Saturday, March 8, 2008

Justa rested and ready to boogie!!

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Don't Touch Me

An older couple is lying in bed one morning, having just awakened from a good night's sleep. He takes her hand and she responds, "Don't touch me." "Why not?" he asks. She answers back, "Because I'm dead." The husband says, "What are you talking about? We're both lying here in bed together and talking to one another." She says, "No, I'm definitely dead. He insists, "You're not dead. What in the world makes you think you're dead?" "Because I woke up this morning and nothing hurts."

The "I man" and I went for a ride in the car yesterday. It felt great to get away and just unwind. We didn't even stop at Dunkin Donut's either.Jeff and I bombed around together yesterday morning also. That was fun. You have to take advantage of every moment like that you can. Amanda, tell Jeff I had a great time, and that I'm grateful to him for not being mad at me for showing his baby picture a few days ago.

I didn't realize it,but apparently Momma and I are O-L-D. Yep, I was telling Jeff that Cindy and I have started thinking about the possibility of being a foster parent. His first response was a look of shock and he said sputtering" You guys are what 54 (as in Methuselah)years old why would you want to do that?" My answer? "Because". With out knowing it, I mentioned my conversation with Jeff to Momma and she too has been thinking about the same thing. Back to Jeff's question of why? Well for me and I think I can speak for Cindy too.

  • Because we need to.They wouldn't ask for people it they didn't need them. I have experience (Albeit it's over 20 years ago, of dealing with kids in need of supervision.)
  • Because we want to.
  • Because we can.
  • Because it's a challenge.
  • Because there is a need. They wouldn't have asked for the help if they didn't need it. I found the ad in a local health related paper.

So, as Cindy and I sit around the old wood burning stove, after coming back in from the outhouse out back,while sipping on our Geritol cocktails,and listening to the Beatles on our old 45's we are going to contemplate the possibilities. Will we do it? Don't know. We'll keep you informed. I'm Justa saying!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Justa taking the day off.

image I've lost my head over

That's right. I'm taking the day off. This will be my shortest post ever. My Brain needs a break. To cold to go to the beach but I'm sure Imus and I will find something to do. Thanks for stopping in. See ya Tomorrow.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Justa Insurance Rant!!

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I was hesitant to do this post. Fear of reprisal, momma getting mad(this is the most serious threat)or some imaginary boogy man. The picture isn't really an illustration of my situation although insurance companies as a rule do leave you high and dry.

Here goes, I'll try not to make it too long. A lot of you have been following the adventures of my Workman's Comp case.If you need to check back through some of the post. Sorry I haven't learned how to do internal links yet. Ok, the other day I went to my physical capacity test attempt two. I arrived there at 06:45 for a 07:00 appt. The lady at the desk(names left out to protect the guilty) tells me after I let here know why I'm there, that I'm not in the computer. Every one knows that if it's not in the computer it didn't happen. It seems that when I had to cancel the last appointment the girl told me what day and time the new one would be. She put it on a sticky note and put it in my file. Well it never made it from the file to the computer so, no appt.

This is where the story gets good. Remember from the post on canceling my first appt? Well the Physical Therapy place (at North Medical) charged $150.00 for me canceling without 48 hours notice? I talked to my WC case manager yesterday and she said they paid that bill. I was surprised and told her so. What a waste of money. She said "They have a right to bill for that and rather than fight it I just paid it." (Yes this is the same lady that is refusing to pay the Chiropractic bill that is really helping my leg)

So I tell her that she ought to back bill them for $150.00 for there mistake(although my only mistake was getting the flu at the wrong time). There was an awkward pause The same one that is there when I've asked Momma something stupid. She has no intention of doing that. This is just a small example of some of the wasted money on my case. I will for speed of reading list them as follows:

  1. 30 physical therapy sessions to see if I could magically repair a torn meniscus I guess.
  2. My surgery(Not wasted) however the infection right after the surgery(Some one messed up somewhere)resulting in 10 days in the hospital with two more surgeries and some kick fanny antibiotics.
  3. 10 days in home with a thing a majing in my army antibiotic therapy along with I don't remember how many vistits physical therapy in home.
  4. At least another 30 physical therapy sessions at the place I went to before surgery.
  5. 12 sessions of massage therapy
  6. 8 sessions so far of Chriopractor(which they are refusing to pay)
  7. I now own a what cha callit electric probe pain reducing thingy. Retails for $810.00 They had a contract price of some sort.

These are just some of the major expenses, I could go on but I see some of you nodding off so I'll sum it up here. Insurance companies as a rule not an exception have way to much on their plates with "managed care".My case manager probably has a case load that is way too much for one person to handle effectively.In fact I'm sure of it because they have subcontracted my case to a local company, where a nurse has been handling my case going to appt. with me etc. Momma describes back ups in claims cases at her job. Some one needs to stream line systems, listen to those on the front lines for ideas,change what they are doing because what they are doing "justa ain't working."

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Justa kidding!

imageI posted this on the WordPress website but I wanted you folks that don't go there to read this and see early pictures of Momma and Jeff.

I finally got Cindy's permission to put her picture on the blog. Here she is holding Jeff. This is one from quite a few years ago so she has changed quite a bit. She doesn't monkey around, when she picks a picture does she.I went Bananas when she said I could use it. Jeff's going to go ape.... when he see's I've put a picture of him on here. (I didn't get his permission). Oh well, speaking of permission. I made the mistake of asking Momma her opinion of a post I was planning to put on here the other day. Needless to say she was less than thrilled. I was less than thrilled when she gave me her honest opinion, didn't she know I JUSTA wanted her to rubber stamp it. Oh well I learned another valuable lesson. If you don't want to know don't ask!! So in the future(as in from now on) I'm taking an idea right out of the Billy Bob Clinton play book "Don't ask Momma, Don't tell Momma" with a slight twist on the last part to read "Don't tell Momma till after you've done it." I know, I know,These are Gorilla tactics, but when times get tough( I mean isn't $3.27 a gal for gas tough enough?) than you dig down and you do what you have to. After all I had just spent 10 minutes away from my bon bon's to produce in my opinion, a kick fanny post. Oh well.

Now you ask, Mark what kind of useful information did you give me today? Well besides the price of gas at the Nice and Easy in Phoenix. Not much yet. So in the interest of brevity (which this post has no way of accomplishing now) I'm going to give you a few quick references of the local Syracuse area that will help you,in no particular order:

  • One of the best places for news, information, weather or whatever online and on tv is 9 if you've never gone, check them out. A lot of information for sure.
  • If you want to know what traffic is looking like,and you go to work via 690 east into town, check out this neat site,with it's group of cameras.When it starts getting lighter earlier (remember those days) it well be easier to see.
  • And just to keep this post as short as I can,(boy does he ramble on) I realize this isn't a local what ever but who doesn't want to keep up with The Farmers Almanac . This is a really, really neat site with lots of information.

There, that didn't hurt to much did it? Take your seat belt off, get up out of the chair, get something to drink (Beverage of choice) and relax. Hopefully I haven't scared you away and we'll see ya tomorrow.   

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Not Justa nother Pizza

image Why am I doing this post on Franchising? Good question, It's not because I want to open a Franchise, It's not because I think anybody reading this wants to do a Franchise(But if you do, here's some info) it's because I, you, they, or just about anybody can do what I'm doing right here on the computer and generate a sustainable income. Mark have you made any money with your business? As a matter of fact I have. I've made $0.18 from paypal when they opened up my account at my bank. So there, I am some what of an expert on making money online with a computer. Just as an aside, I can't do one fraction of the things I want to do and that I know will be a success until I let this part of my life run it's course. It will take me time to build the business and it's not a get quick scheme. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication and I will have to work somewhere to generate income while doing so.

This is the start of a Series that I'm going to do on Franchises and business opportunities. The idea for this post came from a conversation I had over breakfast, with someone recently. I don't remember who it was so if this post is talking about a conversation You and I had, let me know and I'll give you props for it. Pizza Hut is the place I'm going to start with only because it's the last place I book marked. I'm only going to do one franchise a day and only 1 day a week for about 3 weeks so I won't drag it on to long. Next week I'll do  McDonald's.

image Mmmm that looks good. I'm hungry just loo

king at it while I'm typing this.

Yum Brand's is the Franchise arm of Pizza hut.  From the website under Franchise:


When you become a franchisee with Yum! Brands, you have the opportunity to experience the power of KFC, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell and Long John Silver's; all leaders in their menu categories. Combine that powerful portfolio with unique Multibranding capabilities and unparalleled franchise support, and you're looking at a franchising opportunity like no other!

Yum! Brands is committed to franchising with over 80% of our stores owned by independent franchise operators. We are actively seeking operators with the vision to open multiple restaurants.

This is one of the worst sites of the four or five I clicked on to get information. They must have gotten sued by someone because they are very guarded with the information and referring you to corporate for more information. They do have some neat video's on the bottom left of the Franchise page if you are so inclined to go there.

Like I said next week I'll do McDonald's I've already looked that site over and they're very forthcoming with the information. Hint: If you want to buy one of the Mickey D's Franchises bring your wallet.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Justa checking things out.

image 100_0860Here's what $138.42 will buy you at Wally World. There are some things that we couldn't get in the picture. But you get the basic idea. The other day I posted on Save A Lot and what we had spent there. At least I thought I posted on Save A Lot. I've looked around and can't find the post. Any how this purchase at Wal*Mart had a total of 54 items, I don't speak Greek so the items list was kind of hard to decipher what was non food items some of the time.

I'm in the if you can't beat em, join em mode as it relates to Wal*Mart If your careful and watch the items you buy. You can really save quite a bit. Momma said the meat's were more expensive at Wal*Mart as compared to Save-A-Lot. However, on a lot of the items Wally's prices were either the same or a little bit lower because of the size comparisons. Another thing, you have a lot more choices at Wal*Mart. Were not saying we're going to abandon ship on Save-A-Lot yet, Like Jeff did. (Amanda, I just had to get a dig in, it's been a few days now)

There is one Caveat here though. As a soon to be former Truck Driver, I hate the place. The Warehouses are huge and they have an extreme"My way or the highway" policy in the way they do things. For starters, you absolutely can't arrive any sooner than 2 hrs before your appointment time. If you do they will send you away. This is a major pain at most of the Distribution Centers because they tend to be out in the boonies. You have to leave and come back at your appointment time. Where you park, they could care less, just leave there property. (This is going to be a long paragraph and will have to be under the pouting, or whinnying category) So you get back to the Land of Oz, and they open the gates into the Emerald City, you have to park and walk in to check in. They assign you a door, you back in and have to drop your trailer and pull away from it about 2 feet. This is so the chances of you pulling the trailer out while someone is in the back.(I did that once at one of their stores, don't ask!) So I can't blame them for this policy can I? I guess the worst thing they do that bugs me, is that they charge you, or the company you drive for a minimum of $25.00 to unload the trailer. That's if it is a runoff no touch load. Much more if the Freight has to be handled. It takes a  2 hrs to unload. Sometimes much longer. This is a major ripoff, as they are passing the cost of the labor in their warehouse back onto the Shipper or Trucking company. But that is how they make (save) money by putting pressure on the suppliers.

So you see, I have a love hate relationship with Wally World. I love the prices on a lot of the stuff they sell-but I hate the way they treat Truck Drivers at the Warehouses, and I sure wish I could look on the tag and see "Made In America" once in a while. I'm Out!!

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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Justa switching to a WordPress Theme

image Courtney left today. These are the beverages I had to consume to make it through the whole visit. I'm only kiddingggggggg. I mentioned in one of my previous post that I had set up a new website at well I'm going to be taking that down. I have signed on with a web hosting company. It's $9.95 per month and they have a very professional approach to web hosting. Network Solutions is the name of the company. It's going to take me a while to set it up and get it running. I am not a computer geek at all, so the learning curve is pretty steep for me. I'm still struggling with walking and chewing gum. I'm going to continue to tweek this blog and this will be my "Home blog" as it's my first baby. I'll post on when I'm comfortable for people to head over to the new blog. The address will be and your free to click over there and watch me start to build it. Don't expect a whole lot right now.

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Justa Drama Queen Returns.

Warning!!! Warning!!!! Content on this post my not be suitable for all age groups!! Proceed at own risk. You may be bored to tears, you may be lead to cheers, you might be lead to laugh, you might be lead to cry,and if any of the preceding warnings hit close to home, we wouldn't blame you if from the site you wanted to Roam.

image That's right folks. I the "Lime Green Drama Queen" hath returned! I have been sent by my loving Dad to the gates of Purgatory. In another words I'm with my Uncle Mark and Aunt Cindy. Uncle Mark is the Hell part of this situation and Aunt Cindy is the Heaven part.

Now really Courtney calling me the Hell part is a little extreme don't you think?image No! Any whooo. We are being blessed by the presence of the Lime Green Drama Queen. Yes Courtney my 5th favorite niece is here for the weekend again. What did I do to deserve this? Really though, Courtney is a lot of fun to be around. (Especially when she is sleeping.)

By the way 10th favorite Uncle, I just vamped you.image Sometimes he can be ok. And I think most of the times he's been ok, is when he's sleeping also. It get's really quiet and doesn't happen enough.

We, Uncle Mark and myself, have agreed to move on from our smashing and bashing, to a more positive informative and entertaining post.

So here we go. ok here we go. Ummm here we go. No really, here we go. image We have enjoyed picking on each other, haven't we? Yes,that does seem to be what we do best. However we have collaborated on this post and despite our extreme distaste for each other. We are from time to time able to spend 5 minutes in the same room together without throwing anything. So since it is late at night, and the fact that our creative juices have dried up, And we have bored everyone to tears, I thing we should end this post now, and let every one off the hook here. I agree!!

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