Saturday, December 27, 2008

Mrs Justa and children

Merry Christmas time is a time of wonder, but nothing is as marvelous as the laughter of a child. Here is Brandon in his Christmas vest, white shirt and tie laughing at his dad. 100_2146_editedHe was cooing and chatting in his little baby  sounds and just filling my heart with pleasure. The children are what Christmas is all about.

Next year he will be 1 yr and 4 months, he will probably have the giggles down to a science by then. They will be in their new home by then and  he will have different wonders to experience.

I remember when Jeff was able to absorb the magic of the lights,he was a year and 9 months old, and we decorated a 10 foot tree while he was in bed,Jeffs first Christmas tree the next night when it was dark, we took him into the living room and turned on the lights . The magic filled the room and his face lit up with wonder and the room echoed with his chuckle. 

As Mark and I packed up the decorations yesterday, and I wrapped the ornaments, I witnessed again the different phases of wonder in Jeff's years gone by. 
From the time I was pregnant on Christmas 1981 through the time Jeff was 18, there was a photo ornament I had made up for each year. As I carefully wrapped them and put them away, I realized how precious time is, and love is and our children are.
Live each moment in the wonder of Christmas, and make memories for those you come across. Love, Cindy

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