Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Mrs Justa and home

Charles Lindbergh once said" City and country are different qualities of human life, and each is essential to it. But they are like sugar and salt, not to be taken together in the same spoon. You should go from one to the other....and maybe even change your clothes along the way." I love the country life, I work in the outskirts of the city. 100_1869

Some people love the city life and may find nothing attractive about the county. To me, the country is quiet. If we hear a plane going overhead, it is a cause for concern. We never hear a train whistle, and every once in a while maybe a siren will go by on the county route we live just off of.

I can go out at night and see stars from one horizon to the other. We can watch the sun rise out of one end of the house and the sun set out of the other end of the house. It may sound weird, but I feel the presence of Gods being in the country. It opens up the gifts the world has to offer. The wind, the trees, the breeze, the colors of the sky.

There is no music pounding from a distance, unless it is a car going by. There is no constant noise, or hustle. I can sing karaoke at any hour of the day or night. Vacuum when we want to - not to worry about the neighbors being disturbed.

And then five days a week, I take the journey from the fields and openness to the life of a city. It is not a huge city, so it comes no where near to the tails of trucking from Mark's past. He drove anywhere they dispatched him, image

with lanes next to lanes of bumper to bumper traffic. I can not do that. If there is a chance for bad driving conditions you can find me on a country road, holding the wheel and watching the landmarks to get me to work or home.

The older I get, the more I love the home life. Sitting in the evening and spending it home, watching a little TV, maybe sewing something , or doing a crossword or a word search. Hopping on the exercise bike, cooking, cleaning. I love being home.

There is a peace that I hunger for, and we have it here. Others I know hunger for the closeness of the city. A very good friend of mine came out here over the summer and made a comment that she would probably not be back unless she took a wrong turn. She was born and raised in the  city, so this is like a road trip to come out here. 

We need people who like the cities, to help keep the cities going. But me, give me a park bench 100_1706 and a cup of iced tea, a camp fire, maybe a early evening cup of coffee as I watch the world go from colors to silhouettes to shadows and  I am a happy camper. I hope that each of you live in a place you love, for home is where we are grounded, where we can take off the masks and be ourselves, where a pair of sweats may be the best feeling of the day, where you can be you. Peace to all, Love Mrs Justa

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preciousrock said...

I live in the city, but would much rather be in the country!! I love the peace and quiet and the scenery.

Mark Krusen said...

Precious, That is cool you prefer country living. My preference exactly! Some people thrive on the big city life, me... I prefer less crowds and more fields. Love Cindy