Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Mrs Justa and the farmer

As I drive back and forth to work, I go by many farms. 100_1754 I find myself consumed with the admiration for the farmer. They work hard all day long, toil in the farms and in the fields. They do this for everyone. They are not prejudice in who gets their crops, they are not selfish about the time they give to their profession.

These folks are not wealthy in the stock market wealth, but they are wealthy with life. Taking the Godly gift of the land, and taking their precious moments of the short lives we have on earth and devoting them to the world.

The few farmers I have known in my life follow this lifestyle. Farmers are down to earth people, they are practical, they know how to stretch a dollar. Their kids are respectful. They do not go for the modern fashions, they appreciate what they have.

I do admire them and their families, for as I am going to work , they are already out working the farm, and when I come home at night, they have gone inside to spend the evening with their families.

What a gracious appreciation of life. Thanks to all, love Mrs Justa

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