Saturday, May 3, 2008

Not justa nother boring Saturday!


This is day one of the new experiment in taking my Abilify 1/2 dose every other day. I am typing this at 3:30 am on Saturday morning. This is a slight improvement on my sleep pattern from a few days ago. I went to sleep last night at about 11:30 and woke up at 3:30 am. That's four hours in a row. Not bad for me. I'm going to type and publish this post and climb back into bed. Hopefully sleeping until at least 7:00am.

Today is going to be a busy day in JustaKrusenville. We have to go grocery shopping. That's right Save A Lot here we come. We might have to toss in a Wally world or P&C into the trip because of the things we can't get at Save A Lot.We are going to run back up to where the lots are and make sure of the one we want. Sue from the Realty company said there are a total of 8 lots available ranging in price from $20,000 for a small one at the front of the complex to $30,000 for some larger wooded ones down the road farther. One good thing is that the road is a dead end. So no thru traffic will be coming by at all hours of the day and night. The one we are seriously considering is about 1 acre costing $23,900. We are pretty excited about the possibilities and are justa trying to cross our T and dot the I's.



We also are going to go up to Crouse Hospital and visit a coworker of Cindy's. She just had a C-Section and wants Cindy to come up and take a few pictures of the baby. (See,Momma does a little bit of everything) Some time today speaking of babies, we are going over to Jeff & Amanda's and see the baby's new room that Jeff & Amanda have remodeled. Somewhere in here the next few days we have to start packing seriously as we may be moving within 30 days and if thats the case we have 17 years worth of  stuff to pack to move to the new house. Just the thought of that is a little over whelming. Good thing Momma is so organized and through when working on something. Those of you that work with her will know that from seeing her at work.




We finally sat down together last night and watched a movie. Of course Cindy was sewing something while watching the movie. As sit turns out I wish I was sewing instead of watching the movie.(And I don't even sew) We I hate to admit it watched the movie "Babel". It had Brad Pitt in it. To say the least the movie was under whelming. Not only did you have to listen to the foreign language which  I didn't speak, you had to read along with Mitch on the bottom of the screen. If I wanted to read a book I'd read a book. The Story line was pretty bazaar also. It made sense at the end because it all tied in, but I thought a couple of the stories were tossed in to the movie just for fill. I'm not a movie critic but I have to give this movie a "Don't bother" on the should I watch this movie scale. Justa my opinion.

Tomorrow is Sunday and I'm taking the day of from blogging again. I hope you had a great day on Saturday and a restful Sunday. We'll catch you back here on Monday bright and early. Don't forget to sign up for the email subscription to get each and every update mailed right into your inbox so you don't miss even one day of life with the Krusen's . Thanks for stopping by.

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Friday, May 2, 2008

Hang on,justa nother day in the life of...



What a difference a day makes!

I'm feeling much better this morning. I got a hold of Len my social worker. We are still in the process of getting me a Psychiatrist. But in the mean time we've determined that I shouldn't take the Risperdal at all. That is what made me depressed enough the last time to put me into enough of a tail spend to send me to CPEP. So now I'm going to be on half a dose of Abilify every other day. I will take 1/2 pill at night every other night. Len feels that that should cut way back on it making me drowsy. We shall see.

Those of you that have followed along for a while know

that we were in the market for a new double wide on land. You remember that the deal fell apart at the end because we were worried about the monthly cost being a little to much with my Workmen's Compensation not being settled yet. Well the Workmen's Comp isn't settled yet buy we believe the new package we found for land puts us much better off financially to go ahead with the deal based on saving quite a bit on the land package and Cindy getting another raise at work.

The land we found is just west of Fulton, Ny.100_1033

It is about 1/2 acre that already has the Septic,Electric, City water already hooked up and ready to go for $ 24,900. That would save us quite a bit on the set up compared to the last time we were looking at it. I saw this land yesterday while up to the Town of Granby offices checking on a permit for the deck we were looking at getting  installed for our current home here in the park.The only other thing we would have to do for land preparation would be to have a slab installed. That should  be about four or five thousand. So rough figures we should be able to get into the deal for almost $20,000 less than we would have before. That would be a number that we wouldn't be house poor or at least we wouldn't feel like we were. (laughing)

So we went back up to G&I homes last night.100_1003

Got there just before they closed. Dan our salesman from before was there and took us around to look at a few different homes including single wide's. The home we wanted that was on the lot before is still there also. We eliminated single wide's, they just seem to be set up differently then what we have become used to. Also the bedrooms were all just to small. So we think we have settled on a new one that we would have to order.It's a double wide model that they are just introducing to the public. It would be similar in size to the one we have now. We have some time to think about it. We aren't going to just jump in. We have a lot of research and checking around to do. Financing shouldn't be a problem as we were approved last time it should be just a matter of doing the paperwork. I'll keep you informed as things develop in our latest house buying saga. These pictures are current ones of our trailer now in the park that we haven't shown you yet. That bench is the one that momma bought me for a present a while back.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Justa hanging on! Sort of...

marks dad second photo

I wasn't going to do a post today. i am d




today. That right down, feeling lousy, poor attitude,miserable, how low can you go down. But you know what. I had to post today didn't I? If I can get on this thing and spout off my words of wisdom when I'm up, I need to get on here and do the same when I'm down. At least that's the way I see it. I was going to let yesterday's post sit there for at least another day. I would get maybe my normal 10 or 15 hits a day and that would mean a few more people would read it that didn't get to yesterday. So I hope if you weren't here or even if you were and didn't read it that you take the time to scroll down and read it and maybe even put your two cents in if you feel so inclined. WE just have to get to the point where we put these things behind us and move on. That's my thinking on it anyway. What is yours?

I had to wake Momma up in the middle of the night to talk this morning. Just needed some company. That's how down I am. Some negative thoughts creeping in. I have to get involved with a support group of some kind where I can drop a dime at any time of the day or night so I don't wake Cindy up. I justa didn't feel like typing last night or early this morning. That's why the time on this post is so late compared to most other post I've done lately.

The Abilify was knocking me out, making me tired and foggy so I couldn't take it. Apparently the Risperdal ain't going to work either as my depression is starting to engulf me again. It is amazing how quick I can feel or not feel the effects of the medicines I'm taking. My mood is swinging really fast now from ok one part of the day to depressed the next. Something has to change or I will end up in CPEP again. If you've been reading this blog at all you'll know how I feel about that. CHECK THIS out if you want to see what I'm talking about.

I'm feeling so disconnected right now. I go to my favorite web sites and read the post and they don't inspire me like they normally do. Even two of my favorites Tom and The Simple can't inspire me. I have even debated on wether I should keep blogging or not again. That mood strikes me ever so often. That's why I forced myself to get on here and post today. Those of you with Depression or some other mood disorder will understand this post today. Others maybe not so much. Here's hoping you have a great day. I'm going to dig down deep and see if I can't salvage a reasonable day out of today.

The picture is a picture of my father in Nam when he was there the first time years ago.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

With friends like him does Obama justa need an enemy!!

Wow, Is all I can say. Well not really,

you know I'm going to say much more than wow. Jeremiah (Wrong) came out yesterday and showed me why  there was one reason I was no longer a member of a congregation in The United Church of Christ. That's right as some of you know I used to be a member in A Church that will go nameless in Bayberry, Ny. They too have a pastor at that church that thinks nothing of throwing a member of the church under the bus. I'm not going to go into great detail here. Just suffice it to say. The Pastor of the church that I was a member of, had not a clue as to how to deal with a member of his church in the middle of a Bi-Polar manic episode. Luckily for both me and the church I was able to extract myself from the situation before it got overly ugly. Enough damage was done though to scar both myself and a pastor. Maybe for life. I'm working hard to pray daily for the ability to forgive and forget. Obviously from this post it is still an uphill battle for me.

Enough about me.

Again I refuse to call some one Reverend that doesn't deserve the title. At that news conference at the press club. Jeremiah (Wrong) had some valid points. Some of them I agree with. It's the ones I don't agree with that I'm going to talk about here. Listen up Jeremiah, come a little closer to the screen so you can here this.I WAS NOT AROUND AT THE TIMES OF SLAVERY!  I don't want to be blamed for things my relatives may have done that were wrong any more than you would want to be. Get over yourself. Rise above your past. Let's try to be positive about the future so that we don't repeat the mistakes of the past. I'm sure with friends like you in the pew beside me I sure as hell don't need any enemies do I? You in the eyes of many people in America (white & black) embarrassed yourself the other day in the question and answer segment of the news conference. You were giddy and boastful and enjoying your 15 minutes of fame. Time is up!! You've done your damage you can go home now.

Oops! One other thing before you go home though

You are not from Africa are you? Why do you and your brothers continue  to call yourself African Americans? I'm from German decent. I don't call myself a German American. Drop the African and maybe that will be the first step in reconciliation that you so ardently seek. Just a simple request on my part. I can't and won't speak for others, but when I hear others put something else as a heritage in front of American it makes me question your loyalty. I don't care how many years you spent in the military. I too served my country for 4 years in the Military. I don't flaunt it like I feel like I'm owed something.It was a privilege shared by many of my brothers and sisters black or white, or green or red or what ever color you would like to insert. I worked for everything I have, always have and always will.I'm not embarrassed to have things. I worked my ass off for them. I'm not going to apologize for what I have. I could go on because you brought up a lot of points but to do so would be rambling and I think I'll leave that up to you as you seem to be on a roll right now.  One more thing, lets all stand together as one race of people, not races of color. lets all stand together in these tough times as Americans . I'm justa saying!!    P.S. I'm tired as hell when making a phone call to a business, pressing 1 to speak English. You've got- to- be- kidding me!!!              

Sorry no picture today. You have to use your imagination.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Justa reflecting on some things.


Is this a tired looking old timer or what

Notice the sweat shirt. Yeah I'm a Buffalo Bill fan(I usually wear a bag over my head when wearing this one) Another reason I wear this sweatshirt is because of the word "Bills" on it,it reminds me to keep going every day. That's why we get up and get going every day isn't it? Because we have bills to pay. Staying in bed isn't an option. Ok maybe on Saturdays and Sundays for a while. If you didn't have get up and go to work what time would you get up? Me I am so ingrained with doing most of my driving at night between the hours of 10:00pm and usually 3:00 am the next morning. This is the time that a lot of truckers like to drive because traffic is less around the big cities and it was a lot easier to get around. That being said I have a hard time staying in bed around 01:00am every morning that's why many of days you'll see my post being marked rather early in the morning.

The Yankees aren't exactly tearing up the American league east are they?

They won last time I listened to them on the radio on Sunday for a few minutes. It is so hard for me to sit still and watch or listen to a whole game. My mind is so Fuzzy right now from the Abilify. I just can't seem to get the medicine balanced and I'm always tired. I don't think I'm getting the right amount of sleep.I'm starting to sound like a professional whiner aren't I. :) Sunday Momma and I went to a concert at the Church. I enjoyed the music but it was really hard for me to concentrate. I called Len my social worker at home(how amazing is this to be able to do this) Sunday night. After a short conversation he decided that maybe I should go back on the medicine I was taking before. The name escapes me and I don't want to go back into the bedroom an wake up momma just to get it. It is Ripserdal or something like that. We shall see how that works as I took a dose two nights ago. Wish me luck.

The news continues to be positive

(Not) Gas & food prices are continuing up unabated what to do. Check out some of my favorite sites. You can find them on the side bar on the right. Trent over at the Simple Dollar is continuing his "Born to Buy" series it is a continuing series on how advertising effects our buying habits. Trent leaves no stone unturned. Also check out Mrs. Micah on her blog she is giving us advise for Teen financial books that we can all put to use in our lives today.Also check out her blog roll on the right of her blog. Check out these and other sites on my sidebar. I have an interesting blog roll, that I use to stop by different sites all the time. Check out one more site on money that I came across here she has a podcast that is interesting to listen to if you have a few minutes. All we can do is all we can do. Cut where you can. But keep in some of the things you really like if you can. Remeber Cindy and I still eat out every week for breakfast because it is "in" our budget. We also have a $20.00 slush fund that we each get a week. We are only able to do this because we have set up a budget and know where every dollar goes. We choose where our money goes not the other way around if that makes sense.

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Monday, April 28, 2008

Justa sidewalk buildin'


Saturday Momma and I went to the Home Depot over in Clay

Ny. We went there mainly to pick on the mayor of Baldwinsville. We heard he was going to be giving a speech on the finer points of wood and the use of such on building a deck. Apparently he got word we were coming over and didn't show up to work that day. We were going to price out a 12ft by 12 ft deck for the side door.

We have been talking about putting a deck on the house somewhere for years. I guess we are still just talking about it. We came away with $50.00 in rocks for the front sidewalk in stead. We used to put mulch chips in every other year. We just decided together that rocks would be a more permanent situation and that the added cost this year would be worth it. What do you think? I like the way these look. We already had the blocks  in the walk way. I think the stones set it off pretty good. They drain the rain pretty good also as a pretty good rain storm came through a couple hours after we had put the rocks down and none of them drained off into the driveway. This project took 10 bags of stones which were very heavy to haul around. My leg bothered me quite a bit. My fanny ended up sitting on those steps watching momma rake and making it look awesome. We got pretty lucky we figured just right on the amount of rocks we would need.

I have recovered from my game of tag.image

As of this writing two of my tag victims had responded. My brother in law Tom who has responded in his blog. He is very funny and makes me crack up all the time. I think he like all of us has some issues up stairs if you know what I mean? And the second one to respond was Forest who has a great blog. He got us all going with some interesting comments on a post the other day. If you have some extra time check out these two sites. I wasn't very comfortable with being tagged at first blush. It however turned out to be a fun time I'm honored to have been invited into the game.Stan chimed in with his answer to the game just as I was finishing up this post (So all of my "victims" were good sports and played along.) He was a good sport about it even though he is busy packing and getting ready to move. Thanks Stan. Sorry for the added task at a busy time in your life(Photo via of Google images)



I enjoyed my day of rest from blogging and reading

emails and networking. I love to do all of that. But I also look forward to that day of rest. That day that God has set aside for us to just stop and smell the roses.This picture isn't one of roses but does show the tulips my wife planted a few years ago coming up again. Spring has truly sprung in upstate New York.100_1072 Momma took these pictures the other day she is so good at capturing nature at it's finest.

I know I've said it before but this is my favorite time of year. The rains of April not only bring spring flowers but wash away the dirt and grime of winter. It makes me see the possibilities in life. You know the saying "Hope springs eternal". Here's hoping that all of you out there have an awesome spring and may that saying pertain to you and yours. Thanks for stopping by. If your so inclined leave a comment below. And if you don't want to miss any of Justakrusen feel free to subscribe to the email subscription up in the top right corner. It is an easy no hassle sign up to receive Justakrusen in your email every day. Heck if you miss a day no telling what will have happened. I'm justa saying!