Saturday, March 14, 2009

Oh Yeah!!!


Damn, I'm too old for this stuff. Friday night (My) Syracuse Orangemen won in 6 overtimes. Then on Saturday they had to go one extra period to win again. It has been a fun couple of nights watching the games.I haven't had the endorphins howling like this in a long time. Now they go tonight against Louisville for the tournament championship. It's almost going to be anticlimactic. How can you ask them to dig down one more night and Larry the Cable guy em? We shall see.

I told you the other day I had to go see the WC's employment guy. Let's call him Mike.(only because that's what his name is) Well Mike wants me to start looking for work,which in itself doesn't seem like a bad idea. I've worked for like 42 of my 55 years why should I stop now. I feel like emotionally I'm ready. The last time I tried. The part time van driver job I tried to take didn't go so well. I couldn't take it with the house move,coming down off a pretty extreme manic episode and crashing and burning into a depression that saw me hospitalized twice in a two week period. Good times! Really lousy time to try to go to work,what with half of America out of a job. Well in the mean time. I'm in a mild depression now. {Relative to the last one anyway} but my problem is my hip and leg are bothering me quite a bit. I just can't stand or walk for more than 5 minutes at a time without my hip burning like crazy.I was out pooper scooping the yard the other day and it took about 15 minutes you would think I ran a marathon for the way my hip and lower back were burning when I waddled back into the house. I read of some of you guys walking and I'm envious.Not to the point of wanting to short sheet your bed or anything but... I'm just having a hard time dealing with the physical limitations. It's not just a matter of willing my way through this. I can't drink another cup of coffee or get out and walk around the truck at a rest area to wake up. Just to make that damn appointment at the Grocery warehouse.{At which time I still might sit waiting to back in for 4 hours after my appointment}( but I digress again) I've always had a mental toughness a don't give up kind of spirit. The physical limitations have kicked my butt though. But I shall try again. I think it's time. Hell, my female hormones must be kicking in, I'm starting to sound like I have PMS or something.

So Mike (can I call you mike) has 3 pieces of paper with a potential job on each one. The first one he shows me is for a part time sales job which is a sales job (high pressure) at East Coast resorts,which is a camp ground membership sales gig. How do I know they are high pressure you ask? Because Cindy and I are members there and were lucky to get out of there by the hair on our chiny chin chins when we bought (got suckered) into our membership. So I told Mike I wouldn't work there even if they paid me a million dollars a week. Mike, I've reconsidered if you can get them to pay me that I'll go to work for them for a month. That ought to set me up pretty good. If that happens my friend (yeah that's right only one) and family will be getting a call. Not to offer them any money,but to buy into the camp ground. The second job he had to show me was for working on an assembly line putting together things like jewelry and such. I'm about as dexterous as Nancy Pelosi in a truth telling seminar. It just taint happening. The third and last one was for being a Census taker for the up coming census. I figured I could do this. I would get a break driving between each house because out where I live the houses are spread out a little so I would have to drive to get there giving the ole hip/leg a a break. Well I called the number on the paper he gave me. After being connected to a real live person (after pressing one for English) and he told me they had enough people in my area right now to check back in the fall. Yeah right me and the other 10,000 people in the greater Syracuse area looking for work.So to make this really long post come to an end. I'm going to go down Monday and sign up down at the Unemployment office in Fulton. We shall see. For those of you that read this whole post and wish to leave a comment you'll get a ten word discount on my next post if you mention the code word (Whiner). See ya!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Complaint Department!



Ok you get one complaint make it a good one!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009




I'm trying to conjure up a post. I just don't feel very motivated to even try today. How do you make "I'm watching TV,taking the dog out to go potty, and playing on the computer" very interesting? See even you don't have an idea do you? I have an appointment with the employment counselor hired by the Workman's Compensation Insurance carrier tomorrow at 11:00. I've already let him know that I'm pretty limited to what I can do. I can't stand for more that 5 min. and walking very far is out of the question. Hell maybe I can get a job in Government. I can move paper from one side of the desk to the other every once in a while. I'll have to hold out for a good computer on my desk so I can get online while I'm at work. Momma and I are going to go to lunch after my appointment. Besides that I don't have much else going on. Oh wait!! Tonight was Pot Pie night. MMMMM good. As some of you already know,they aren't homemade but they're still pretty good.

I'll close with this little bit of wisdom from my favorite words of wisdom web site.

Money Fun Fact
Presidents George Washington and John Adams had to employ protection money - paying off certain pirates in the Mediterranean Sea with a couple of million dollars - while Congress debated the creation of a U.S. navy.Source:
Save Money at      See things haven't changed much. We're still paying off certain Pirates we just call them Congressmen now.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Honest Abe












"So I said to him,Barack,I know Abe Lincoln,and you ain't him."

Artist: Andy Thomas

Ya know I've been thinking some lately. I know. No I didn't hurt myself. Everybody likes to rail on the rich and say that they are greedy and money grabbing. To some degree some of the rich have been. For those that have built up their business in the U.S. taken it somewhere else because they could save money on taxes or more so to save in labor cost. I say pox on there houses. But another way to look at it is.

We as a people work for someone else as a rule. {Well if your not laid off right now anyway} We depend on them for our income. Which we then turn into Rent,food and the other necessities of life. So what I'm  trying to say is we gave our right for self determination as it relates to income to someone else. We're at the whim and fancy of "the man''. I've posted on it before a while back, back in the good ole days, 90% of America worked for themselves. So maybe it's time we got back to those days. I know many of us probably can't or just don't want to take the chance on self employment because it seems risky.

The more people that get laid off the worse it's going to get. What's the Government going to do when the top income workers that pay the taxes are broke?  Where are  they going to get the money for all the Social Programs they want to ramp up? The unemployment rate right now is 8.1%. But there is a hidden under employed market with many people working part time because that's all they can get, that brings this number up quite a bit higher. Is there something you know how to do that you could do for yourself in your own business?

In the back of my mind I'm keeping open the possibility of maybe getting into expediting down the road. I think it's something I could do physically but I'm not sure. It's fun to dream about it though. Here is a link to a site about expediting that I go to all the time. Now isn't the time to do this as the loads just aren't there. If you read through the forums on this site you can get a taste for just how bad it is. Some people are sitting around days for loads after getting empty.Of course any possibility of doing it at all  would  depend on Momma wanting to go with me, which probably ain't going to happen any time soon as she really likes her job and all. But like the Ny lottery always says. "Hey you never know". There's justa something that gets in you when you've done that kind of thing for a living that is hard to get out of your system.

So I'm going to close with this little bit of wisdom. For years we've been like frogs sitting in the pot. It was great while the water was comfortable we just sort of hung around and enjoyed. Well as the water started getting warmer and some of our buddies started either getting plucked out or jumped out while the getting was good, we said to our selves ah good more room for me. But now that the water is boiling and they're coming after us it's a different story isn't it? Our way of life is slowing eroding around us.Any ideas what we can do to stop it?

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Oh really?

There has been a clamoring out there for me to do another post. Ok,not clamoring. 1 person mentioned it casually. I justa haven't felt the drivel that I had meandering through my mind was worthy of a post. You know I had beaten this dead horse for all it was worth. It was time to move on to some new subjects.  I fully intend to do that. But first. I was at a new blog I happened across that describes me pretty well in it's name You really should check it out here. I'm quite shocked really I wouldn't believe it had I not seen it myself. He has a picture of one of the regular readers of this blog in the link here. I  wasn't going to  link to it... in the interest of full discloser and to let everyone that is planning on taking the trip to Cancun with us, I wanted to let you see a recent photo of her. I'm not going to out this person by name. You know who you are. It doesn't make me think any less of you really. If the truth be known I really wouldn't mind sharing adjoining rooms.  Ahem...

Now on to my promise. If any of you read Momma's blog post recently the beast has moved on to his reward. It's amazing how the death of a pet can have such a profound effect on you. I mean,it's not as if I played with the damn bird every day. He was a parakeet for crying out loud. But the last few days of watching him struggle to get up on the rail to feed him self and just sit in the corner of the cage, were just really painful to watch. He had the name Beast for a reason. He was one tough hombre. I wish I had half the gonads that he did. He led a full live and went down swinging. I realize now how much of a pansy I have become. I used to perceiver no matter what. Now I'm into full whine mode.

I continue to have this cloud of depression over me. It's like that rain cloud that follows Linus all the time. It's been around for like a month now and seems to be inching ever lower. My ability to get irritated is on high alert. It's like at a drop of a hat I can get aggravated. Good thing I'm on Wellbutrin. My Quack (did I say that out loud?) wanted to know if I wanted him to add something else for a while. They are so quick to just throw pills at you. I told him I thought I would be ok. I'd let him know if I needed anything else. It's amazing though isn't it. Heck, I could have just said yeah doc I'll take some of this,some of that... It's weird they always ask if I am feeling suicidal. I know,I know it's their job. I must project this look that prompts it. So in the interest of full disclosure "I am not suicidal" Although I haven't read Stan's latest comment yet.

I'll close with a fun thing. Our blogging buddy Ana from Brazil has a neat little Geography tester there on her site. Check it out. It will test ya a little bit. I drove all over most of North America in my driving career so that helped me a little. Ana hasn't said rather she's coming on the trip to Cancun yet.