there.

Cindy has a big close knit family and it is always fun to get

together with them. This will be the first year we won't be on the grounds

of the campsite. We will be going back to our own cabin 8 miles to the 

north every night. The more things stay the same others change constant-

ly. That seems to be the story of our live's right now. C-h-a-n-g-e. I'm going

to be changing from not working for 15 months to working part time 5 days

a week.Cindy is changing her job at work from team leader into manage-

ment. We are going to moving 12 miles north of where we live know. The weather is changing from chilly to warm. So

here we go changing, changing, changing, I never have embraced change in the past. But right now it just seems so

natural. Hang on the way things change around here. If you miss even one day you've missed a lot. If you feel so

inclined Justa leave a comment below. Thanks again for stopping by.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Justa moving on up!


Ok here is the scoop.

We are going to be able to go through with buying the house. We have to cough up another $3677.00 for an additional down payment.This will bring our total down payment to about $10,000 This will bring the numbers in line for the appraisal for the bank.The total cost of the package with the home on land will be $110,000 Cindy is taking a loan out on her 401k at work for the additional money needed. We have 5 years to pay it back at about $70.00 a month.We were tempted to just say the heck with it and just sell our trailer we live in now and move into an apartment or townhouse.

When we did a list of pro and cons,the Pros won.

So here we go. Back in the saddle for our move. Our holding pattern will be over. Full steam ahead. After this weekend we will be back to full steam packing again. It really is the best thing over all. We will be in a brand new home on 1 acre of land for about the same thing it is costing us here at the park.

Speaking of the park.100_0909

We just got some paperwork from the park with all the new rules and regulations. In them they want us to sign a lease. If you don't sign a lease you can go month to month but it will cost you an extra $45.00 per month. They want to charge $10.00 per month extra per pet. That would  be another $20.00 as we have Indy and Imus.These are just a few of the things that would bug me. Lot rent is only $300.00 per month so you know they are going to be raising that soon. It's just so time to get out of the park. That is one of the variables for us deciding to get the new home.

On the job for me front.

I have an interview tomorrow night at 7:00pm wish me luck. I feel pretty good about it. It will be nice to get back to work and get out of the house every day, even though it is only for four hours. It's a start anyway. She has some full time runs maybe I can transition into one of them some day. Maybe I'll find that four hrs a day is enough with everything else going on in my life.

The Bipolar seems to be most of the way at bay right now.

Taking 1/2 dose of the Abilify every 3rd day seems to keep me at a level I can manage most days. I took half of a dose last night so today ought to be a groggy day for me. I may have to take an extra nap. My knee is a little better but will never be all the way ok. I'm still 8 degrees from my leg going straight so this will be a permanent disability. At least I can still walk even though I'll have a pretty good limp now. I can get around Wally world if I hang on to the cart when I'm walking. I feel it if I walk to much though.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Justa lazy day today!

100_0620You know how they say "If you ain't got nothin good to say your better off not saying nothin" well that's what I'm going to be doing today. This is just a short post to say good morning. I could go off on a rant on politics but I don't think that's what any of us need right now. We can get that 24/7 on cable T.V. There just isn't a lot going on for us right now. We are in a holding pattern waiting for the bank and G&I homes to negotiate to see if the deal is going to go through for the house.


I don't really want to fill up this post with a bunch of gibberish about that. I'll wait for the dust to settle then tell the story. Here is a quick hit on how we stand though:



  • We could go through and buy the new home as planned . This depends on other people.
  • We could work with Earl. Move the home we live in now onto the land Earl owns and go from there.
  • We could just sell our house to Earl. This would leave us no place to live. This may be an option though. We are wondering if just getting out and renting an apt or townhouse wouldn't be the way to go.
  • Or we could just end up staying here. This isn't so terrible we have lived here 17 years. Although the park is in disrepair,we take care of our place. We would just have to block out what we see when we drive out the back.

So there it is short and sweet. Maybe I'll have more to bring to the table tomorrow.

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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Not justa nother basket!

Not just another basket

No this is not just any basket. This is the "man basket" it has replaced the small overstuffed100_1320 glass bowl. See what you have started Amanda. This is going to become a world wide phenomena. Women every where are going to be coming up missing their bread baskets. Fox news will be breaking in with "breaking news" Where in the world are the bread baskets disappearing to? Hell I bet even Greata Van Sustren will have a weeks worth of coverage on it. Amanda my daughter in law started this by taking a picture of my "Man bowl" on Sunday. I blogged about it and it took on a life of its own even my blogging buddy Presiousrock on her blog One Bipolar Life got in on the act. She posted a whole blog on using baskets instead of glass bowls.Check out my comment to her in her comment section. She even set one up for her son. (Look what you have started Amanda) I must admit. My "man basket" is much neater and presents itself better in a picture than the "man bowl" did. Thanks Amanda and Presiousrock.Wife's of the world. Sorry about that.

Speaking of baskets

Mr. Obama just about has the nomination in his shopping basket doesn't he? The old wicked witch of the east just will not die gracefully. Soon she will have to admit defeat and go away quietly into the sunset. Her and Bill riding off into the sunset on a jackass. Hopefully never to be heard from again. But I know that's a pipe dream. A reasonable person can hope can't they. Speaking of stinking up the joint... My beloved Yankees are playing like a bunch of losers. Heck I even tried wearing the same Yankee sweatshirt for two days in a row. Nothing seems to be working. We want Joe, We want Joe, We want Joe.

On my job front.

Things are looking up with that. My lawyer says it would be ok for me to take the part time job I'm looking into. It would qualify me for reduced earnings from Workman's Compensation until we went to a hearing to determine the out come of my case I would make a little more money than I have been I'll keep you informed of that.

I missed my Chiropractor appointment on Monday.

It was supposed to be Monday morning at 10:30, so around 3:30 in the afternoon I get a call from my Chiropractor informing me I had missed the appointment.(Can you say embarrassed?)I had forgotten to put it on my calendar of appointments. We rescheduled for today I should go down there and sleep in the car tonight just to be there on time. I hate when that happens. I'm probably the only one that has ever done this. None of you has ever missed a Dr's appt have you?

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Justa in a holding pattern!

Money Fun Fact

It is three times more likely for a person driving 10 miles to purchase a Lotto ticket to be killed in a car accident than to win the jackpot.Source:

Save Money at, now this makes you think doesn't it? The moral to this story is let someone else drive you to the store to buy your ticket. See there is a way around every problem.

I have this scam that I am running that is working pretty good. I just got back from stopping in and talking to Jeff. We were sharing our wit and wisdom so you know it couldn't have been a very long conversation from my perspective anyway. That being said. Before I could escape out the door, Jeff forcibly made me eat a Sausage Patty on the grille. That is three days in a row that I have eaten a meal at Jeff & Amanda's. If I can keep this up for 30 days just think how low I could get our grocery bill down to.:) I told Jeff that for sure

Mike my employment councilor from the workmen's comp carrier sent me over a possible job lead. It was enticing. But I'm already following up this lead on the van driving job. I don't want to get too many coals in the fire. It's hard enough to remember what I had for breakfast let alone what I told this or that person I could or couldn't do. One at a time is how I'm going to approach it. I really like the sounds of this driving job. So I will keep you posted on those developments.

In another minor development the deal on the house we were trying to buy may fall through once again. It is too fresh and still a little uncertain yet to talk about. It has to do with appraisals of like property in the area and us maybe needing to come up with some more money. I'll post on this a little more in the next day or so. So hang on. This is justa nother day in the life of the Justakrusen's. Never a dull moment,

Monday, May 19, 2008

I'm Justa bowled over!

Ok Amanda here is your post on "man bowls" This is my little slice of the counter at home. This bowl is for my wallet, keys, cell phone100_1318, a couple of pens and whatever else I can jam in there.

I've been over to Jeff's and Amanda's house and Jeff has had various bowls of size and color. I'm a rookie in bowl using. Jeff is the expert. I'm holding out for a bigger bowl when we move. Maybe I can even have one with a top on it. Maybe I can even get one for a house warming gift. Hint! Hint!

If you'll humor me I have another picture of Jeff and Justin that Cindy and I were able to capture at Home Depot on Sunday. I think you'll be able to tell which one is Jeff. Notice the cup of coffee. I think maybe it's time to cut back on the100_1310 coffee Officer Slater. The heart burn will burn a hole

in your stomach. This is a picture of the boys with their supplies for yet another project. I think this is for Jeff to finish his decking project. Speaking of Home depot. I have a couple of buddies that are working there in the wood section. We went in there to pick on them. I was going to tell Norm that I wanted him to price me out a 40ft by 40ft deck and hand pick all the pieces. What do you think my chances were of that happening? We were also checking out the John Deere riding mowers as we are going to have a touch over an acre to mow. We are going to wait till the last week or so before we move in to get it.

Momma did an awesome post on our Landscaping adventures. If you have time you gotta check it out. It's one of her better post again. Maybe I ought to just quit blogging and let Momma take over both of the blogs. Hmmmm. Check out her blog post Here.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

We're Justa so proud of the Boy!

100_1247 Cindy already posted on our day yesterday. Just reading about it made me tired again. I'm going to use a couple of pictures of the Graduation but I wanted to start out with this one. We are so proud of Jeff for his accomplishing his goal. The hard way that Jeff took to his dual major. He worked his butt off to work full time at Save A lot and go to school full time. He got his one major of Police Science then decided to pursue another major of Business. He again did this while working full time as an "officer of the law" on the night shift, running a demanding mowing business on the side,while at the same time remodeling the house that him and Amanda live in. There are other things he tossed in there too. Like breakfast with me from time to time,breakfast with other friends time with Justin his best friend and Mowing partner. But always there by his side is Amanda. It's because of and for Amanda that Jeff even went to Graduation. He wanted to just have the school mail him his diploma. Amanda insisted and Jeff agreed to attend. He admitted afterwards that he is glad he did it. Just like I have a Yang in Cindy at home. Jeff has Amanda. But remember guys just like Cindy and I, You guys are now decreed the title of Ying Yang. That's right your just a couple of YingYangs. Congratulation Jeff and Amanda on "Getting it done".

This picture is just before going in to the complex. He doesn't look like he has been tortured to bad. I think Jeff is reflecting on all the hard work he did to get here and he deserved the recognition of his accomplishments.At this point it looks like to me any way that Jeff is already thanking Amanda if not out loud yet, but with this look as if to say(to me anyway) Yeah I'm glad I'm here.100_1245This one I'm using just to have some fun with Jeff. Notice the cup of coffee in his hand. Does this just show that he is a cop or what. We had to stop at Dunkin Donuts on the way to the ceremony to get coffee. But you have to know we didn't get donuts we all had a bagel or a muffin. 100_1290

This last picture and the one I'm going to use to close this post with is one of the ones Cindy was able to get with him leaving. Notice the look. I think he, like those around him,is proud of his accomplishment as he well should be. I'm going to cut the post here as its 2:00 on a Sunday. I get to go back in and cuddle with Momma and get some more sleep.You can get all the info from our day from Momma's site over at her blog at Mrs Justakrusen check it out.