Saturday, January 17, 2009

Your justa sore winner!

image I like this cartoon. I think that guy standing here voted for Obama. I liked you Dumocrats better when you were in the minority. You guys are like Boston Red Sox fans. "You forgot where you came from". The Messiah(Obama) isn't even in office yet and you have him walking on water. I'm willing to give the guy a chance but don't put him on that pedestal just yet. His stimulus package is just smoke and mirrors. What jobs will it really create. Sounds like to me the Union boys in the construction trades will be making out pretty good. (Pay back for the votes) When they get their hands on health care watch out. You have invited the Fox into the hen house. Billary is back, Daschle is back hell the whole set up looks like a Clinton family reunion. Of Course Vince Foster won't be there will he Billary. Some one keep an eye out for some girl named Monica. I guess they could bring her into the administration. She could be in charge of "pubic affairs" I mean "Public affairs" sorry.

Ladies Stan from Is Something not quite right with Stan Claims not to have a "Man Basket" and claims to still be a virgin. It is scientifically impossible to have that combination of things and still be bipolar. Because things that have happened to Stan lately tells me he has really been screwed by the system.(Sorry Stan that counts, Just because you didn't smile while it was happening, doesn't mean anything). Also the security camera we all pitched into buy to keep an eye on Stan, clearly shows a man bowl on his dresser.

Cindy and I went to breakfast with my Buddy Shawn and his wife today. It has become our every Saturday thingy that we do. I had a to die for Greek Omlet. We also got to watch Brandon again to day. I got to feed him. (No Stan I didn't breast feed him) We're getting ready to eat then go get groceries so I'll cut it off here. Precious if you read this I hope your feeling better. Hi Donna and Steve. Oh and hi to you President Elect Obama I know you are reading my blog. Thanks for that.

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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The cat and dog are Justa glad to be home


And you thought you took a lot of medicine

This picture is from Flickr user Chuckumentary. It is the picture of all the medicines that KK Fores from Minnesota has taken for back pain. Apparently he is going to lobby the Minnesota Legislature to legalize Marijuana. I took a toke of Mary Jane back in the early 70's maybe I ought to try it again. Only kidding! So far the only medicine I'm taking for my Psych stuff is Welbutrin.  (I hope I spelled it right Precious, I'm to lazy to get up and look)

I notice My sister is stalking me again.

How is everything going in stump jump country Donna. How is Steve doing? I talked to your Mother and mine the other day. Same conversation, just a different day.


Momma and I just got back from taking the cat(Imus) and dog(Indy) to the vet for their yearly check up. They are both  in great shape. Indy weighed 29lbs and the Iman was 10lbs.They got 2 shots,stool samples and it came to  $130.00 total. Needless to say they were both pretty happy to get home. They get along just like brothers. They even fight.

Tonight is Pot Pie night. Every Wednesday night we have Beef Pot pies and a vegetable of some sort. For some reason I never get tired of Pot Pie night. Do you guys have a special night where you eat a particular food?

Rumor has it that The Lime Green Drama Queen  maybe coming over for a weekend coming up soon. I let you know if that happens. Maybe she will even do a post again.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

justa Blathering

See I knew it would happen! I didn't want to start blogging again. What do you do when you don't have anything to say? That's where I am right now. I don't have anything of any real importance to talk about. I don't feel like whinnying  about politics today. (Believe me I could, After all Billary is on the hill today) Now that is "Change we can believe  in" yeah right. See I'm just not going to go there. For all of you that voted for "Change" what that really meant is, that that is all you will have left when the "chosen one" gets done with you. See there I go again.

I could talk about the weather. It is snowing again outside. 1 to 4 inches tonight possible.

If you get some time and want to watch a lady truck driver drive live go to go to the social network and Look for Mother Trucker. She has her camera on while she is driving it's kind of neat to watch. I usually go on a few times a day and watch. (It reminds me of why I'm glad I'm not on the road anymore). I have a bunch of trucking sites I visit everyday too. I'll put them on my blog roll on the side bar soon.

Momma's home getting dinner ready. She said it was a pretty rough ride home it was the first really "white knuckle" day she's had. The wind is really whipping up out there. A couple of pretty powerful clippers are set up to come across our area the rest of the week.  Precious, if you read this I hope your feeling better soon.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Lets Justa blame George for something else


George Bush and his wife robbed a Valero convenience store Friday night in LIverpool, Ny.

I feel much better now that I got that out of the way. You wacko's out there that have blamed Bush for everything might as well put that one on your list of things that George has done.

There is one thing you can blame George for and that is, because of his inability to frame things properly Barock ( I promise you anything and everything)Osama is now with his band of nit wits in the Congress, getting the chance to really screw things up. And don't even try the " Well Bush was the president when this all happened bull" The Dumocrats have controlled congress for two years. It takes two to tango.

Ok that is it for now with the politics. After all it is Sunday!

We went to our nieces(Gretchen) 21st birthday last night. That was fun. I drank my two cokes(minus the rum I used to add) I don't drink much any more. For one the meds I'm on don't mix with alcohol and the roads were pretty bad last night. Tom and Sherry had some awesome snacks set up. You guys definitely know how to party.

Cindy and I got to be Grandpa and Grandma today. That was fun. The kids keep thinking that they are taking advantage of us when we watch Brandon. We have them fooled we are taking advantage of them! He is starting to giggle now that is way cool. He definitely is a ladies man though. He cry's when I hold him a lot. I wonder if it could be because I'm pinching him so I don't have to hold him any longer. Oop's . That's ok Grand ma doesn't read my blog anyway.