Saturday, May 31, 2008

I'm justa grateful for my friends and family

The pod came today

Right in the time frame that they said it would. I've been anxious for it to get here so I could start loading it. As soon as the guy left after dropping it off I borrowed the next door neighbors cart and started bringing the bins out 3 at a time. I was actually feeling somewhat productive until the pain from my knee and my lower back  because of all the inactivity kicked in. I continued carrying the boxes anyway and have only stopped as I'm at an impasse as to how to load this thing. I think it will hold quite a bit. I have a whole roll of bins in but now it's time to stuff things in holes and shore up the piles. I think I need to wait till my honeys comes home and stupervises me. With two of us doing things we ought to be able to be very productive.

I'm going to take a few pictures like in stages

just to show you how much these things hold. We didn't get any pictures today though so today will probably be a post without  pictures. Cindy came home and as I suspected we were able to focus and finished putting all the boxes and bins that are packed into the pod. It shows us that we aren't that far from being done and that we have to pace ourselves a little differently as we still have almost 3 wks minimum before we can move into the new place.

It's pathetic how much I lean on Cindy for support

I feel so inadequate at times and she just completes me. She helps me focus and remain functional. I don't know how to express it but sometimes it makes me seem so vulnerable without her around. Like when she's at work. I'm sure it's not healthy for me to be so dependent on her for direction. I'm hoping that as I get back into the work force this will change.

I'm also very grateful for the support I've gotten from you all.

There are plenty of times where I've wanted to just quit this blog but it has taken on a life of it's own now and I feel a responsibility to continue. Do any of you ever feel this way  sometimes? I'm taking Sunday off from blogging and will be back Monday sometime. My times for posting may change as my upcoming schedule changes, but I will still try to post at least once a day. Thanks to all of you that keep coming back and commenting and thanks to you that I know are reading it inspires me to blog on. Have a great weekend every one. Seize the day. I'm sure going to try to.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Now I'm justa flower child

As if I didn't have enough titles I get to add another one to my list. I am a "Flower sniffer" My blogging buddy Preciousrock has passed along to me The Flower smellers badge. If you read my comment to her on the post you can see that I'm a little concerned with this award for good reason.

Here it is folks, the award passed on to me by Preciousrock and the award that I will in turn pass on to 3 more Flower Smellers of my choosing (see below).image






My first in line to be deemed the new flower sniffer is going to be Tom over at his site. If anyone needs to stop and smell the flowers some time it is him. He is very busy and needs to take a chill pill. Maybe sniffing some good flowers will help. 2nd in line will have to be Norm he too is working pretty hard at his job at the Home Depot. At least every time we stop in to say hi to him he is faking it pretty good anyway. And my third choice to stop and smell the flowers is going to go to Cindy my wife she could use some encouragement as she has been getting bombarded from all sides lately.

Shhhh, this is a secret.  I’m not going to notify any of these people of the award.  If they drop by and wish to pass on the award that will be wonderful.  If they decide not to pass it on, they are still flower smellers in my mind!   :-)

This is just one example of my wife Cindy and how special of a person she is always thinking of others first, if you read any thing in this post at all you have to follow this link to her post from a while ago. She is always thinking of others first. ALWAYS!!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Justa gettin it done!

100_1349_edited Here is one half of H&S landscaping cutting the front yard. Jeff and his buddy Justin started a landscaping business a few years back. The are very busy and very smart the way they go about doing their business. They are putting everything they make back into the business. Paying for new equipment and really building up a strong client base. We were lucky to get them to put us on the schedule.100_1351_edited

But this year we are customers. The problem Jeff has is with realizing that this is a business arrangement. He wants to cut the grass for free and I (we) want to pay him $20.00 per cut. So far they have cut the yard twice and no bill has come sooooo. Cindy put a check for $40.00 in with some mail we had for him.100_1347

He saw it and got kind of upset saying that somehow we would get it back. Tell me if you have an opinion on this. Should we pay Jeff & Justin to mow the yard? Is it ok to have a business arrangement with family? My thing is that it cost them money for their gas & time and travel time to get to our house they should be compensated fairly for that. If I had someone else do it I didn't know, I'd have to pay. As you an see they have the equipment to do the job. They do a very good job and it can't take them more than 15 mins. max to do it. Our lawn was the last one they did for the day and we were the 10th yard they did. Not bad for not starting till afternoon.



On the job front that is going at a snails pace. It turns out I have to personally go down to the Insurance company and let them make a copy of my license to run it to see if I am clean. Then my appointment for my finger print test to run the FBI check on me isn't until next Tuesday June 3rd. This actually works out pretty good as I have an afternoon appointment up in Oswego Ny to start the process of getting in to see a shrink. So I'll stop into the insurance company in Syracuse at about 9:00am then come home let Indy back out and hot foot it up to Oswego for my 2:00pm appt with the outpatient mental health clinic. I'm starting to feel like Stan.A little overwhelmed with all the new stuff. My little routine of just getting up, then taking a nap when ever I want to is almost over. I don't know how often I'll be able to post as I get busy with the moving, the new job, and appts with shrinks. I shouldn't be down and out for to long.

I had some major high anxiety yesterday my compensation is coming to an end and a settlement is near. I'm going to have to do some fighting to get some proper compensation I don't want to rattle on about it yet this post is long enough already. Just suffice it to say major stresses right now have brought out the Adavan. I took one last night it seems to have helped as I got about 41/2 hrs of sleep in a row. That is a lot for me. I'll let everyone know tomorrow how my various activities I have today go. Gotta run have a great day. I'm going to try to.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Justa wheeling and a dealing!



This is a picture of how Cindy feels right now. As you can see she is reeling but she hasn't passed out yet. To hear Jeff tell it Cindy and I are on deaths door and shouldn't be doing much of anything. Hasn't he read where 50 is the new 40. Except for a few bumps and bruises my leg being the biggest one we are able to function pretty well that you. We may have one foot in the grave but don't forget that hole is 6 ft deep so we have a way to go yet.Trent over at The Simple dollar did a post on boxes. It is an interesting read and it's also where I borrowed this picture of Cindy.(Don't ask me what he was doing with a picture of my wife, I don't even want to know). Heck Stan maybe you can have an outfit like this instead of that jacket you still wear from your Senior Prom.LOL.





Remember how proud Cindy and I were of not eating out. Well the Mayor and his wife, Cindy and I went out Monday morning  instead. I guess that falls under the category of delayed gratification. We went up to Mimi's in Fulton again. That is our new favorite place to eat breakfast. Our portion of the bill only came to $10.40 for both of our breakfast. That's a Sausage and Cheese Omelet and I think Cindy had pancakes.Along with all the coffee you can drink. Shawn and Pat's came to $8.00 something I think. Not to bad for a pretty healthy portion.

image Sometimes I justa wish I was like this bird. I could just take off and fly and just sort of glide with the wind. What would a bipolar bird do? I just think that it would be neat. Maybe my next life I can come back as one.My luck I'd run into a window my first flight and break my neck.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

You've justa gotta be joking right?

100_1342 This is how we live now. Squeezing between boxes. Cindy has been packing the boxes and I have  as much as possible been in charge of transportation and logistics... The Pod we are renting should be here on Friday. It will feel good getting all of this stuff put away so we can move around the house to continue packing. 17 years of accumulated stuff. You wouldn't believe the stuff you keep. We had home taped VHS movies from years ago. I have no doubt that had we rented a dumpster we would have filled it up easily. I'm justa mazed at the stuff we keep thinking that someday we will actually use it again. It's sad to say, but I was afraid to rent one because I was worried that my neighbors would load it with their stuff while I wasn't looking. Isn't than pathetic.(I don't know if its worse me worrying about them doing it, or them actually doing it.) 100_1336





This is going to be our life for at least another four weeks maybe more if things don't go according to plan. You know Mr. Murphy is out there waiting. I hope you don't get to bored with our talking about the move right now. This is our life. Cindy is busting her but all day at work what with some special projects she's working on,and staffing issues that constantly crop up. Then she has been coming home and taking charge of the move. I tried to pack but my idea of pacing is to throw everything out. So Cindy has to run that aspect of the operation or we will be buying all new stuff. LOL. How do you like the way I got out of that one?


I got the job I went to interview for. Now I have to wait to hear back on my Drivers License test (to make sure my license is clean) from there I will be needing to take a finger print test to determine if I have a felony. If whining is not a felony I should be ok. After that I will have to ride along with someone on the route for maybe a day or so, just to learn the ropes. Then they are going to release me to drive 8 to 11 developmentally challenged individuals of all ethnic and economic back rounds to and from their programs every day 5 days a week. I'm really looking forward to it.

All this going on and my Yankees are in last place. This time of year I don't follow each and every game but I do try to at least know the score. They had started playing better lately with a 5 game winning streak which was kinda nice.Also in sports news and on a little bit higher plane was the Syracuse Men's Lacrosse team winning the National Championship not to shabby huh? I'm not  a real big fan but I was able to catch quite a bit of it on the boob tube in between helping momma move boxes around. This is another one of my windy post I'll just close it with hoping that Jeff & Amanda who are a little under the weather will feel a little better in coming days. Thanks for stopping by and visiting.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Justas hanging out with friends

We are proud of ourselves. For the first time in a long long time Cindy and I didn't go out to eat Saturday Morning. We had errands to run like go to the Post office, the bank, and the store for a few items. We also had every opportunity to go out and we didn't. We stayed home and had cereal instead. Don't get me wrong it was tough to do. But we did it.

Sandy and Norm came over at 1:00 and I think they were really expecting the PB&J sandwiches we had been threatening to feed them when they came over. We did have sandwiches but we actually had different meats and cheeses and potato salad, potato chips,and drinks and such. We have boxes all over the place and didn't want to go all out to make a meal. I know that I enjoyed the meal. We had a great visit that wasn't constrained by having to watch the clock to get home. We even took them up to see the land where we are putting our new house. We have been up to the land now no fewer than 18 times. I'll be glad when we move in we will save Hundreds in gas right there. image





My blogging buddy Preciousrock on her blogone bipolar life had this picture up. I just thought it was funny and wanted to share it with you. It does simplify live quite a bit. I wished I had happened across it earlier I could have saved a lot of hassle over the last few years.

I took the 1/2 dose of Abilify last night so it will be grog city for me the rest of today. But like the cartoon says all I have to do is,"Snap out of it". I feel better already. I'm getting excited about starting the new job it will be nice to get into some kind of a routine again.

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Sunday, May 25, 2008

I justa can't do it! Sorry!



I've been tagged again.

I just ain't got the energy to follow up on doing the requirements. I'm writing this Saturday afternoon I'm not even sure when or if I'm going to post it. I am supposed to write 8 random things about myself. I really don't seen how I can do that and not repeat stuff as I've been an open book since I started this blog. So I guess I'm just going to have to Un tag my self.(Is that even possible) I am also supposed to tag 8 more people I don't even know 8 bloggers well enough to tag them. And I sure as heck ain't going to tag people I've already  tagged. Stan is already ragging on my about my "man basket" I could see if I tagged him with this one. This has to stop somewhere. (This tag thing) So if someone wants to be mad at me so be it. Get in line. The meany that tagged me obliviously didn't read much of my blog or they would have seen that I was recently tagged. So there we go that is the excuse I'm using. Here is the link to the blog that tagged me.So back to my plan for taking Sunday off. I think I will post this. Under the category whinnying. LOL.

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