Monday, December 29, 2008

Mrs Justa and tennis balls of life


To some

this may look like "justa" tennis ball. But to others it is more then that.

Indi lives and breathes for this tennis ball, he greets it first thing in the morning, throughout the day it is with him, and at night before bed time the ball is still in action.

When he tires of playing with it, he has been known to take a little nap with it between his paws or touching his nose.

This simple round rubber is what Indi lives for, it is almost like a part of him. He longs to share it's special value and meaning with others.

This made me ponder

about what is so important to us? Each of us? What do we live for? What can we not do without? And whatever it is, do others know the importance it has to us?

Hmmm, my tennis balls in life are probably God, church, my family, my job, friends, music, food, my morning cup of coffee, keeping this blog up, singing, taking photos, laughter. I think I need all these to live, to feel fulfilled.

What are your tennis balls in life?

This then led to a phrase from a song that was written by Ray Stevens " There is none so blind as he who will not see. We must not close our minds, we must let our thoughts be free. "

With that, my mind goes to the fact that I need to be more cognizant of others "tennis balls". What is important to others may not be important to me, but I need to still treat it as important, because it is to them.

How many times has someone come to you,

or to me , and said something that was taken lightly, instead of with the importance it was given in.

To all those , whose "tennis balls" I did not appreciate, I apologize. I am sure there are people I have run across, that I heard but did not absorb the message, the emotion.

As I end this for today,

I will make a commitment to be a better listener, a better observer, and to look beyond .

Ray Stevens also wrote " Don't worry about what shows from without, but the love that lies within. "  Good night to all,

Mrs Justa.... alias Cindy

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