Sunday, December 28, 2008

Mrs Justa and Squeaky

squeaky and the paper

Meet Squeaky

, she was a cat we had that was , I swear , my grandmother reincarnated. She was part cat part human. She would jump up on the bar stool and sit on it like a person, and look at the paper, my coffee, whatever was there. She did not make a mess, she just was like she was better then just a cat.

I bring her up as I am thinking about how we perceive people

and things to be. I think we are sometimes guilty of not taking the time to really meet the living souls of the people or things we are around.

Many probably looked a Squeaky in a quick glance and only saw a cat, but there was so much more.

She would wash each morsel of her food before she ate it.

  She would squeak as she jumped, and she would do this thing in flight that was so funny. If the dog was napping, and she wanted his attention, she would bound back and forth in mid air, as if she was a person, head up, back legs down, and as she boinged back and forth she would glance at the dog to see if she was annoying him. She loved women and girls. She had a fascination for my earrings and necklaces. She was more then a cat.

Who or what are you accustomed to seeing,

and you look at them as; only a poor person, or a disabled person, or just that person next door, or just a dog, just a cat, just a person at work, just a cashier, etc.. The person holding the cardboard sign on the street corner has a history, a personality, and could be me or you. Each living being is on this earth for a reason. We are blessed with a gift of life. We are blessed with the freedom of choice, and unfortunately some living beings makes poor choices, and commit crimes, or choose to act in ways that are not as if they are blessed. But , I believe, each living being is here for a reason.

So as each day is lived, I believe we all need to look for beyond the surface of those we come across, and remember that we all have personalities, feelings, memories, hurt, joys.

Squeaky, I miss you

, cancer took you after 9 short years of life, but I am forever grateful for the times I was home recovering from a few surgeries, because of those times, I got to know you more then just being a cat. The recovery time, was not a curse, but a blessing, because it made me aware that I was too busy to take the time to really get to know those people and pets in my life. Bless you all, Mrs Justa.

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