Friday, November 7, 2008

Mrs Justa and the dentist

Can ya tell where I was last week. Yep the dentist. Another pondering moment in my mind, why would anyone want to be a dentist? Drool, bad breath, tartar, little tiny tools,image little miniature drills and sanders, drool, looking at tongues, lips, nose hair. Now don't get me wrong, I am glad there are dentists, thankful they have this passion     but why...what would inspire someone to want to look in maybe 30 mouths a day.  image

And how do they understand people speaking open mouth lingo?   Did you ever have your mouth pried open and the dentist or dental hygienist asks you where you work? Or the dentist is drilling and wants to know how the weather was on your way in? You try to talk without moving your lips, jaws or tongue, and they understand your explanation. Ugg uggg uggg ugg.. and they nod at you , like understand you fluently.

Then when they clamp that piece of metal around a tooth they are filling, have you ever had them tighten the screw of the clamp and not realize a part of your lip in in the way. Youch!

Or when they have to give you Novocain just under your nose- man the eyes start watering, and it feels like it takes forever. And where do you look as your dentist is 4 inches from your eyes. I hate breathing with him that close, I try to look beyond his face at the ceiling tiles, I don't want to stare in his eyes, that is totally weird. And they must be thinking the same thing when they are close enough to bite my nose . I refuse to let my mouth fill with saliva, cuz most of the time the suckey thing is sucking the inside of my cheek and making little hickies in it. SO I swallow, trying to leave my tongue in place, ahhh, the life at the dentist is not fun.

Have you ever had a dentist that sweats profusely as he is looking down on you? Oh I did when I was a teen, and every once in a while he would have a droplet hit my face.

Nope- I am not understanding if a dentist is born with that thought, like from the moment they are conceived they know they want to be a dentist. Or when was it they decided it was what they wanted to do? Hmmm. I have to go back next month, already dreading it. And again as I sit there, talking open mouth lingo, I will wonder what made these folks want to do this job, and when they are through I will thank them. For they are special people to want to do this job.  Love Mrs justa ( photos courtesy of google image)

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Mrs Justa and the first day at a new job

Okay, so here I go again with my mind pondering. I was reflecting on my 45 minute ride home today about jobs I have had. And orientation for them. The feeling the night before I was starting a new job. The feeling that very first time I walked into that new job. image And training for my new job. Some jobs the training was pretty quick, working at Carol's Restaurant, at Pizio's Italian Restaurant. That training was pretty quick.

Working in photo finishing, that was much more involved and lasted for a few weeks. Nursing, wow that was 2 1/2 yrs of school, and clinicals on the various types of medical floors, but that first day as a new graduate nurse, walking onto that med surg floor, wow, that was scary, and I had an orientor...somewhere. That first day we had call-ins- so the utopian moment in my mind of starting with 2 patients and learning how to manage the days, gradually increasing in the patient load--well I ended up with 9 patients! And my orientor had the next nine. I call it baptism by fire.

Where I am now, we gradually train people, make sure they feel comfortable as they learn new things and they have an orientor for 3 mos. After that they have a team of nurses always available to answer questions, trouble shoot.

Now comes my pondering-- imagine you are at the new job as President of the USA. There is no one shadowing you, guiding you, one day you are not and the next day you are.

Barack got briefed today... man I think I would want more then a briefing. Tomorrow he gets a tour of the White House by President Bush. Not for nothing, but that must be surreal, scary, to know all the secrets of the world, and be told ..."no one knows this but a few people". Who is your orientor? The president packs up and leaves when he is through. I am feeling scared for Barack ! I have butterflies in my stomach, just thinking about how it would feel that night before taking the baton, and then the first day you would walk into the oval office, and be all alone. Yikes... who in their right mind would want to go through 2 1/2 yrs of accusations, of nasty comments, and then poof,,,, alone in that big white house, with millions of people under you.  And watching the guy who was just in this job, walk out of that big white house and go into the sunset.

I am freaking myself out. think about it.... all I can say better them then me!. Love Mrs Justa

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Mrs Justa and new beginnings


All people sick of the way things are- raise your hand. Hold that hand high and say we need a change. Tired of the high taxes, the high fuel costs, the companies leaving the US of A and discarding their devoted employees like used tissues. Hold up that hand and show your desire for better days ahead, for not fearing the utility bill, not feeling used when you go to the store.

And then look at where we are. We are at another one of those "new beginning" times in our lives. A new time in history. The first black president.Not who got my vote, but it is over and we have to come together and rally as a country.  He is a very intelligent person, His college education speaks for itself. He has nice teeth, a warm smile. And I think the dude will age a bit in the ol oval office. You gotta be nuts to want to be president! Look at all the crap they have to deal with.  

I hate dealing with politics of every day life in the very small level I deal with. Can you imagine having to deal with senators, congress folks, all those secret service folks watching every move you make.

You can't sneeze without a bunch of secret service offering you a tissue. And what about if you have one of those annoying itches- you have no where to go to scratch it. DO they stand outside your bathroom door waiting for you to come out?

I wonder if they tell you what to wear? How to eat? Nope, I will take the day to day politics of driving from point A to point B, the people in the store, or the folks I run across. Low key, few disruptions, and time to belt out songs in my car ALONE on my way to and from work. More power to you, Mr President. Love Mrs Justa.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Mrs Justa and anger

"Anyone who angers you conquers your mind" (Mothers advice to Sister Elizabeth Kenny) Whoa, that is something I am pondering.

My mind has been conquered a few times in my life. And it was hard to get it back on course. I saw this photo on goggle images and it really fits what I feel from this quote.


I have had people in my life, that have really weakened me to feel anger. Feel such anger that I may think a four letter word or two. Anger that has made me curse out loud, or scream to the point of choking.

Anger that has made me feel all trembling inside , and my hands are actually shaking. But I never looked at it as conquering my mind, but it does. It takes me to places I do not like to be in my world of emotions.

I do not get angry very often now, although I have had instances where a person is just down right nasty and cruel to me, and I feel the anger inside, I keep it there, and sometimes it feels like my head will explode.

When I was younger, so many years ago, I showed my anger, I would grit my teeth together so hard I would think they would crack, or I would actually pull out a clump of my own hair ( what sense does that make?? I should have pulled the other person's hair out!) I have wanted to chase that jerk who cut me off down the highway, but I don't. Yes anger, if we let it can conquer our who being. So now it is time to deep breathe, ahhh, count to ten, ahh, and proceed in a harmonious manner in life. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. Love Mrs Justa

Monday, November 3, 2008

Mrs Justa and missing my mom and dad

Whoa November 3rd is a date of many emotions. In 1963 my father died, the same second my youngest sister was born. So she brought us joy in a time of terrible loss. I was ten at the time, I had just turned ten on October 19th. El Capitan It was on my 10th birthday that my dad had stayed home from his traveling salesman job and went to a doctor, thinking he had the flu. I went to school, kinda glad that dad was sick, cuz that meant he would be home for my birthday, instead of traveling for many days and nights.

Well, when I came home, he was not there, he had been admitted to a hospital because the "flu" was really a heart attack. My mom was very pregnant, and she had all 5 of us home alone with her. We spent the next 2 + weeks traveling to the hospital so she could visit and we hung out in a waiting room lobby area on the first floor.

Well November 2nd came and we got to see him. He was coming home the next morning. We laughed, we were thrilled. But at 1100 that night my mom went into labor, my oldest sister came home from nursing school to watch us as a neighbor rushed my mom to the hospital.

The next morning, a phone call, and we found out our dad was not coming home, he had died. Then we called the hospital my mom was at, and told them to relay the message that her husband had died, it was then we found out we had a sister .

35 years later in life, to the day, my mom was in Germany visiting people she had never meant before. People she found to have ties to her roots. My mo was an illegitimate child from 1921, and finally found a possible connection to the past she never knew. November third, the phone rings at around 5:30 in the morning. It was weird, like maybe it was mom saying hello on this day of joy and sadness. But instead it was a call to say my mom had died , November 3rd, in her sleep , in Germany, at the home of the relative she never knew she had until then. A perfect circle, a perfect ending to an unusual story. I miss you mom, so very much... I miss you dad more then you will ever know.. and I love you sis on this special day. Love to all, Cindy

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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Mrs Justa and The hour glass

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Have you ever been doing something that had to be completed before the hour glass was done emptying? Did you ever play a game using an hour glass? As the sand is almost gone, the nerves increase.

Like in the Wizard of Oz when there was the huge hour glass imagein the wicked witches creepy room.

I had a game once that used an hour glass, and I had to get all the pieces in the puzzle before the hour glass finished. The anxiousness of running out of time made me feel anxious, shaky.

Well that is how I feel as election day is finally less then 48 hrs away. At this time in 2 days we will be getting to the end of our chances to vote.

I am nervous that people are not going to vote--PLEASE vote.

I am anxious that people have not really looked at the candidates.

I personally am not going to vote for a party, but for the people running. The sand is slowly going from one end to the other of the hour glass, and the weather - at least in the Northeast look like it will be great for Tuesday.

So please everyone, lets make sure nothing gets in our way. Do not become apathetic. And vote for the person who you truly believe has a track record of doing things for this country and for the person you believe will help this country become stronger and more financially secure. Peace, and faith to all of you. CIndy