Saturday, September 13, 2008

Mrs Justa on time

" If I could save time in a bottle, this first thing that I'ld like to do, is to >>>" How would you finish that sentence? image I am pondering this as I hear the tons of news reports going over the devastation from this most recent hurricane. And thinking of those who chose to stay behind, to challenge the storm, those whose lives may in danger, and I wonder what they would save if they could save time in a bottle.

Would it be the challenge of fighting a force much bigger then we are? Would it be special moments with a friend, a loved one, a moment , what would it be?

For me, I would save times of freedom from stress, I would save minutes with precious people that have passed on, I would save my sons laughter as a toddler and child, I would save cuddling him at night and reading to him. I would save the moment I met Mark, and the moment I meant my first husband, the moment I graduated from nursing school, watching my son graduate from high school, watching him and Adrianne graduate from college, Watching them both marry the love of their lives, the first time I held Brandon,sitting on my dads lap ( God I miss him so), my mom's wisdom, having good friends, feeling wanted. That would be what I would save in a bottle. How about you? My prayers that you treasure those special moments, Cindy

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Mrs Justa and Mr Justa

Don't look too quick, or you will miss him. Here he is. Mr Justa. This recliner has been his support, his comfort, his life for the majority of the past year and 2/3rds. He is trying to get better, trying to overcome the obstacles that life has in his path. Indi is always by his side, as he is in this shot. Indi is a good companion, although there are times when he can be a pest, wanting to play ball over and over again.

Mr Justa is coming out of the depression. He is beginning to see light instead of darkness. I AM THRILLED. I know it takes a long time to overcome the lowest part of depression, it hurts to watch someone go through it, and it is hard being a cheerleader to someone who can't believe what you are saying. 100_1673 But my cheering will continue, I will support him through this all, and I know things will continue to improve.

Life at the house is okay, Money is incredibly tight, but money is not everything. I had a doctors appointment this afternoon, so I took 1/2 a day off, and we tag teamed mowed after I got home. Mark uses the rider, I pushed around the parameter of the house, the shed and around the bushes that line the property line.

It took us about an hr, it was 70 degrees out, a slight breeze, it felt good and it looks great.

I want to thank everyone for their prayers and well wishes for Mark and his recovery. Without them  this would be much tougher. And I do believe soon, there may be more of MR Justa and less of me. Love to all, Mrs Justa.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Mrs Justa and the proverbial fruits

There is an old Greek Proverb " He who will have the fruit must climb the tree"image (Courtesy of

That is so true. We must earn what we want out of life, work for it, Nothing should come easy. I see kids that have everything handed to them on a platter- and as they grow up, they expect for things to be handed to them. They expect that life owes them instead of that life is waiting for them to earn it.

I was in a management class a few months ago, and it was delineating the different generations and how the societal environment makes people different in their life and work ethics. Now I really HATE generalizing, and I know there are some people no matter what generation that do not fit the mold. The idea of the class was to show how we stereo type ages, and also that different generation groups are different in their expectations and their feelings of entitlement or appreciation.

I do find there is a difference. Again, it is not across the board. However, when I have worked with the 50-65 age group they are normally always on time, they tend to try hard to keep their job, they do not gripe about others and they are frugal.

The 30-40 age group are more computer savvy, carry themselves about differently, maybe even with more confidence, sometimes - and it may not be aware to them, but a sense of arrogance at times.

The 20-30 yr olds seem to have a little less understanding of how precious every minute is at work. You can catch them sneaking in text messages at times, chit chatting when work is piling up , sneaking in 5-15 minutes late, they are hard workers, when they are working, but sometimes seem to be lax.

I found this in various settings of where I have worked , where I shop or do business, and again it is not always, not everyone, but it is definitely apparent if you look for it. We all have to remember that life is not meant to be handed on a silver platter, and to appreciate something, it needs to be felt, earned, and a challenge to get.

Good luck in your endeavors, and until later, I am going to sign off and pick some proverbial fruits. Love, Mrs Justa

Monday, September 8, 2008

Mrs Justa feeling lost...

I feel like a lost soul on the cyberspace road way. Have I told ya that I sometimes HATE computers... well tonight is one of those nights. I came in to update our excel file of our expenses in the checking account and all is gone! It says it does not recognize the format or the program it was done on- yet it was done on this computer. I had it stored on a g drive- guess that was not a good idea. The fricken g drive ate my information. A forest path in Redwoods State Park, California.

So here we are faced with having to reenter all the info--- grrrr.

Hand written ledgers never did that. Yes, I feel like I am rambling on this path, not sure where I am headed, have no idea where all my stuff has gone, and feeling like there is  no end.

Kinda felt that way in the moving adventure a few months ago, I kept packing, and there was more to pack, more to move, more to reorganize. I swear I will NEVER move again. I am sure PR can relate to that right now!

Going around the kitchen still it is like where's Waldo trying to remember where I placed some item that is not often used.
I laugh at myself, as I open a cupboard to see if I chose the right door. It will probably take me another few months before I get it all straight.

Mark said he will help me with this excel nightmare this weekend, I am going to at least start reentering the info tonight. But I gotta tell ya, it is really yanking my chain! So as I stroll through the last 3 + months of check ledgers, think of me as I fumble through the seemingly endless path . Love to all, Mrs Justa. ( PS Mr Justa is coming along, a little at a time, he is here in spirit !)

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