Friday, March 20, 2009

Could it be?


Jesus is coming and boy is he pissed!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Chubby Chubby 2 by 4



Well I made the trip to Rochester today. But before I talk about that, I have to mention my Dr appointment. It had been a month since I had been to see him. The only purpose for this appointment was for him to check my weight. I was expected to lose 6 lbs. Welllllll. Not so much. I gained 2 lbs. So that got me another appointment in 6 weeks. He didn't give me a number but I'm going to try for about 15 or 20 lbs. I told him I watched the Biggest Loser on TV last night,but he said that didn't count. Cindy and I have been talking about joining the YMCA which is only about 5 minutes from our house. So we stopped talking about it and went and signed up as soon as Cindy got home from work toady. All you ladies out walking around through hill and dale and deserts have inspired me.

So in the interest of being held accountable and because I  really don't see a reason not to mention my weight. I am kind of bumming that I let it get this high but I did so here it is. 292 lbs on my house scale. That's the one I'll be weighing myself on,so that's the one I'll use. My goal is to get down to 190 wish me luck. I'm hoping to be able to ride the stationary bike and walk on the treadmill. I won't know if I can do it until I really try. So starting tomorrow... I'm not going to do the I lost 1/4 lb today kind of post. I think I'll update that about once a week. Hold me accountable if I don't mention it.

My trip to Rochester was kind of fun. It was nice to get out of the house and out of town. One and a half hours is about the extent of my range. My hip started bothering me by time I got there. It was kind of weird to be out driving amongst the big trucks. I found my self looking at all of the company names on the doors. Like I've said before I miss it a little but not enough to go over the road again,even if I could.

So I get to Rochester. I know where the hospital is because I used to live in Rochester. I had no trouble getting a parking spot. I have a Handicap parking ticket until 2011 so I was able to park on the same level you come in on. The trip up to my brother in laws room was about 1/2 mile. I'm sure it wasn't that but it sure felt like it. It was way over on the other side of the Hospital that you come in on. They have 750 rooms so it's a pretty big place. I got up to his room and realized I had left the cards I had brought for them in the car. My sister walked back down with me to get them. Then I walked back up with her to the room. Then of course I walked back down to leave. So Precious and Stephany if you read this I got my walk in today. Oh ok, enough whimpering. I'm starting to sound like a woman.{I'll pay for that one} My brother in law was looking pretty good for someone that had his colon taken out on Monday. He didn't need a bag so things are pretty good in that department. They are hoping to be out of there by Saturday. I got a picture of My sister Donna and her husband Steve on the upper right on the side bar. They are  Pennsylvanians so cut them some slack.

Sorry about the bigger print. I had to make it this big so I could make the one with my weight as small as it is. Breaking News. We didn't have Pot Pies tonight. Nope we went out to dinner tonight just for something different on a Wednesday. Pot Pie night has been pushed back to Thursday night. Lol!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Monday, March 16, 2009

M-O-N-D-A-Y Monday


I'm not going to beat Ms.Pelosi up today. I just thought this picture was funny. It's just amazing to me the many perks that our "elected" officials get. Anyhow It's Monday and its going to be a great weather day. I stopped by Workforce New York (which is the New name for unemployment) and got my application and decided to come home and fill it out. It was too crowded and would have taken longer than I had today to sit there and wait to be seen. It seems they had some sort of orientation,and the councilors were way backed up. So I will probably return Tuesday. I don't want to go into a major whine but this is not a good time to be looking for a job. Especially since I have a little moniker of "partially disabled" now. It's so damn frustrating to have limitations. My only limitation before was my willingness to go out and bust my butt do what ever it took to get the job done. I don't like to be told I can't do something. However my body is telling me I can't do a lot.

I went to the Chiropractor today. It has been three weeks since my last visit. I can actually say there has been some improvement both of my legs were the same length anyway. Still pretty sore in the left hip where it gets all the action because of my limp. My next appointment is 3 weeks away.

I talked to my Sister today. Her husband Steve had his stomach surgery. It took six hours when they had estimated it would only take three. That must have been a heck of a wait. She said he's doing ok so far. I'm planning on going out there to Rochester,Ny on Wednesday if every thing is still ok. This post is starting to sound like Dear Abby. I'm going to go out and watch Dancing with The Stars. Am I pathetic or what? {that's a rhetorical question}

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sorry no Whining today!


Stephany over on her blog is a one man{woman} wrecking team against big pharma. She has up close and personal experience and has done a lot of individual research on the subject. She's has a no nonsense approach to delivering the information in an in your face attack on Astra Zeneca. Cindy used to work in a Doctor's office years ago and I still have pens from back then. Cindy worked in a really big practice so every day of the week they had lunch provided. Not just once in a while, every DAY. Check out her blog it will be eye opening.

The Orangemen ran into a buzz saw on Saturday night.

Louisville's defense and depth was just too much for us. They just kept up the relentless pressure and it paid off in the important part of the 2nd half. It didn't help that we missed some key layups either. Well we had a good run and it made for a few late nights now on to the NCAA tourney. We should get a pretty good seed. I don't have any illusions about us winning the title but a final 8 or so would be nice. We shall see.

Today's supposed to be a decent day weather wise for a change. Low 50's not quite like Arizona weather but it's a start. Momma's gone off to church and the heathen that I am is playing on the computer. Cindy wants to start a garden this year so now's about the time to start planting. I think we're just going to do tomato's cucumbers,squash and such. I wanted to plant some wacky tobackie buy she said no. Not for my own consumption mind you. I thought I could market myself as a Pharma company and make some money on the side. I'm just trying to do my part to "grow" the economy.

My Sister Donna is heading up to Rochester,Ny today with her husband to get his colon taken out tomorrow. If you have an in with the man behind the curtain please put a good word in for them as it isn't going to be an easy road to go. Those of you that qualify for the 10 word discount on this post can leave now. The Rest of you that stopped by have a day.