Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Mrs Justa and being thankful

Have you ever taken time to think what really makes you happy? What brings you such joy? There are certain things that bring Indi joy, a joy that is endless,such as hanging his face out the window of the car as we go down the road.

Now this makes no sense to me, because I can blow in his face and he hates it, 100_1907_edited

but gusts of 55 mph in his face and he is in hog's heaven. He does not beg to go with us, but always appreciates the chance.

100_1965 His tennis ball, now this brings him pleasure to no end, he will ask for it thrown, will chase it and then lay contently with it touching his nose, so no one steals it.

Things that bring me joy: Laughter, the kind that makes my eyes water and me almost gasp my breath: Babies,the smell of a baby, the warmth of their existence, the cuddling and their need for comfort: Music makes me fill with joy, it fills me with content: A good book, ahh, not enough of them are read, but when I get my hands on one, ahh it is ecstasy: taking a walk; exercising : A good friend. If you have a really good friend, you have more wealth than money can buy: Doing things for others : Knowing that my son loves me: having a husband that cherishes and loves me: knowing our kids are in good marriages: knowing the kids and their spouses love Mark and me: Feeling God's presence: Lilacs : Payday ! : Loosing weight: Singing : 100_1969

Cooking something that turns out perfect:  Mowing a yard: Cleaning our house:

Shoveling snow: a campfire: camping: sitting at the ocean or walking the beach: being on a mountain top: the love from a pet: going to my job; sitting on the park bench and just chilling.... Yep I am weird, but these things- and so many more - bring me such joy.

I do not stop enough to count my blessings, to treasure the things I find joy from. Do you? Take time to be thankful for what you have and look for those things that make you whole. Love always, Mrs Justa.... Cindy


preciousrock said...

Mark is fortunate to have such an optimistic, life-loving wife given his struggles with depression. He must live with a ray of sunshine.

Mark Krusen said...

Mark always says I have a "Poly-anna" outlook. I guess that is good. I think sometimes he wishes I was a little less optimisitc, and as he says, he is a realist. But we have been together since 1985, so I must not drive him too nuts!. Thanks for stopping by! Cindy