Saturday, January 26, 2008

Just-a-lazy Saturday

Today has been an okay day- this is the guest blogger "momma" here. We went to breakfast this morning at a small restaurant in Phoenix. We like going to the mom and pop type places instead of the massive cookie cutter chain places.America was founded and made by mom and pop businesses,and Mc Donalds. Speaking of Mc Donalds- it brings back a warm memory. There was a time when my mom would take all 6 of us kids( ages 2 to 13) to a night out treat. We would all pile in her 1959 chevy grey station wagon and go to Mc Donalds. For less the 50 cents each , we got fries , a hamburger and a soda, and a bundle of memories that would last for years. We would lower the station wagon hatch in the back, and squeeze our 6 butts on the tailgate, awaiting the bag full of warm food. We would laugh, smile and thought we were pretty special to go out for that Friday night treat. It was two years after my dad had died,and mom was trying to give us some special times when she could.She was a stay at home mom until he died, then she was determined to become a teacher, so she went to SU and studied hard and fast. She would stay at the library to study between classes, and study at home too. We knew we had to do the best we could to help her around the house. These Friday night treats were a time the world as we knew it stopped- we were all together, shooing bugs from our faces, sharing each others company. As I look at life now, it seems we are all traveling around doing stuff... then too pooped at night to enjoy each other. My Saturday morning breakfast out with my husband, well that is a time, just like those Friday nights from long ago, when the world stops, the treadmill of life goes at a snails pace, and it is just us, at a moment of time, talking, reflecting and recharging. We all need these moments, life comes at us fast, and passes faster. Until later, the guest blogger.. momma is off..over and out :)

Friday, January 25, 2008

Justa another wa wa !

Well I got in trouble. Yep I know it’s hard to believe! Momma basically told me to kiss her fanny. Not in so many words, but she told me where her fanny was and pointed to my lips. It appears that she is going to leave for work when ever she wants to as she just left an it’s 6:15am. (Not only that but she hasn’t bought a lotto ticket yet. Today was my last massage. I believe I’m going to be starting to see the chiropractor next Friday, it appears I’m slated to see every practitioner type in the city. On a note from yesterdays post, The average commute time in Syracuse area is 17 minutes. So that means momma has to move out because she works too far away from the city.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Im Justa Saying

Momma and I were commiserating (No Donna that has nothing to do with the nasty!) this morning at the breakfast table. Our conversation centered around commuting times: Me"You leave to early for work,it's only a 25 minute trip" Her:"It depends on traffic the best time is to leave before everyone else a few minutes makes a big difference."This prompted me to go to the WWW for some intellectual gymnastics.I promise not to hurt my self! I found this article about a group of people who have formed a group that travel quite a ways to work,Bus Buddies are part of the fastest-growing group of work travelers in the country, people who rarely see their houses in daylight, leave home when their kids are still asleep, and mainline Red Bull just to stay awake. They're known as extreme commuters. They spend at least a month of their lives each year traveling a minimum of an hour-and-a-half to work and back, vs. the U.S. average of 50 minutes. Their ranks have jumped an astounding 95% since 1990, according to the Census Bureau, accounting for 3.4 million workers Source Business week Feb 21, 2005 Actually Cindy isn't an extreme commuter in every since of the word but in my opinion she is a EXTREMEleyer worker than she has to be. In that using a simple calculation 45min(her time of commute)x 5days per week x 50 weeks = 7 hours a week that she is driving back and forth to work, MOMMA,that's a whole day of work your spending driving back and forth to work. I propose a later leave time of only 15 minutes witch (I'll leave the math out) means you can spend more time with your honies (me) of 21/2 hrs per week. This was a long drawn out way of saying "Hurry up and win the lotto."

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Justa Babbling

I had a post all written up and lost it somewhere. I'm dangerous with this keyboard and mouse, I'm lucky you don't need a license for this. By the way. For $20,000 I just might streak in front of National TV heck nobody knows me. especially with my clothes off. That post that momma put on last night. Just ignore that, you don't really believe I would be that dumb do you? Don't answer that Tom! It appears that there is indeed a little switchamathing on the left side of one of them. I had found the volume but... Don't forget to check out some of the other blogs I'm reading on the left sidebar there's some pretty good ones there. I was going to say something about trucking today,but I just can't think of anything nice to say so I won't say it at all. The one thing I can say is that I am definitely glad to be off the road, however the future is so up in the air that it's interesting to say the least. "The world is my Oyster" So watch out Red Lobster.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Justa Momma Speaks

momma came home... the switch was off on the speakers. "Papa" said what happens in the office, stays in the office... I am in the office, so that is not breaking the pact. He had the speakers turned off... alas. no sound. Now "momma" is going to cut up some fresh baked "Friendship Bread" to bring to my place of employ. Good bye for now..momma "fix-it" no momma turn the on -off switch :) Cindy

Justa an Awesome day! Not

The Simple Dollar » Building a Better Blog for 2007: Essential Reading I'm just starting to read this material. I should have read this before I even started. Trent is a very good blogger and always has great content on his blog. I'm still wandering around with this thing(The Blog) There are so many awesome blogs out there, it's kind of intimidating. Took the tower into the computer repair guru. Dropped it off, he said he would call when it was done. Went to lunch with momma (I know, I know) . On way back home from there guru guy called. "You're sound is fixed come and get it." I'm sure I heard him right because when I got there the tower was ready to go. However, when I got it home, hooked it up,and started it back up. It didn't work. Urghhhhhhhhh!!! I may have hooked it back up wrong.(I have been known to make a mistake or two or three or...more in my day). So I am waiting for momma aka Mrs.fix it to return to her castle from her place of employ to save the day. More on that later. Notice I haven't been mentioning $ lately? I decided since I wasn't a financial type person and because I wasn't going to change anyway, why embarasssss my self with my money Fau Paus? As to an area of expertise that I may have. I used to be a pretty good truck driver, IE, I made my appts on time, didn't tear up the equipment to bad(there were some boo boo's) , and didn't make to many of the receiving clerks to mad at me that after 34 years I must have some expertise in that, or so you would think!! Sooooo, I'm going to write about that some. Starting tommorow I'll be covering some interesting tidbits I have collected as it relates to trucking.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Im Justa Asking

Not much going on today. The sound isn't working on the computer. I called the guy at the computer store told him I didn't think the sound card was installed, so I get to bring it in tomorrow for check up. Why don't things work the way they're supposed to when you bring them home? I'm just asking. Why did New Yorkers vote in Billary? I'm just asking. Why did the Yankees not keep Joe Torre? I'm just asking. Why won't any body comment on this blog. I'm just asking. Went to my massage today. I have one more left two at the most. I think she's going to ask Workman's comp if I can have a few more sessions we shall see. I get to go to a birthday party today Danielle is ?yrs old. I can't even keep track of my age I sure ain't going to be able to keep track of nieces and nephews (That is one of mommas jobs) To my sister Donna. If you don't put a comment up on this blog I'm going to start talking about you. Now back to regular programming. . Why do we say they all the time when we are trying to get something?IE They said, but they get to, they want me to. Who are these they people? I'm just asking. By the way they say that by the year 2040 something that Social Security will run out of money. There they go again. You people are going to be in trouble when I learn how to hyperlink. I'll actually be able to link to some of the things that they say.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Justa trip to Wallyworld

It's a miracle! It's a miracle! We're up and running. Tom(Brother in law 1each) and Sherri(Sister in law 1each) Brought over a right in my price range(free) computer desk this morning. We decided to keep the old computer and try to hook it up to the Internet so that Cindy and I could work at the same time if we needed to. So last night Cindy and I went to Wally World and bought what we thought was the stuff. Tom and Sherri came over with the desk this morning,(How bout that free desk and free delivery too.) We, meaning Tom, Ran the wires and put this with that and ran those with this. Long story short. It didn't work the way it was supposed to. It seems we had bought a doodad, when in fact we needed a whatchamacallit. Do you see the problemmmm? Momma made an excellent Lu dinner and after Tom and Sherri left we went back to Walmart and exchanged for the whatchamacallit. Came home hooked it up and alas, here we are up and running which is way cool because I'm typing this up and Cindy is behind checking out what she needs to. If you read this Thomas "Thanks again for everything" We got about 5" of Snow last night.Just north of us in Fulton they got over 2'. Gotta love that lake effect.