Friday, November 21, 2008

Mrs Justa and "Help Wanted"

It is scary out in the employment world,

with every night hearing news on lay offs and companies going down. image Work is out there, but we have to accept what is available and not shun away an offer.

Today we had an opening

for a temporary position for our clerical support team. Normally we hear in about 2-3 days that the agency has a fit. Today we heard in less then 4 hrs. That spoke volumes to me.

As I have said before I do love my job,

and I am thankful that I have a job first of all, and secondly that I like the one I have. I did leave a tad early today because of a migraine and this funky thing going on with my right eye is not helping settle the headache. I did get to work this morning pretty early, and when I came home I was able to go back on line and do some work from here, so all was not lost for the day.

My thought for the day has to do with people looking for work.

The interview process is not a comfortable situation for me. I try not to show that I feel like I am begging for a job. In my past 38 years of working, I have gone on interviews and been the interviewer a number of times. So today my thoughts are some tips for when anyone goes on an interview .

First, listen to the interviewer,

and answer questions openly after the interviewer has stopped asking/talking. I have had some people, over the years , come in for an interview and talk over everything that is being said. That tells me 2 things, first they do not hear everything if they have already thought of something to say. And second, if they do this in an interview, how will it be to try to train a person.

Second, arrive a little early for your interview.

There may be an application you need to fill out. I had a person once reprimand me because they had to fill out an application. Oh yeah, I would advise not saying you want to come and work for the company because you want a job where you can kick back your feet and relax , that too is not a selling point.

Attire, no low cut tops,

cleavage needs to be covered.  I have in the past a few woman who have come in who I thought might have their breast end up on the table. Totally not acceptable in my book. My thought was if this is how the person is going to dress for an interview, what will it be like once they are comfortable. I could not help but wonder if they did this thinking a male might be conducting the interview. Conservative and casual business wear is best.

Ask questions,

do not just sit and nod and then leave. Make eye contact with the interviewer, the interviewer is taking time out of their day to meet with you. When you talk, talk to the interviewer and not to some spot on the wall, and if there is a window, do not be looking out it as the interviewer/s are talking to you.If the company has a web site, go on it in advance and learn something about them. That shows you have interest in your future and in the company you are applying at. And after, send a thank you to the company for taking the time to meet with you, ( if of course you are thankful for the interview). Good luck, Love, Mrs Justa.( image courtesy of google image)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Mrs Justa and being thankful

Have you ever taken time to think what really makes you happy? What brings you such joy? There are certain things that bring Indi joy, a joy that is endless,such as hanging his face out the window of the car as we go down the road.

Now this makes no sense to me, because I can blow in his face and he hates it, 100_1907_edited

but gusts of 55 mph in his face and he is in hog's heaven. He does not beg to go with us, but always appreciates the chance.

100_1965 His tennis ball, now this brings him pleasure to no end, he will ask for it thrown, will chase it and then lay contently with it touching his nose, so no one steals it.

Things that bring me joy: Laughter, the kind that makes my eyes water and me almost gasp my breath: Babies,the smell of a baby, the warmth of their existence, the cuddling and their need for comfort: Music makes me fill with joy, it fills me with content: A good book, ahh, not enough of them are read, but when I get my hands on one, ahh it is ecstasy: taking a walk; exercising : A good friend. If you have a really good friend, you have more wealth than money can buy: Doing things for others : Knowing that my son loves me: having a husband that cherishes and loves me: knowing our kids are in good marriages: knowing the kids and their spouses love Mark and me: Feeling God's presence: Lilacs : Payday ! : Loosing weight: Singing : 100_1969

Cooking something that turns out perfect:  Mowing a yard: Cleaning our house:

Shoveling snow: a campfire: camping: sitting at the ocean or walking the beach: being on a mountain top: the love from a pet: going to my job; sitting on the park bench and just chilling.... Yep I am weird, but these things- and so many more - bring me such joy.

I do not stop enough to count my blessings, to treasure the things I find joy from. Do you? Take time to be thankful for what you have and look for those things that make you whole. Love always, Mrs Justa.... Cindy

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Mrs Justa and home

Charles Lindbergh once said" City and country are different qualities of human life, and each is essential to it. But they are like sugar and salt, not to be taken together in the same spoon. You should go from one to the other....and maybe even change your clothes along the way." I love the country life, I work in the outskirts of the city. 100_1869

Some people love the city life and may find nothing attractive about the county. To me, the country is quiet. If we hear a plane going overhead, it is a cause for concern. We never hear a train whistle, and every once in a while maybe a siren will go by on the county route we live just off of.

I can go out at night and see stars from one horizon to the other. We can watch the sun rise out of one end of the house and the sun set out of the other end of the house. It may sound weird, but I feel the presence of Gods being in the country. It opens up the gifts the world has to offer. The wind, the trees, the breeze, the colors of the sky.

There is no music pounding from a distance, unless it is a car going by. There is no constant noise, or hustle. I can sing karaoke at any hour of the day or night. Vacuum when we want to - not to worry about the neighbors being disturbed.

And then five days a week, I take the journey from the fields and openness to the life of a city. It is not a huge city, so it comes no where near to the tails of trucking from Mark's past. He drove anywhere they dispatched him, image

with lanes next to lanes of bumper to bumper traffic. I can not do that. If there is a chance for bad driving conditions you can find me on a country road, holding the wheel and watching the landmarks to get me to work or home.

The older I get, the more I love the home life. Sitting in the evening and spending it home, watching a little TV, maybe sewing something , or doing a crossword or a word search. Hopping on the exercise bike, cooking, cleaning. I love being home.

There is a peace that I hunger for, and we have it here. Others I know hunger for the closeness of the city. A very good friend of mine came out here over the summer and made a comment that she would probably not be back unless she took a wrong turn. She was born and raised in the  city, so this is like a road trip to come out here. 

We need people who like the cities, to help keep the cities going. But me, give me a park bench 100_1706 and a cup of iced tea, a camp fire, maybe a early evening cup of coffee as I watch the world go from colors to silhouettes to shadows and  I am a happy camper. I hope that each of you live in a place you love, for home is where we are grounded, where we can take off the masks and be ourselves, where a pair of sweats may be the best feeling of the day, where you can be you. Peace to all, Love Mrs Justa

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Monday, November 17, 2008

Mrs Justa and aging

A Monday morning winter day. Yes folks here we go. And I am not feeling as confident about my winter tires as I was when we were working up to the first snow fall.

 100_1978_editedI had an interesting Sunday and Monday. Seems my eyes want to play head games with me. Yesterday on my way to church I started to be aware of black lines flashing in my right peripheral vision. So I thought , oh maybe my eyelash, or some mascara, or my bangs, or a reflection in my side of my glasses. But as I eliminated all these possibilities, the situation still remained.

Then in the afternoon, it went away, only to return last night and today as flashes of white light. Now in this weird state I felt maybe an appointment to the eye doctor was warranted. I have glaucoma and was reminded of my moms flashes of light that were a result of a torn retina.

Mark drove me to the docs, and the car did not hold the road real well. It was a thick slush, so maybe that is why, it is tough to drive on slush, but I expected those tires to gnaw the snow, ice and slush and show it who was boss.

The good news was the white flashes and black curve is not a detached retina, the BAD news is it goes with aging ! GO figure. The doc warned me if the flashes worsen, or my floaters ( which I have had for 20+ yrs ) increase in number, then call back. So now I am looking like a freak or a paranoid person, as I keep looking real quick to my left, cuz it looks like something is coming for me....but it is only old age coming at me, in the form of lightening flashes. Ya just gotta love it. Mrs Justa and the imaginary spooks creeping up on me

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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Mrs Justa and life

This room is filled with potential of joy. This is our back bedroom, and we have a crib , in case Brandon is over and a regular bed, for anyone to rest a weary head on, and my karaoke machine. I bring this room to the foreground today  100_1668because today was a day I sang in church.

This room is one place I practice whatever song I am going to do over and over again. This week was a song titled " I Can Only Imagine" . This song was on the top 40s a few years back on the contemporary adult music stations. This song has a message that is powerful. I actually almost tear up as I sing it, thinking about the meaning of the song.

Part of it goes " I can only imagine, What it will be like, when I walk by your side. I can only imagine what my eyes will see when you face is before me, I can only imagine."

It makes me think about what is next after this life we are in, and from what I have read in the Bible, and with what I have heard in church, this is a stepping stone to an eternal life.  Some of you may not believe that, and I respect that, but I do very much believe it. And the way I look at it is, let's say this is all not true- then I have lived a life the best way I can and when I am gone, I will have left a good memory for those I have left behind. I treasure my family, I treasure my work, I am so very thankful for everyone in my life, I try not to judge, I am honest, and I try to bring the best to all I do.

But what if it is true, and I chose to ignore the Bible and the words of life, then what. It will be too late to turn back and say I am sorry for all I have done.

Some people I have spoken to have made comments like " When I know I am ready to die, then I will ask forgiveness and believe.. but now I am living life my way." Well I guess that is an option, if you are blessed with a premonition of death, but what if you die instantly- a horrible accident, sudden death from a heart attack or maybe shock. There are no second chances.

This song beings out the - what will it be like when I have died on earth and gone to my eternal life. The song went alright today, the nerves before singing were there, but I made it through, and now "I Can Only Imagine" is playing in my head, in my heart. I wish you peace, and calmness on this Sunday in November, Love Mrs Justa

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