Friday, December 12, 2008

Mrs Justa and the goals unachieved

"The journey of a thousand miles starts with one step" Chinese proverbThe famous mesas of Monument Valley, Utah..  To get from here to there we must move. This means in everything we do, everything we want to accomplish. I am using this photo because it represents how far some goals seem.

I have many goals, many wishes , many places in the future I would like to get to. But not one of the goals will be achieved if I do not start them. Do you have goals? Do you have intentions that lay dormant, except in your mind?

My mom used to tell me "The road to Hell is paved with good intentions" . I better watch out then cuz I think the asphalt on that treacherous road is getting thicker.

Goals, intentions, they have a way to haunt me. Simple goals, like washing the car inside and out and waxing it. I almost met that goal in September, but it started to rain. And the intent and goal became clouded over. Sure I go to the no touch car washes and do the quick vacuum, but I am talking a detail type clean. I am just going to have to bite the bullet and let the folks at "Delta Sonic" do it. Keep that asphalt from the detail job not done off that road to hell.

Another goal, exercise 3-4 times a week, whether it be on the stationery bike, or walk up the road we live on, I live the goal in my mind, but never get to it.

Follow the weight loss plan that works, another good intention.

Get more involved with church. Take a nice vacation. Take the dog for a walk.

Have time for friends and family more, well I think I partially do that, but not to the intent I would like to.

Save enough money to back us for 6 months of bills, not doing too well on that one.

Undercoat my car, nope not done yet.

Write a book, nope not that either. So you can see, at least for me , I have started some pretty heavy paving project on the dreaded roadway, I have not gotten any closer to my goals on the horizon. How about you? Love Mrs Justa

(Photo the compliments of goggle)

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Mrs Justa and friends

"The glory of friendship is not the outstretched hand,nor the kindly smile, nor the joy of companionship: it is the spiritual inspiration  that comes to one when he discovers that someone else believes in him and is willing to trust him. " Ralph Waldo Emerson. 100_0881 I chose this photo because of its representation of tranquility to me.

This quote on friendship is mind opening . When I am a friend to others, how often is the friendship offered by an outstretched hand. How often do we inspire our friends spiritually?

What kind of friends do you have? What kind of friend are you? What kind of friends are in your life?

I have never had many friends. Never lived a life like those portrayed on movies and prime time shows, where all the friends gather around for what seems like most of their lives, doing things, going places.

What friends I have are true friends. They accept me for me, they ask me not to be anything I am not. I hope they trust me and believe in me, and I feel that way about my dear friends too.

But, and this is a big but, how many times have those who said they were my friend in years gone by, were they really only pretending, only saying it because at the time they felt like it was necessary to say it?

I remember in high school I thought I had good friends. Not many, but few, and good ones. And what happened was we graduated, and we never spoke to one another again, we never saw one another, we never cared to share our lives . So according to Ralph Waldo Emerson, these were not friends. I longed for high school friends after I graduated, and I pathetically have studied my year book for years, looking at faces and names, so if by chance , I saw someone in public that resembled an older image of one of the 564 kids I graduated with, that I would be able to say hi to them, and ask, " Did you go to Liverpool High School?" and if they said yes, then I would say, " what year did you graduate?" And if they said 1971, I would ask them if they were so and so, they most of the time are that person, but they never knew who I was.

I was the misfit in school, the lonely one, in second hand home made clothes, the kid that other kids walked by in the hall, the kid who asked  the popular kids to sign my year book, ( because they were not going to come to me to offer to sign it). The kid who thought that I had good friends, only to find out after June 1971, that I was alone in the world.

We need to be good friends to others, we need to take the time to let them know we care, we need to let them know they are important to us. So as I sign off, I beg you, please look at your friendships, look at how you treat them, and don't let them be left alone in this very big world. Love , Mrs Justa

Monday, December 8, 2008

Mrs Justa and challenges

Guess what we got to do again on Saturday!!! Yep, we watched Brandon for a while. 100_2010_edited "How big is the baby..sooooo big."

We love going and seeing him, he is changing every week. Mark holds him and smiles at him, he got to feed him and then I rocked him to sleep for one of his brief cat naps.

His eyes are royal blue, he has not quite gotten the giggle out yet, but he is so close it is not long before he will have the contagious chuckle of a baby.

Amanda and Jeff are really good parents. They share in the responsibilities and they have things each has fame on. Jeff is the king of bath time. Amanda was telling us that Jeff bathes him most of the time, they have a bonding time . Jeff comes home from work and helps with Brandon as Amanda does dinner. Then they share responsibilities. That is what a marriage is about.

Amanda is the queen of the cuddling, comforting, caring and really knowing every cry. She has him always well dressed, clean and they both show their unending love for their little bundle of joy.

Right now they have tons on their plates with both working full time,  selling their current home,having a new baby, a sick dog and also getting the new home ready for residency, so I applaud their patience , their endurance,

as things are rough right now. With Badger on steroids and not feeling well, he really needs someone to be available to let him out, so Mark goes over there during the day to help out that way.

Life is so challenging for most, and I think the challenges make us stronger, that is what gets me thru tough times, I always think that it is a strength builder. Love to all, Proud Mrs Justa