Thursday, December 25, 2008

Mrs Justa and Christmas

Christmas time, a time for reflection, a time for magic, a time for family , a time for rest,a time for giving, a time to be thankful, a time for memories of years gone by, and memories you are creating for the future.

For to me, even though I feel the swarming of commercialism at the holiday season, I try to stay out of the trend of charging for gifts, and dreading the credit card bill that will hit in January. Instead I remind myself of Jesus being born to lead us bless us and guide us.

Mark and I did not go nuts for Christmas, we set a limit of $50.00 for each of us, and for our kids and grandson. We did mostly stay at that level.100_2003  I love to decorate at Christmas time, the tree, the santas and snowmen, the ornaments that hold memories, Christmas carols.

Christmas is not about the gifts, they do go along with the holiday, but it is more the fact that we have a warm home, a family to share special moments with, and now a grandson who has yet to feel all the magic in his innocence of Christmas and Santa Claus and all the decorations.

I held Brandon for quite a bit last night at my brother's home, and I swayed back and forth to the lights on the Christmas tree. He was mesmerized by the sparkle and twinkle.

One tradition in our family to to gather on Christmas eve, my brother and his wife put on a buffet supper which includes a stroganoff that is to die for. We have time together, and we recently started a new tradition that each adult buys one 20.00 gift- unisex, and we draw numbers, we pick a gift, open it, and we can choose to keep it, of take someone else's already opened gift, and they get what you opened. Last year I was maybe # 4 of 14 , and before the dust settled, people kept taking my gift in exchange for what they opened, I think I had 6 different gifts before I ended up with a really neat thermometer that has 2 remote sensors. It is suppose to be for indoor outdoor, but I put the second sensor in the babies room, so I know the temperature is okay for Brandon. This year I have come home with a $20.00 gift card to an Italian restaurant in town.

May you all have a wonderful holiday season, and a very Happy New Year. Mrs and Mr Justa Krusen

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