Friday, July 17, 2009

You wondering what I've been up to?

image  On 6/11 I had played 739 games I was at 33% of the games won. Now a little over a month later I'm up to 38%. And I've played 2218 games. Aren't I really making something of myself? Are there any hiring managers reading this that need a professional Hearts player?

Some news. My Daughter Adrianne is 10 weeks out from her due date and is in the hospital with some complications. She has Preeclampsia. Her blood pressure is elevated. They have for sure taken her out of work, which bums her out. And for sure she will be on total bed rest, Either in the hospital or at home. She is in the hospital that she works at as a nurse and they have a very good Neo Natal department. There hoping to get here to go as long as possible before they have to take the baby.

Our niece Grecthen graduates from Naval basic training this weekend. The next phase of her training takes her down to Florida. Her dad and Sherri went out to Chicago for the Graduation.

That's about it. My leg still bothers me and so does my back. I thought I was going into a Manic stage but the last couple of days I've been really down so I guess it was a false alarm. I sure felt good for a couple of days though.

My buddy Shawn just had his first of two hip replacement surgeries. He couldn't go to breakfast last Saturday, but he is returning to fray tomorrow morning. He's getting around better on his crutches .

My sister Donna must have me on ignore. I haven't heard from her in forever. I assume she's still alive. Well back to the hearts game.