Thursday, June 19, 2008

I'm justa wondering!

Things are starting to look up in my search for a Psych Dr.

It seems one of the benefits I have with my wife's insurance through work is to have someone Manage my case. This should enable me to expedite getting a visit to a Dr. Cindy feels that with one on the nurses at work managing my case they should be able to stay on top of it enough to where I don't get shuffled to the bottom of the stack. We shall see.

On the land front.

They poured the concrete on the pad yesterday. Dan the salesman from G&I just called and said the house was going to be placed on Monday now. So within a week to two weeks after that we could be all moved in. Pictures to follow.

I'm cutting back on my Lithium by one pill

starting tonight. so I will be cutting back from 900 mg a day which is grogging me out quite a bit to 600 mg a day. We will see what this adjustment does. My blood test is on Monday at my regular drs. office. I'm bored to tears all I do is watch T.V. and sleep.

Workmans Comp sent a notice yesterday they want

to bring the case to a close and want to settle. Part of me is nervous about that as I don't know what it will mean money wise. I have been getting $800.00 every two weeks for over a year now. That will be coming to a close I fear. Then I'm going to be left to get a job which I just can't see trying to do with my bipolar acting up.And my limitations on my knee.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

JustaKrusen Together!!

   Here's my Theme Song. I haven't posted it in a while Listen to  it and enjoy!!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I'm justa hanging around, sort of!!

image It's time for me to do another post. As I sit here at the computer I'm not quite sure of what to type. I don't want to talk about the house yet. There are some daily changes going on, somethings that I had to chase down yesterday that I could talk about. I could go into detail how had we not checked the back line of the property against the back line of where the house was going to go was about 3 ft too close that we would have had a major problem. But I don't really want to talk about that now. (We did get the problem fixed thanks to Earl.) He called the Surveyor and they came out and marked the line. We were indeed off by 3 feet. So Earl got his dozer out and essentially moved the pad about 4 feet to the where the back line is now 51ft 9 in away from the back line. We wanted to to move it enough to where it definitely was away from the line. I could have blogged about this some but didn't want to bore you.

I could tell you how Bob from G&I homes is coming out Tuesday (today) and finishing up the sites prep work. He is going to grade a little more, Smooth the site out some than get the site ready for the concrete to be poured possibly on Wednesday. The town code officer has to come out and inspect the site before they pour the cement. This is a good policy as Earl didn't wait on the site that he was preparing for the home he bought from us and went ahead and poured the pad and it didn't meet code. He now has to seek a variance from the town. I could have blogged some about this.

I could tell you that my Bipolar is really cycling fast. Up and down. Mornings are my best time and afternoon and early evenings are my worst.I feel like I'm in this fog that just won't lift. As the day goes on it just gets worse and worse. Some of the side effects are starting to diminish. My body seems to be getting use to the Lithium. The Tingling feeling in my arms and hands is kind of disconcerting. Not having the psych Dr. to call is a little bit of a problem too. I don't know what we are going to do about that. I am scheduled to see the one Dr. from Oswego in August still. I was hoping to see someone before then. I could have blogged some about this.

But in reality this is about all I can manage today. Energy level is low and my Spirit is weaker. I feel like I'm on this Island of negativity. I'm generally a happy go lucky kind of guy. At least I'd like to think I am any way. I just ain't got it in me to dig down and find the color in things around me. It all justa feels kind of gray right now. Check in with a couple of my blogging buddies. They too are going thru some rough times right now. PresciousRock has found the energy to post 51 things that she likes check them out Here. And my buddy Stan has some important things to say about the state of Mental health in this country check out his post waking up with a yawn. I'll try to post again soon.

Monday, June 16, 2008

When it rains it justas pours!!!


It's Sunday evening as I type this post.

My get up and go has got up and went. Jeff & Amanda came by with pizza and wings for Fathers day. They wanted to take us out to dinner but some of my side effects from the Lithium are still kicking in. I don't want to go into detail lets just suffice it to say I was better off sticking around the house.

We did venture out to the land to take

some measurements to be sure some were accurate before they start the site work tomorrow. We're not real sure so I need to get out there in the morning before they get too far along. The back border might be off by a few feet and would require some more site work. We shall see tomorrow.

After getting back from the site Jeff & Amanda image

took us out to Ice Cream to top off the Fathers day festivities. A good time was had by all. I had Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream in a dish with Choc sprinkles. MMMMMMM. good. My daughter Adrianne called to wish me Happy Fathers day while we out. I called her back and we we were able to catch up on some news by phone. We exchanged some information. I didn't want to make it to negative of a conversation ie, I didn't want to whine to much so I cut it short a little. Hopefully we can get together soon to see the new puppy she got and to talk face to face.

I can't believe PreciousRock wants me to stop

whining so much. And Stan the man is offering some cheese with my whine. I'm not happy unless I'm whining. You guys don't want me to be unhappy do you? Actually, I feel like I have quite a few reasons to complain. Everything has been going haywire in my life the last little while. It needs to stop sometime. I'm cutting this post here as I'm sure I can't think of anything nice to say to or about anybody right now.

  Photo 1 copied off of Diane over at Heads Carolina/Tails Califorinia and photo two is from Images on Google Images.