Saturday, April 5, 2008

Justa depressive episode!

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Hang on folks. Here it comes. It seem so surreal typing these words. In a nut shell this is my life coming out of the typing of these words. I'm justa starting into the depressive side of this journey through my Bi-polar disorder. Wish me luck. I still have the same support in place. That being said though the only one that controls this ride is me. Jolynn Braley said in her comment over at Tom's post on Bi-Polar disorder "The way out is through" the disorder. Read the rest of her comment by using the above link to Tom's post.

I said somewhere, I don't remember where it was, that I was looking forward to the depressive  stage of this trip into the disorder this time. I think I said "I want to see how I manage the depression this time." Well I guess we'll find out. I'm not so sure now. It comes in on you like a heavy cloud, or a wave on the beach. There is no stopping it. It just is. So in other words Jolynn is right. Unless I can disconnect from my body. The wave is going to lap at my being, slowly eroding parts of me away. I don't know if this is such a bad thing. Since I'm not evolved enough to disconnect I need to anchor somewhere and ride out the episode. I'm hoping that yesterday was the worst of it. As you read this I'll be in day two of it as I'm writing this the day before.

I hope I don't lapse into a depression filled series of post I'll try to steer away from them after this post. Speaking of depression, "how would you like to wake up knowing your presidential choices for your party were a Potential racist, elitist,do as I say not as I do kind of a guy" or a Controlling,whinnying, crying when she doesn't get her way, manipulating, military hating, men hating, Liberal,lying "I'll promise you anything to get electiated kind of gal. Man is that depressing? Please pray for a Dumocrat today. Because that's the only two choices they have right now. Unless, that "the sky is falling, the sky is falling" fellow from previous administrations shows up at the end.

No wait. We could still elect that guy that shows up every 4 years to draw attention to himself so that when he goes on future speaking tours he can charge $50,000+ dollars. I'm justa saying!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Justa wondering what happened Frank!


I'm asking this of one person from the Cicero Ny area. You almost got us. Fortunately I took your advice and did some research. Your company itself doesn't show any problems with the B.B.B. but the owner of your company sure does doesn't he. I believe we'll just leave our deal right where it is now. Thanks for any time you spent with us. Good luck. One more thing Frank. My lack of knowledge on what our property in question was worth was just that ''Lack of knowledge" nothing more, nothing less. Your failure to take the time and truly qualify us was at best neglect on your part. You could have saved us both a lot of time had you just said a couple of things to us while Cindy and I were in your office. Just some advice for you when you have other couples in your office. You should tell them:

  1. As far as service after the sale folks. Well we don't have any. In fact in 2006 there were no less than 11 complaints to the Attorney General of the state of New York. Who by the way his first name was Elliot.(Hmmmmm) Our competitor up the street has their own service department with guaranteed service for a year after the sale. We here can't touch that Mark.In fact we don't have a service dept. We use subcontractors for most of our work.And Another thing Mark Check out the fact that the Better Business Bureau has had no complaints in the last year against our competitor . You won't even find our company listed. (Hmmmm again)
  2. I won't return your phone calls in a timely manner! In fact the girl we have that deals with the financing won't call you back at all. I'm really busy. Rather than take the time to call you right back. I'm going to have you chase me. It's fun watching you chase your tail.
  3. Yes our homes look nice. But our competitors in all honesty with everything being considered have nicer homes than us.They will sit down with you and explain in detail what the deals stages mean. They are not to busy to treat each and every one of their customers with a respect for their time and understanding the need for the customer to feel comfortable with the deal. They unlike us Mark will not rush into the sale without fully understanding the customers needs.In fact Mark their homes up there are locked so as to respect that future owner of the home being shown. Unlike ours where we just let you come and go in the homes not giving two hoots about any questions you'll have or what you may or may not do when your in the home alone.
  4. Mark the issues above are important enough. But the one overriding issue I have to share with you is. That I don't have the balls to call you back and say "You know what, I can't dispute a damn thing that is written her Mark, Not one DAMN, thing" Oh and one final thing Mark. I sure hope I don't have to face you in public somewhere some time. You are one mean bastard aren't you? I'm Justa saying, Mark!

Now that I've gotten the private business out of the way. We're in the process of trying to buy a New Double wide and put it on land we've found near our house. We should find out later today if the Financing went through. We are looking at 2+ acres not far from the park we live in now. The number were looking at would be within our "not house poor numbers". I'll let you know later if we got it. If not we trudge on here in the park we live in. Doesn't hurt to dream does it? We've only got a little under 5 years left on the house so we would just bite the bullet and keep it. Oh ,just as an aside. The new company which we like and are now dealing with is G & I homes. Stay tuned for more information as it comes my way. I'm justa saying!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Not Justa nother recession discussion!

I don't image know about you guys but I'm tired of all the negative talk in politics. I thought I would look at some things about recessions and how if you manage your finances you can actually get some pretty good deals. First of all. If you lose your job or get your legs cut out from under you like Magna did recently here in Syracuse, Ny. It's going to be tough no matter how frugal you are. A sudden job lose is a terrible thing. But from my perspective and Jackofall58's perspective getting your wages cut ain't no picnic either. I'll let Jackofall58 speak for his self.

I went from taking home $977.00 per week after taxes to taking home $400.00 per week on Workman's compensation. Anyway you cut it that's a lot of money.That's $577.00 per week or $30,004 per year. That my friends is a lot of moola! Do you realize what we could have done with that kind of money. That being said. I'm glad it happened. Sure I'll walk with a limp the rest of my life. So what,so did Festus in Gunsmoke. This has given me the opportunity to have countless hours with my wife. We truly are each others best friends. Sorry Shawn and Pat. My wife is my best friend. So see Shawn I have more than one friend.100_0484 The picture on the right here is Shawn (in the middle) and his wife (Pat) on the left. The Gentleman on Shawn's right is Momma's first husband Walt. Your not going to meet a nicer guy than Walt. We get along very well. I have know Shawn & Pat since way back in the Horse & Buggy days. Shawn & Pat are the ones I refer to as "The Mayor & his Wife" in earlier post.

How do you save money in Recessionary times? Well Cindy and I have done a few things.

  • We now buy all of our gas at Bj's at $3.21 a gal right now. this is abut $0.14 a gal below the average station in our area. Bj's is right in the area that we drive in during the week so it's not out of our way.

  • We do 99.9% of our grocery shopping at Save A Lot in Fulton, Ny. We've cut our grocery bill by at least 40%. Even with the rise in grocery prices the difference between shopping here or Wegman's is stark. Shopping at Bj's doesn't really work for us because we're only shopping for two.

  • We've cut way back on eating out. We don't deprive ourselves, we still go out to either breakfast on Saturday or a dinner or lunch during the week. It is either one or the other now. Where before it used to be both Breakfast and lunch and a dinner or two tossed in when ever we were to lazy or tired to go home and make it.

  • We could cut back our T.V. and Cable package. We consider these necessities. I'm sure other people don't but come on we have to have some vices. Neither Momma or I smoke or drink. I have been trying to talk Cindy in to dumping our Home phone service this would save us about $40.00 a month. It's not as if we don't already have phones. Our Verizon cell phone service is very good and cost us right around $100.00 for the month. (Getting Momma to carry the phone everywhere is like getting a Liberal letting us dig for gas in Alaska.) It ain't happening!

I'm sure others have ideas how to save let us know what you do to make or save money. Maybe it would be something we could all do. I'm justa saying!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Justa selling my other blog!

That's right I have sold the to Momma.Actually I tricked her into posting on it a couple times, now I think I've convinced her to post on it again. I was talking to Cindy on the way into work (hers, not mine) yesterday. I just suggested that she ought to take over writing for the blog and make it "hers". She didn't kick me out of the car, and she didn't say no. So I think I have a sale. The only thing it is going to cost her,Well this is the kicker that might squash the deal is,she has to admit to knowing me in public from time to time. This has been something she has been loath to do in the past. So we shall see.

All that being said I was talking to our son Jeff yesterday morning also. And I got some great news. I got his permission to put his and Amanda's picture up here on the site 100_0525 I figured I would use this one first as this will be what he will be doing most of his married life.(Begging Momma to let him do something, or begging for forgiveness, or some such thing. Now he will deny this behavior will ever be displayed in his house hold. Maybe he hasn't had to do it yet. But in time after years of marriage. You will Jeff have assumed this position if not physically then for sure metaphorically if nothing else.:)100_0589 Just for example look at the look on his face on their wedding night while they were dancing! It's as if to say. You expect me to follow what rule? The smile on Amanda's face tells us that "yes Jeff I do" Just look at that fire in her eyes. Ya gotta love it. Now showing these particular pictures at this time and in this place might get me in trouble. But I can't help it. The middle letter S in my name stands for Sneaky. I am a sneaky fellow aren't I Jeff? No you have gotten me in the past with some of your jokes, particularly you and your mother with some gift giving shenanigans. I didn't get made at the time I just told myself that I would get even. :) I might not be even yet but it is getting closer. Now really I hope you don't mind that these are the pictures I used. I just wanted to have some fun with these. I'll close the post with a really good one and than a link to a picture of me so you will feel better about the use of these pictures.

100_0334 See, this is a better picture isn't it? and in closing I'll link to a photo of me that I'm sure you'll enjoy because it doesn't exactly show me in a good light, check it out right here .I almost forgot. For a really neat Aprils Fools day trick check out Gary Conn's really funny trick. Fortunately he didn't get me. He almost did though, it's pretty funny. Be sure to read the comments to see my comment to him,Check it out over at his site As always, I'm justa saying!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I'm justa nother April fool!

I typed up the article that I had intended to post on this post today. I use Windows Live Writer as my tool of choice to Write the post for both this site and the site. Well I had the post all written, pressed the send button and voila. It brought me to the post I had done. It was on the wrong blog.

I had forgotten to reset the button that would put it on the Blogspot blog after Momma had posted on the Wordpress blog. Did I confuse you? Sorry. The bottom line is... Check out our other site over on Wordpress. Both Momma and I have posted an article for today. I could have changed it but decided to leave it that way and link to them from this site. So if you've got time click on over there and check out Momma and Mine's post for the day. And hey! Happy April Fools day! I'm justa saying!

Monday, March 31, 2008

Justa meeting of the minds


I've finally gotten permission from the Lime Green Drama Queen's father to put a picture of my number one guest poster. It's because I just hadn't had a chance to ask him. So in talking to dad he also felt the World could handle the excitement. So here we are in all our Glory having a meeting of the minds.(Is that a scary thought or what?) Whenever Courtney is over to the house we have some very interesting discussions. So I just thought it would be neat to have Court Court (as she likes to call herself) have an outlet for some of her thoughts. For those of you that haven't had a chance to read the Queens thoughts right here is the very first independent works of Ms.Lime herself. It's a good read check it out.

Today is the day for my 3rd attempt at taking my Physical Capacity test. Wish me well. The insurance company is not to excited that it has taken this long to get the test done. If you've been following along you know the story if not check it out right here real quick. The is just a small portion of my last year plus saga of my Workman's Compensation journey. That's right it's been a journey. I can almost feel the Red Sea parting. Hopefully the path to the end of the journey will reveal it self.

Speaking of Revealing myself. No Jackofall58 not like that!! It is time to reveal a little something about myself that I have been remiss about bringing up. Time and space won't allow me to go into a whole lot of detail. I just thought that by bringing it out into the open it would allow us to at least start the conversation. Drum roll.... I am Bi! There I've said it. I feel much better now. It is finally out in the open... Oops I left out a word. It does change the meaning of my revelation some. I am Bi-Polar. Whew! Sorry about that. I hope that adds some clarification. I had a pretty severe attack about 5 years ago and was diagnosed then. I denied it to myself then. However 5 years later here I am into the second month or so of a Manic episode. Hang on folks, it could last another 3 or 4 months if it runs like the last one did.

In the interest of time and space I'm going to link you over to Tom Stine's site again. He has started the discussion based on a comment I left on one of his earlier post. Join in on the conversation there or post a comment here if you wish. Heck do both. Really engage! It is said that 1 in 70 of us are blessed with this disorder.So if you don't have the disorder you may have a family member that does or know someone who does.

I say blessed because if you can get it under control you can be pretty darn productive during the Manic stages. I have to get ready for my Capacity test. (Morning chores to do) Please check in by way of comment if you feel so moved. Or if you want to subscribe to Justakrusen via email updates you can do so on the top right of this site. I'm justa saying! Norm and Sandy, this will teach you. Maybe next time you see us pulling in the driveway you'll hide in the bedroom and tell Jake to tell us that your not home. :)

Sunday, March 30, 2008

I am justa tired puppy this morning!


Hello Anna, I hear You are a professional lurker. A little birdie that my wife knows told me while I was waiting in the parking lot at work to take her to lunch. I'm glad you enjoy this thing they call "a blog" feel free to comment at some point. If not I hope you continue to enjoy reading it. Momma and I went out to our Saturday breakfast again yesterday. The Mayor, minus his wife came with us.

The Restaurant of choice was the new place Lou Lou's. Right off the bat you know your in trouble right? It was weird. We got there at 08:45 am and we were the only ones in the place. When we sat down it was freezing in the place. Apparently the outside door had stuck open so the Mayor and I went to investigate. We determined we had to take the arm off that holds the door open as it was broken. Now here it gets a little dicey. The Mayor is accusing me of taking a supervisory role in the project. He claims that I stood there and watched him do the work. He forgot that I had taken the first bolt out by hand as it was loose enough to do.

Well we made the necessary repairs to the door then came back in to the Restaurant and our food was quick to arrive. The meals were all good and the portions we're adequate. The Cost for 3 breakfasts worked out to $24.00 plus a $4.00 tip. Lou Lou's has become a, been there done that kind of place if you know what I mean. The service was fair we had to wait for refills on the coffee some. It's the price more than anything that chases me away. Again, fuel prices drive up the cost of food.  

I want to make a quick apology to Mr. Google in an earlier post or two I was accusing him of all kinds of skullduggery. It appears that the fault lies with little ole me. I had some how hit the do not allow link on my security settings on the Firefox browser. Thus blocking out Google and blogger from me accessing them. I just change the Cookie setting to allow and we are good to go again. I just thought it necessary to apologize. Now hard feeling I hope Mr. Google.

In  closing Us three Musketeers went out to Hanibal, Ny to check out the 10 acre piece of land that we've been looking into. Cindy and I have determined that the extra 20 mile round trip to J-O-B and back to Hanibal would be to much. We have located a few locations and I'll get back to them later as it narrows down to what we're going to do. This is why I'm tired though. We put about 130 miles on the car today running around. I'm not used to all that driving now that I'm a home body. I'm justa saying!