Saturday, January 10, 2009

Justa rising from the dead


I'm Black,I mean I'm back. Scared ya huh! I bet you thought I'd want to go and be in the Barrack Osma administration? (Not so much) I can't say for sure but I'm going to try to start posting again. We'll see how long I can go before I crash and burn again. Cindy has kept this going for me and I am thankful for that. It's time for me to get back on the horse. What a picture? a Jackass riding on a horse! Cindy will keep up the other blog still over on Wordpress. So continue to look for her there. She is of the candy coated Polly Anna way of looking at things. I tend to be a realist.

I have a lot of bent up comments about the election and the way things are going with the economy. I'll let them spill out some in coming post. Suffice it to say that I have bought new jeans that open in the back. With the Dumocrats running things we are in deep do do. Just think we won't have to carry a wallet anymore. With Barney (I prefer Peckers)Frank and his good buddies running things there will be nothing left to put in them but family pictures. For you small minded people that want to say I must be prejudice. Get over it. I don't care what color the idiot is. Anybody looking to take us into Socialism would get my attention in a negative way. As crooked as this guy is it won't take long for him to get his.  This is just a small taste of my return to the blogesphere. I'll calm down some as I get back into the swing of things.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Mrs Justa and fire

This is all that is left of a home where 8 people died and one in the basement survived. There were 4 children and 4 adults who lost their lives in this tragic fire. As the cold weather is upon us, there are so many things that need attending to . imageFirst, ALWAYS have smoke detectors in your home. This past July we had our home inspected for the building permit to be turned into a certificate of occupancy. We had to have working smoke detectors in the living room, each bed room and a CO2 detector. No choice, that is the rules.

We added a smoke detector to the area where the furnace is and one in the kitchen. I fear fire, a person looses everything, all photos, all belongings, all memorabilia, even life.

I read that in 1995 the odds of having a house fire with damages of $3,400 — one in 200. I am sure that number has increased with the energy costs and people trying to save with wood burners, pellet stoves, kerosene heaters.

Here are some staggering statistics:


  • 80 percent of all fire deaths occur in the home (U.S. Fire Administration)
  • The leading cause of fire deaths is careless smoking (U.S. Fire Administration)
  • Having a working smoke detector more than doubles one’s chances of surviving a fire (U.S. Fire Administration)
  • 3,675 people died in fires in the United States in 2005 – one person every 143 minutes. While the number of fires increased in 2005 over 2004, the number of deaths decreased 5.8 percent. (National Fire Protection Association).
  • In 2005, 106 firefighters died in the line of duty in the United States – down from 117 in 2004 (U.S. Fire Administration)
  • Adults 65 and older are more than twice as likely to die in fires as the overall population. (U.S. Fire Administration study)
  • People born in 2003 have a 1-in-1,100 lifetime odds of dying due to exposure to smoke, fire or flame. Odds in any given year are 1:86,000. (National Safety Council) " from

We need to be respectful of fire, and the hazards that can cause it. Just because there are plugs that will turn your 2 outlet into an 8 outlet, it is probably not a good idea to use all 8 things at once.

If you are using a space heater and your lights dim, it is too much strain on the electric wiring. Check with an electrician. Check the electric cords, look for dings in the coating, make sure plugs are plugged in all the way. Have emergency plans for what to do in case of a fire, ladders for second levels. Have a professional clean your chimney / stove pipes. Please take the extra time to be careful.

Some helpful information:also from

"Smoke Detectors

  • One is definitely NOT enough! Every home should be equipped with smoke detectors on every level, particularly outside of sleeping areas.
  • Ensure that your smoke detectors are tested monthly and batteries are replaced twice a year. Change batteries when you change your clocks.
  • Encourage children to help test the smoke detectors. Familiarize them with the sounds of the alarm(s).

Fire Extinguishers

  • Keep an all-purpose fire extinguisher in your kitchen (one rated for grease fires and electrical fires.)
  • It's a good idea to keep fire extinguishers near the furnace, garage, and anywhere else a fire may start. These extinguishers are affordable, life-saving equipment for your home.
  • Make sure every able-bodied member of the family is trained and familiar with the proper way to use the fire extinguishers.
  • If you must use an extinguisher, make sure you have a clear way out in the event you can't put out the fire. "

When you are visiting a friend, or family, look and see if they have smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, hazards. It is better to say something to protect them, then to bite your tongue, and have to regret never trying to help .

Love and prayer, Mrs Justa .

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Mrs Justa and a day in the medical offices

Today was  a day off of work, but not a day of fun and pleasure, instead a day of doctor appointments and walking like a penguin everywhere I went. I started this morning at the Eye Specialists. I had an issue with flashing lights in my vision 6 wks ago, and saw my eye doctor for it, so while I was at his office, he had a retina specialist make sure the retina looked okay. That led to the retina doc wanting to see me in 6 wks, which was this morning. image

We woke up to about 1/4 of ice on the cars, slippery roads, schools closed.Which meant Mark could accompany me on the adventure through doctor offices. The eye appointment was an 1 1/2 appointment. The next one was at my OB office, we were 45 minutes early for that one, so we went to Dunkin Donuts ( just across from doc #2) for a coffee, muffin and Mark got a croissant sand with coffee. Now that was an adventure too!. 

As we were walking in , one of the female employees was stomping, flailing her arms and telling a co-worker she did not have to take that ( whatever that was) , she was throwing out "F" bombs, and pacing quickly, as a  customer at the counter was just standing there waiting for someone to take his order. This employee did not stop, she marched into what was the back area, and we could hear her screaming on the top or her lungs, a high pitched, whining , complaining squeal.
We stood behind this customer waiting to order, it was rather amusing, unbelievable, and uncomfortable at the same time. Eventually, the employee we think got this chick going went in the back area too, and there was more yelling,

A different employee who was in the back, decided to come and wait on us, since psycho chick was in his area, Eventually they still were all working there, and came back out to their posts. ( If I had been the manager, someone would no longer be on the payroll there.) The episode was unacceptable, and we were thankful neither had a gun or switchblade on their possession, it could have gotten really ugly.

So we left there, unharmed, and went to doctor visit 2, this took an hour, and we had 1 1/2 hrs till appnt number 3 which was in the same complex, just the other end of the building. So we took off and got lunch at Denny's.

Now, $45.00 less in our checking account due to co-pays, all the docs have seen me and told me I am fine, come back in a year ( doc 1) , 6 wks  ( doc 2) and Friday morning at 7:30 for fasting blood work ( doc 3)

I appreciate these folks looking out to make sure I am okay, and I appreciate their pleasantness. But today was really a sucky way to spend a vacation day.  Have you ever had a day like this?  ( Hey at least I am healthy, I know I can stand to loose more weight and be more active, but that is at least fixable! Although none of the docs advised me of that, I know it already.) Have a good day, night, whatever, Love, Cindy


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Monday, January 5, 2009

Mrs Justa and depression

I saw this on google image and it spoke to me. Depression, it is real, it can consume your every breath. It makes the sun exist but not be seen. It makes everyone in your life disappear, even if they are right there.

imageI have faced depression in my life, at various times. My depression I think has always been situational, but some of us are born with a major depressive disorder that is always there, gnawing in the background, sometimes able to be controlled by medication, but what happens if you can not afford the medication, or a situation makes the depression rear its ugly face.

People who have never been depressed, they think a person can snap out of it. It is not that easy. It is consuming, it is suffocating, it is controlling, it is numbing, it is  lonely. 

In my life I have been around people with various degrees of depression. Treatment is essential to conquer or control the depression.

Fortunately for me, in my most horrible times in life, I sought counsel, and talking helped me get through it.Once the counsel was a priest at a church where I lived, once a school counselor, once a counselor through the county who saw me on a sliding scale.  I had been given valium once for a terrible event in my life, and another time librium. These were for short periods of time , to get me over the hump.Life was never guaranteed to be easy, and I think most of us can testify to that. My wish is that if you know someone who is going through a time of depression, be there for them, listen, do not judge, be patient, sit next to them, try to talk, try to encourage them to talk with a counselor.

If they feel suicidal, stop and help them get immediate assistance through an ER or psychiatric emergency center.  The worse you can do, is go on your way, and say they will be better in a day or two.

As the depression lifted, it was like slowly watching color come back into a black and white world. I could see the sun did not forget to come up. I would analyze myself as being so low I had to pull my socks down to see. How I felt inner strength as I unfolded the sock top and saw colors in the world.
Not one of us has a guarantee we will not face depression in our lifetime. And if and when you do, you will want to have a someone at your doorstep, whether from afar on an e mail, or in the same room. I know of some who are suffering at this very moment, to them I say, I am here, as I know you would be , if I needed you too. Love and prayers, Mrs Justa

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Mrs Justa and being different

Okay, I had to share this photo. I saw it on line, no one to credit it to, it was just there. I am looking at this and wondering 1) how many snowmen are there? 2) Where is the beginning? 3) How many people worked on this project? 4) How long did it take? 5) Did snow have to get brought in for this challenge? 6) Why and 7) Are they all still standing, or did the temp go up?

Then I look at it and think about people, and now snowmen. There are no 2 alike. When I have driven by one snowman, and ways down another, in my mind they were the same. But they are not. Even with a snowman kit, no 2 would look the same. image We are all different, we may have similar likes, but we have uniqueness to each of us.

The pets , they are very similar in how they appear, but they also have uniqueness that makes them different.

I need to be reminded often to look for the qualities that make each living being different. What made us the way we are? Is it environment, or genetics? Is it the uniqueness of the individual from conception. Or is it a hodgepodge of factors, like family, life style, financial, parents, did we have brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles,grandparents, cousins.

I grew up with a grandmother till I was 4, never knew a  grandfather, a dad till I was 10, only a great aunt and uncle until maybe 5 years old, no cousins, 4 brothers and sisters. How different would I be if I had the other relatives?

What makes these snowmen different. There is one on front row that looks like he is scowling, the one next looks happy, some just look like they are tolerating this place in their snowflake life. We are all different, we all give first impressions, and sometimes those impressions are not at all what we are all about. I am off now to sing a few songs, and make some supper. Enjoy the person you are, Love, Mrs Justa