Saturday, January 19, 2008

Justa Jaguar

A pretty good day today. Just got back from getting groceries and it's starting to snow. We had my 5Th favorite niece aka Drama Queen stay over last night. She also goes by the name of Courtney. She gets some editorial credit for the title, more about that in a minute. Went out to breakfast with the Mayor and his wife every where we go in town he knows people ergo name of Mayor. I can't believe the grief I take from him(See if I vote for you next year) You would think since I'm the only friend he has he would treat me better? We just bought a new(to us) puter. A reconditioned Compaq SR 2163 Compaq. It has Vista already installed and is about 10 times more powerful than our 1998 Compaq Presario 5032 with windows 98. After this post the CFO(Momma) and I are going to try to set it up. So It might be a couple of months before I can post again. lol. Now about the title. We were in our car taking Courtney home talking about the ride we had in Jeff's new to him car, and Courtney said"Is it a Jaguar" We laughed, it's a really nice car but it's a Chevy Impala. Out of the mouth of Babes. Speaking of babes, I talked to my most favorite sister Donna last night(don't tell her she's my only sister) Her poor husband Steve deserves a medal. I think you guys have been married about 50 years or so haven't you? Wish us luck here we go with the new one.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Justa munchin and a crunchin

So we went to lunch today. Jeff thinks I'm the scum of the earth for keeping track of my money and putting it on here.(I put this comment on to make Jeff mad, don't tell him when you read this Amanda. I put it in Red so he couldn't see it.) We went to the Super King buffet and I did some major piggginngg out. If you leave there hungry it's your fault. 3 of us ate for $24.68 plus a $4.00 tip. We've been spending some major coin eating out if you've been following along. I didn't go to my massage today Montezumas revenge hit me, enough said. I'm iching to get a new computer as this one is like using an abacus. I knowwww I knooooo if we would stop eating out we could get one. (calling all rich relatives)

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Justa wishful thinking

Going out to eat again. Yep that seems to be a theme. Thursday momma, Jeff and I are going out to lunch then Saturday were going out with Shawn and Pat. For close up view of Shawn see picture on Jan 12Th posting.(See Shawn, I don't get mad...). We heard the recession is coming so we want to stave it off. We'll start stopping(can you do that?) eating out Sunday. Yeah sure on my way to the gym right? I added a new link in my blogs to read "Life on the Road" . a great site if your thinking of getting into trucking, or already in it and need a source for lots of info. There are times where I miss being on the road you can't help it after 34 years but it only last for a few seconds. I enjoy reading about others experiences now. Both Cindy and I spent no money today. Kind of burnt out this afternoon, I think I need a break. Maybe Florida or something like that. Maybe one of my kids will read this and send us to the sunny south for Christmas next year. (Holds breath).

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Justa Dinner Out

I lied I did spend something today. It happened tonight when Cindy got home. I, Me, ole cheapo, tightwad extraordinaire suggested we go out to eat tonight. Momma didn't fight it to hard so we went out. We had a $25.00 gift card and a $4.00 off coupon for Red Lobster the bill came to $27.27. No charge there not bad. I tipped the girl the remaining on the card and $4.00 cash out of my pocket. It was an awesome meal. I had glazed Salmon, Rice Pilaf, Broccoli, and water. Cindy had Cajun chicken Alfredo. By the way the rolls are the best I've had anywhere. After that we went to Wegman's and bought stuff for tomorrows dinner in the Crock pot. Herb Chicken and Veggies over rice. mmmmm Total spent there was $9.18. So I know that once we start putting the budget on here things like this will jump out at us.

Justa Trip to the Post office

I did it. I did it. (no I didn't go to the gym or pool) I left the house with my trusty sidekick Indy. We went to the post office it had been a couple of days didn't want all those political adds to fill up the box. On the way back Indy wanted me to stop at Dunkin Donuts really he did. I had to explain to him my goal of not spending any money, He took it well although I think he really wanted to go see if Rachel Ray was there. I've been doing the computer thing a majing thing all day again. I was going to say I have to get a life. But I have one this is it. Been spending some time reading that Greg Norman book. At first I was put off by how self serving it all seemed. I still am. But the Man does know how to promote his self . Maybe I'm just jealous. So my total spent today is $0.00. I'm going to make up for it Friday . Momma,Son Jeff and I are going out to lunch on Friday. See I told you we liked to eat out. It's been a while since we all went out to lunch so it will be nice.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Justa another day in paradise

I haven't done much of any thing today read a bunch of neat blogs, got some good ideas. I continue to work on this thing tweaking etc. I'm not ready to reach out to much to the blogeshphere as I don't feel like I'm ready yet. So I have to understand that my comments won't star coming in till I start doing that. I was going to try for the gym or pool today. It was snowing and cold when I got up today so that's my excuse not to. I know lousy excuse but it's mine. Just think I won't be spending any money today. I've been spending way to much time on the puter so I'm going to cut back some today. Going to spend some time reading on the 2 books I'm reading. See bottom of page. I spent $0.00 today. Guess that happens when you don't leave the house. Update: Momma spent $26.75 today bad momma, bad momma. Just kidding she took someone from work out to lunch, got a couple of French vanilla creamers for work on the way in that's good karma kind of stuff. In the long run I think we will see I waste far more than Cindy.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Justa Rambling on

Went to my 10th massage therapy today. It is helping some but not as much as I had hoped. I'm going to have to start going to the gym and pool again.(maybe tomorrow) I'm going to start keeping track of what I spend everyday. Today $0.00 good start. I'm trying to come up with a budget that I'll be posting soon. Momma just told me she spent the same as me today so good start huh? You'll be glad to know I've decided to let the duck off with just a warning. So any how. Enough about me. Let's talk about you. What do you think of me? I know that's an old one.

Justa a little request

Photobucket I don't think this an unreasonable request do you. I've been forced into this because of the lack thereof. I really am a reasonable person. Just ask the last 5 jobs I was fired at realllly!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Justa Another Sunday

I'm starting to get a feel for where I want to go with JustaKrusen. No where! That's right no where. I'm going to get on this o puter and just start rambling...... I feel better already. Cindy(momma) and I just got back from the dog park. We took Indy(Indiana Jones) dog 1 each. He did pretty good for his first time. He ran himself so hard there that he just threw up when he got home. I hate when that happens. Momma made me an eggslent omelet for breakfast today a lot cheaper than yesterday. Better too. Dinner is in the crock pot. I love crock pot meals. Some kind of roast beef or so. I was listening to the Syracuse basketball game but they're getting killed. We watched Chuck & Larry last night. It was pretty funny not a top ten or anything. Hey check out They have a few around town here, we went to P&C in Baldwinsville. It only cost a buck a night. That is'nt to bad for a dvd rental. If your in the mood you have to check out - personal blog of christian writer Katy McKenna Raymond in Kansas City, Missouri