Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Pizza Hut!!

“Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving
safely in an attractive and well preserved body, but rather to skid in
sideways, champagne in one hand - strawberries in the other, body
thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming “Holy Shit - What a Ride!”

- Mavis Leyrer of Seattle, age 83

I found this quote on a blog I happened across.Wendy on the Web, She has it in her about me page on the bottom. I used to have this attitude when I was younger. Maybe I need to go back to it? Heck my body is half tore up now. I'm almost there. Now I just need the attitude.

Got the call from Adrianne on Monday night. They couldn't tell the sex of the baby yet because it's legs we're crossed and the baby just wasn't going to uncross them. I think it must be a girl. Girls are really stubborn. Adrianne was stubborn when she was younger. Nothing wrong with that really. It's what got her through a lot. I'm really proud of everything she has accomplished.

Remember I was telling how our niece Gretchen was going  to go into the Navy in August? Well it's been moved up. She has to report the 18th of this month now. Tom & Sherri are having a cook out for her on the 16th. They always put on a good grog. I'll have to save some calories for that day. I think she's going to go in for Electronics or something along those lines.

Don't tell anybody but momma and I went to Pizza Hut tonight. We both got a sandwich. I had cheese and steak and Cindy had Chicken Parmesan. I went with the idea of getting stuffed crust Pizza. So we looked at the menu and did the "I don't know what do you wants". So instead of the Pizza {that I was dying for} We each got a bowl of Broccoli and Cheese soup. I think we thought we were getting a cup and she brought bowls. $4.49 each later. Long story short,we spent $29.10 plus tip. That was our second time going out to dinner for the week. It's so tough to say no to yourself isn't it? Well maybe some of you are better at it then me.

Cindy came up with a new name for our Comrade Ele Presedonta. She calls him Oblahblah. I think that's rather appropriate. Ever day he's on the TV. Blah,Blah,Blah. He is in constant campaign mode. Some one needs to tell him he won the election he can stop running. My head is going to explode we're going to have 8 years of this. Oh yes 8 years, the Republicans are falling all over themselves stammering and spitting like a bunch of lunatics. They are making it very easy for the Oblahblah machine. They didn't do squat when they had the power. Now they don't have any ideas either. See I'm an equal opportunity basher.

We{Cindy} sent a Hershey Kiss arrangement via of to my mother for Mommy's day. She should get them Thursday. Don't forget to get your Mom's something. Mothers day is on Sunday.image

Monday, May 4, 2009

Meandering Monday.

It's 7:45 Monday night as I start typing this post. I was sort of waiting to type this until I heard from my daughter about if she is having a boy or girl. No call yet. We had 4 of 6 numbers in the last lotto drawing here in Ny. That won us a whopping $20.00. It's a start. It's the most we've ever won playing Lotto. Our previous best was $1.00. I figure we're not going to win if we don't buy a ticket. Don't worry If we win I'll take care of my blogging buddies. It will be like your in the witness protection program. I'll say Stan who? Stephany who? Precious who? Ana who? {Laughing} Nah I tell you what... if we win I'll take ya all out to dinner. Limit 1 happy meal each.

I went to my Chiro today. The only problem with that, I was a week early. Here I am sitting in the waiting room 15 minutes before my appt. Dave {the Chiro} sticks his head out from around the corner and tell me that he has me down for next Monday. I waddle over to the window and pick out my card with the appointment time on it to show him the error of his ways. Hmmmm. It appears the dates on the card did indeed coincide with the same date as "next" Monday. My bad... I told him thanks for telling me. I said "at least you didn't leave me sitting out there till next Monday". So I shall try again next week.

010 Here's a flower for Stephany. This is one that has started growing in our Garden at the sign. It's a Marigold. But I know how much you like flowers.



The weekend didn't turn out so great sports wise after all. Tiger couldn't get it going enough to really challenge for the lead and the Yankee game got rained out on Sunday. We did sneak over to see Brandon so that was a good thing. We broke from the norm a bit and went out to dinner on Sunday night about 8:30 pm. That was nice for a change. Just the two of us thereas the place closes at 9:00. We left about 5 after 9 Momma got a doggy bag to finish it at home. Well it's 11:05 pm as I finish this up. The Yankees are losing 4-0 to Boston in the 5th inning and Castle is over on the TV. Momma's going to show me how to clean the disk on this computer so have a good one. I'll update on Adrianne when she lets me know.