Saturday, June 20, 2009

Justa little update.

I've played well over 1000 games of hearts the last two weeks. I think it's to the obsession level. What do you think? We're getting hit by rain pretty good right now. We had a little open window yesterday where it didn't rain so we mowed the yard. I'm glad we did even though it was a day or so before it needed it, it's going to rain for the next two days pretty hard and the grass would be to deep if we waited. Not much different going on. I'm starting to write a journal of my thoughts and feelings on a daily basis on a word document. My social worker Len says it's necessary for a Disability filing so we shall see how that goes.

039 Here's a picture of Grandma Cindy with Brandon reading to her. Not bad at 8 months old huh?  We get to go over to Brandon's house  for dinner tomorrow for Fathers day. We stopped by for a few minutes today. It had been two weeks since we had seen him. He has learned a lot in two weeks. They grow so fast.

I got my 97 Dodge Intrepid inspected today. Nothing wrong at all. That's the first time in 2 or 3 years that it didn't cost us big bucks. The cars got 138,000 and really doesn't owe me anything. In a week and a half Cindy and I are going camping in a cabin at Alleghany State park in Southwest New York State for her family reunion on the fourth of July.

I'm sure I'm leaving things out. Just wanted to say hey. I notice  some of you guys stop by all the time. Thanks for stopping by. We'll be in touch.