Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Mrs Justa and we only live once

Isabell Moore once wrote, " Life is a one way street. No matter how many detours we take , none of them lead back. Once we know and accept that, then life becomes much simpler. Because then we know we must do the best we can with what we have and what we are and what we have become. "100_1872

I can remember my mom always saying to me that a scratch gets better and is easily forgotten, but words do not ever leave the persons mind and heart. If words are said in anger or jealously, the moment may be gone, but the words stay to keep the ugliness fresh.

Once we say or do something, we can not retract it. We give up ownership of a word or action once it leaves us. 

We can't go back. Have you ever tried to go back to a place, or a part of your life, and only find out you can not.

So my thought for today is to remember that this moment is gone, and the next is in your control. The thought in your mind is yours , until you speak it or write it, then it is gone, no longer yours only. Your life is limited, there are only x number of days you are on this earth. How are you going to spend them? When footprints in the sand do you want to be remembered by?   Tick, tick , tick... seconds of your life are gone, never to come back, make the best of the next ones.

Love Mrs Justa

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