Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Mrs Justa and the teeth ache

Okay, go figure, it is the week of a holiday and I do not have one toothache, I have the whole left side of my face hurting. image Now I do not mean a dull ache, I mean the kind that makes me want to stand up and salute the darn pain so it will go away.

Now bear in mind that this is the side of my mouth that has had all the attention in the past few years. Probably in the tune of 2-3,000 buckaroonies of work when you combine what we have paid and the insurance company has paid, bridges, caps, redone fillings.

So yesterday my dentist took me in and x rayed all over, can not find why it is acting up. And I personally am not turned on by having all my bridge work removed. The x rays looked okay for what he could see among the hardware. The consensus is a lower left sinus infection that may be pushing on the roots of the teeth which run very close to the bottom of the sinus. So I am on some good ol penicillin, and I am really hoping it is what it is and it cures the pain. 

It only hurts if they are exposed to cold or hot. So I will put my turkey on a plate before everyone else on Thursday and let everything cool down to room temperature.

The pain is eye crossing when it flairs up, at work today I had an episode of pain when my lunch had not quite cooled down enough, nope I needed my instant oatmeal to get to room temp. Once the pain flairs up, is takes a long while to settle down. As I am writing this, well it is flared again, the water I just had must have been too cool.

Ahhhhhhhhhh I am really looking at my thankfulness of many things, the teeth... well that is not on my list , just thankful when the pain goes away for a while. Peace to all, Love mrs Justa

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