Saturday, October 25, 2008

Mrs Justa and THANKS going to you

image "People, who need people are the luckiest people in the world. "

I am on this thankful path, and I was thinking about people as my dog was jumping at the edge of the bed letting me know he needed me to let him out. My mind begins to elaborate on ideas and before I know it, I sometimes can't get back to what made my mind start reeling.

But this I remember. The dog was bouncing up and down, getting a lick on my face every so often on his rebound. He was hyperventilating as he enthusiastically was telling me he was in a situation where my services were needed.

People, think about where we would be without people doing things for others. In life, we all do something for someone. Even if we live alone, if we are employed, we are doing something for others. And if there were not people willing to do everything that requires a person to do it, well we would be screwed.

There are many someones willing to leave their homes and go into work in essence to service others, to help others, to fulfill a need of others. This can be a nurse, a police officer, an engineer, an auto mechanic, a garbage man, the person at the ticket booth for the parking lots or garages, the street cleaners, the cashiers at the stores, those who deliver the goods, those who design them, those who manufacture them , those who write the articles in papers, magazines, those who write books, those who manage, those who clean up after us, those who stand on their feet for hours serving food to others, those who chose to spread the word of their religion, those who design, those who create, those who parent, those who keep our highways smooth, those who plow the snow, run the electric, oh the list goes on and on . We are all over, doing everything to make IT happen. Whatever "IT" is.

Everywhere I go, there are people that make whatever I am experiencing happen. So I want to THANK YOU , each of you, for whatever it is you do? Thanks for going to work, thanks for raising the children, thanks for picking up that piece of paper from the ground. THANKS FOR YOU!!!

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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Mrs Justa and health insurance

Health insurance gets a bad reputation. And I wonder if people really understand the work that goes on when a review needs to be done for a pre authorization of a service. ( photo is from google images courtesy of image There are so many stereo types of insurance companies, and I admit there may be some that are crooked, but I personally have worked in the administration part of health care for 13 years now, and I am here to say the hours of compassion, of work, of trying to make sure the patient is receiving the care their doctor is recommending and within their benefit plan, it is amazing how devoted the people are who have worked in the environments I have been blessed to be a part of.

People need to understand that sometimes they or their doctor may recommend something that their plan just does not cover. Some plans are stricter then others. We sometimes may get a person who wants their health plan to pay for a craft- matic adjustable bed, or maybe a home health aid to spend days with them and help clean their house, or a ride to a doctors office, but it is not a covered item. If health plans paid for some of the services and items people want them to pay for, the premiums would be higher then they are already.

When we get a request in, we have to follow national criteria for the type of care being requested. We do not just say yes or no without careful researching . And if it does not meet our criteria, we have to send the case to a physician to review, to call the doctor who is requesting the service and discuss the case. The nurses do not just make the determination if there is a potential denial of the request.

SO please, I ask you, to take a moment, read your health plan, and feel free to call the customer service department to see what is covered. Ultimately it is you and me who need to know what we are covered for, whether it is our home owners insurance, a life insurance plan, out health plan, even warranties on things we have.

The folks working for your health insurance administration department are experienced health care professionals, who have been in the clinical setting and bring to this position knowledge, experience and the want to be the best they can be. So please refrain from calling us names, threatening us, and yelling at us. We are looking out for you, your health plan and trying to accommodate the needs of each sapient, within the guidelines of the health plan they are paying for. Stay healthy, love Mrs Justa

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Mrs Justa and the wind


The wind,it plays heavy on my mind. The wind can be peaceful, as it is whispering through the pines, The song of the wind chimes tinkling gently as the breeze sets them to life.( this photo is of wind chimes that the kids brought us back from their honeymoon) ((Thanks Jeff and Amanda:))

But as winter is getting closer to reality, the wind is less peaceful to me and more threatening. The wind chimes are in the shed, hanging next to one another on a bungee cord between two nails on the rafters. Patiently dangling, waiting for spring.

Between now and Spring we are facing bone chilling winds, the kind that make ones face hurt, the hairs in the nose freeze, eyes have to squint and lips chap. The winds take the whisper and become a howl. Whipping snow around in drifts that look like sand dunes.

The wind helps to coat ice on the highways, and frost on the windows. It causes me to grab a scarf and wrap it around my neck, creeping it up over my mouth and nose to protect it from the teeth of the wind.

Whenever the  dog is let out on his leash, he flies right back in , we have to go out with him in the biting cold, so that he will go to the bathroom.

The wind makes white outs, blowing the snow in strong lines and gusts, so one moment I can be looking at pavement and the next it is like someone put a sheet on the windshield. It is strong and tries to grab our storm door out of our hands as we scurry into the house. The wind wants to come in with us, but we fight it out.

I look forward to the spring whisper of the wind, starting in October I am already thinking Spring. As I come home at night, I literally think one day closer to Spring.

Oh our shovels are still dusty, and nestled in the rafters of the shred, and we have not yet purchased rock salt to protect us from falls, but soon it will be different, there will be rock salt in a container by the front door, and a few shovels right outside the door ready for us to pay attention to them. Our coats will be out of the closet and on the coat rack buy the door, and our gloves will be matched up and ready to encompass our hands.

As I sit here, finishing up this post, I hear the wind pushing at the window, trying to creep in through the window pane. Fortunately the windows are sealed tight, and the wind is not going to win this fight. So as I go for now, I am once again reminded that it is one day closer to spring. Love to all Mrs Justa.


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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Mrs Justa and thanks to the truckers

Tonight I take a moment to thank all the folks who devote their lives to truck driving. image It is a very hard job to do. It takes commitment, loyalty and devotion. It takes trust, faith and pride.

Mark drove truck until he was hurt almost 1 3/4 years ago. It was what he did for about 23 years or so. It was something he did very well. I had gone with him years back, when there was a rider program, and I have seen him parallel park a 52 foot trailer at a parking area! In one try. I have seen him back into farms in tight places to dump a load of brewers yeast for the cows.

He has driven over 2,000,000,000 miles , with a safe driving record. Sick and well, the guys and gals

are out there driving to get goods to everyone in this country. We need to thank them when we see them. They are out pounding the highway no matter what the weather. Sometimes choosing between sleep or a shower. Sometimes taking naps instead of full 8 hour rests.

And they miss their families but to earn money they have to drive. So they may only be home 1 or 2 days a week. There was one company Mark drove for and he would be out 2 weeks at a time. Getting to a state far away and then having to wait 2 days until another load was located, so he could head in another direction. It is a noble profession, and a tiring profession, and it needs to be more respected. So the next time you see a truck driver, wave to him, thank him, because if it was not for the truck drivers, your stores would be empty, fuel tanks empty, Truck Drivers make the world go round, they are the back bone of the nation. Thanks to all, Love Mrs Justa.

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