Saturday, February 23, 2008

JustaKrusen hard at work!!

100_0668That's right folks Momma and I have figured out how to put pictures on here. Of course she would put up the one showing me working hard? We have finally figured out how to down load from the digital camera onto the computer. 

Cindy and I went to the gym today.We've got it to where we're going at least 3 times a week, we may ratchet that up 1 or 2 more days. It is really helping bringing more strength to my leg, however I can tell that it just isn't going to come all the way back. The Arthritis that has settled in the knee gets pretty painful and limiting sometimes. I'm not complaining though it is a lot better than it has been.

On the way back from the gym we called Tom and Sherri to see if they wanted to stop out to Dunkin Donuts and have coffee. They had company over and asked us to stop over to their house instead. (I think they were worried that we were going to make them buy) Lol.  Their son Collin was there visiting, we hadn't seen him in a while. He sure has grown up and matured, inspite of his parenting.

Justa another Breakfast out

image We went out to our regular Saturday breakfast. This time we were with the Mayor and his wife again. No breakfast out with them is a "regular" breakfast. Shawn and I often joke about being each others only friend, but it's friends like Shawn and Pat that make it so you don't need more than one. We have been friends now since way back when I was 15 or 16 years old. There was a break of about 8 or 9 years or so in the middle there, where we had no contact at all. When we got together again it was just like we had never been apart. Shawn and Pat have 5 kids and it's an inspiration to us to the way they have raised them and their commitment to them now.  By the way Shawn & Pat paid for breakfast that's right in my price range. (man last week Tom & Sherri paid and this week Shawn & Pat) This is a nice racket we've got going here. Any more friends and family want to go out to eat?

After Breakfast Momma and I went out and got groceries. I have to tell you anyone that reads this and doesn't at least look into it is crazy, but here goes. We just bought enough groceries to feed an Army and all we spent was $82.00. As some of you know where we shop check this out The prices are at least 40% less than at Wegman's or P&C or anywhere else that you can think of. Jeff used to work at the one In Baldwinsville (That isn't there any more) and that's what put us on to the place. We go to the one in Fulton that is only 6 miles from our house. Most of the things we buy are around $1.00 less for the same thing we would have bought at the other stores. Don't get me wrong, I love Wegman's it's convenient, Clean, Well organized,and fun to shop at. And oh yeah, EXPENSIVE!! I'm not going to pay for Danny (Wegman) to go out to eat, I'm going to save so I can afford to once in a while.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Justa Spending the money like We have some!

image Spent some major coin today. The muffler has been getting louder and louder lately. I've just sort of been ignoring the noise,(The way Momma ignores the noise of my babbling)Anyway, When I took Momma's car to Rochester with me Yesterday, that left her to use my car,soooo Momma didn't like the noise and suggested that it was finally time to replace whatever. I personally felt it could have have gone another 100,000 miles or so.

So I took it up to Cole Muffler up in Fulton. We've always had real good luck with them over the years with all our cars. They only do what needs to be done, no adding on or anything. The bad news $360 and some change. The good news it's quiet. This weekend were going to be spending $400 something on new struts and stuff for the back. After that were down to a compressor and a few other small things. All those things sound like a lot it really isn't in my eyes. It's a 1997 Dodge Intrepid with 124,300 miles on it and it's paid for. I told Momma the other day my goal is to get 1 million miles out of it. To do that you have to put some money back into it. For me to get my mileage goal out of it, one of the kids will have to be giving it to one of their kids.

I went to the Chiropractor today. He tells me My Workman's Comp case worker isn't real happy with some of the things he's saying, ie: I need some thing a magings for both my shoes, it seems all the limping and strange gait I've had since my injury, operation, and subsequent Sundry events in my life has caused my feet to bow in. So according to Dave (Mr Chiro) I need these things in my shoe's. SO HERE WE GO! This thing is going to drag on for ever.

Just a quick side note. If your so inclined, check out some of the blogs of interest that I've linked to on the side, I think there is a whole lot of useful information. Thanx for joining me on this ride called "Life".

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Justa pleasant drive

Well,I've returned to the roost. I drove out to Rochester and Adrianne and I went out to lunch at Dinosaur BB. If You have never eaten at one yet, you have to go. Does the word Delicious ring a bell. We both managed to stay away from the Dessert's-although we looked at the menu. There is one in Syracuse. We joked some more about me forgetting her birthday.(at least I think we were joking). But as you can see below, alls well that ends well.

image                 image                      image

                                                          Not for nothing. I did a little experiment on the way out to Rochester. I wanted to see how many vehicles I would pass if I set the cruise control and what were some of the price differences  Here are some things I found out about my ride.    

  • I passed exactly 2 cars. One of which passed me back after she got back from yakking with her passenger.  
  • I passed 4 Tractor Trailers. 2 which passed me back after we got past the slight incline.               
  • I saw 2 officers of the law in the middle. It was amazing how all of the sudden I was going a good speed for the rest of the vehicles around me.  
  • Gas was about 5 cents a gallon more expensive on the thruway. 
  • Everyone else but me must be really rich. Because they were sure driving like it , with  gas costing $3.35 a gal every mile per hour you drive over 55 costing you a tenth of a gal (Saw a study on this sometime ago) The average speed had to be at least 10 mph over.
I also found out that you really need to research gas prices in your area. Not that you should drive out of your way to get gas, but just a little checking around within a reasonable area from where you are.(even in Rochester) can yield a big difference. Within a 5 mi range of where I was driving in Henrietta, There was a difference of .06 cents or so.    Also everyone probably knows this already but you can check out Syracuse gas prices here and if your going in the area of the least expensive gas, why not buy it there?

So in conclusion, I either drive like an Ole Grandpa,Just like Cindy drives like an old Grandma,or all the rest of You whipper snappers need to slow down.

Justa Quickie!!

I first saw him when I was in college. We met through one of those computer services and I was told he was generous and the type who would be there whenever I needed him.

“He was very bright and a real card, but my friends warned me he was nothing but plastic. Nevertheless, we began to go everywhere together … C.C. bought me dinners, jewelry, expensive clothes — almost everything I desired!

“A month later I met Bill, who was waiting for me when I went to pick up my mail. He seemed nice at first, but when I asked him what his interests were he said 21.6% … It was evident that all he was after was my money. To make matters worse, Bill said C.C. would never go out with me again if I didn`t pay — the two had their little trick planned all along.”

Adapted from: American Greetings (found online somewhere)
Posted by Dawn over at frugalforlife          

I'm getting ready for my trip out to Rochester(For lunch with my Little Girlie). Just wanted to share a little humor to start the day. Will post later after my trip. "Seize the Day!"

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Justa Wednesday

Justa shout out to our neighbor Marsha.Thanks for commenting on the blog. See, she gets it. Her $5.00 lurking fee is waved right off the bat. How are your therapy sessions going from car pooling to work with Cindy? She has that drive like an old lady thing down to a science doesn't she? I'm going to keep the post short so that I can embed this video. This guy is pretty good at what he does and he's down to earth, check it out. Have a great day.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Justa Missed a Birthday!!

 image image      image 


I just got a return call from Adrianne on my cell phone a little while ago. I wanted to bring her attention to my post about the Partaaaa later this spring. So I picked up the phone and my little girlie says,"Hey,(She always says that) how's it going?" After exchanging salutations she asked me if "anything special happened last Saturday?" I tell her "not that I'm aware of". Refer to picture of me up above. It appears, I forgot one of the happiest days of my life! Yep, 26 years ago We first exposed the world to Adrianne Alice Krusen. She has in the last year or so (see can't remember your wedding day either) dropped the Krusen to match the last name of her life mate and husband Josh.When wife #1(Dianne) told me that we were going to be adding a member to the family I was to say the least ecstatic. I started playing Paul Ankas's "Your having my baby"all the time.I'm trying to find a way to blame Cindy for me forgetting Adrianne's birthday. Isn't it the wife's job to remind the husband? I'm going to do a post down the road a piece on those years of being a long distance dad and the effect it has on dads and kids relationship.(It is excellent now)

Justa Brain Storming! Or was it only flurries !!!



I've been thinking more about what I'm going to be doing with my own money that our Uncle is going to be mailing to me this spring: These are if Momma approves of course. This assumes $1,200.

  • Go out to a really nice restaurant with friends and family and just secure a nice private room where we can all relax and talk and not get chased out until we are ready to leave. (My questimate would be about $50.00 per couple that each of us would have to pay,more if we wanted to package that with a room) I was thinking along the lines of we could set up the Karoke machine and really make a fun evening of it. If you all like the idea check back by way of comments below or phone us. This would be a good way to have your $5.00 lurking fee waved.

  • Put $500.00 into an ING Savings account which you can link to here.

  • The balance, which I won't know what that is until the meal idea above is figured out, goes into our savings account at the bank.                        

These are things that I hope to do with my found money. I'm sure you guys have different things you would or will do with the money. Any ideas let us all know by leaving a comment below.(There he goes with that comment thing again)

This way we would be stimulating the economy like our Uncle hopes will happen, and In mine and Cindy's case allow us to build up our savings accounts. It's also a way for us all to go out for a neat night on the town without breaking our piggy banks.


Just like they said in the song "Money for nothing, Checks for free." by Dire Straits.

Justa agreeing with Robin Williams

This was a post on that I came across. I agree whole heartedly. Time to hit the rack. That means go to bed for you that live in Liverpool. » IdleChatter

Monday, February 18, 2008

Justa taking way to much medicine!

image Ok, so I've been on the computer too much lately. I really have been. My Librarian (Hello Barb) has a whole bunch of books lined up for me to read. I still have about 10 left from my last shipment. They are all excellent reads. James Patterson,Jack Higgens, Daniel Silva,Dean Koontz, Catherine Coltier, just to name a few. I promise Barb I'll start reading again. I was so anal about reading when you first gave me them, I think I read about 15 of them in about 2 weeks wasn't it? Oh and by the way your charging me way to much for them.(She gives them to me)

Amanda, Cindy tells me you read the blog everyday. Thanks for that, it's nice to know that I'm not just whistling in the wind. As you've read, I'm still just experimenting and learning all kinds of things I hope to get some worthwhile content going soon and if you have any ideas or anything you would like researched just let me know as, I have lots of time and would be more than glad to look up different resources. I hope your feeling better soon, being sick is no fun. Jeff tells me we're invited over for a movie night again. I'm glad momma's behavior the last time we were there didn't shut the door on future movie nights. We just got about 5 or 6 new Dvd's so let us know when.

My next "have to leave the house" isn't till Friday(Chiropractor), however I was talking to Indy a while ago and he suggested a ride in the car would be nice. So I believe we will go to Dunkin Donuts and get a coffee. I've been buying Indy donut holes the last few times I've been, he loves them.(Jeff, could he be a police dog?) Tom, I got a hold of Natalie last night and we are mailing her a picture of the John website so she could see what I'm talking about for a caricature for the heading on the website. I really like the one she did of you. Something along those lines would be awesome. Just think Natalie would be the head of graphics for all Justakrusen enterprises going forward. Hey, You never know.

I hate to bring up this subject but it has gotten out of hand and I have no choice. Effective immediately there will be a $5.00 per event "Lurking Charge" for not commenting on a post that you read. This can be paid either by credit card or cash, (as I don't trust any of you with a check,Your family remember). It's necessary for me to institute this charge because, well, because, because, well because that's why. So check your mail boxes and remit payment within 10 days or there will be a 10% late fee assessed. Thank you in advance for you compliance, it will make family functions a little less stressful if I don't have to bring it up there.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Justa Picking on Friends and Relatives!!

image Just wanted to say watch out Pete, Jeff might be out working today. Jeff this guy does look quite a bit like you,don't you think? Melanie, is this the cop that gave you the ticket for your Demolition Derby in your parking lot?

image And here I am on the way to the gym. I don't really need to go but, It gives me something to do. I didn't know that Cindy was behind me at the light.

image_thumb[7]We went to breakfast this morning with Tom & Sherri. We went to Larkins again. That is an awesome place to eat Thanks for breakfast guys. With relatives like this who needs friends right?I actually have started to lose some weight again. I was down to 278lbs before we went to breakfast. Still a ways to go. I started at 294lbs this time around. Before I had gotten hurt I was down to 255. Like anything I have my good and bad days.

Momma told me I was using too many pictures in my post. So that puts an end to that. She is so mean to me. If any one out there is looking for a really good read and an excellent source on blogging click this link here It is beyond the shadow of a doubt the best resource and explanation of blogging on the web. In my humble opinion of course.