Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Mrs Justa and goodbye 2008

Okay, call me a fool, call me old fashion, call me whatever....but to me, this does not look like any sort of fun ! So I imagewould drive with Mark 5 hours away, to buck traffic, pay out of the nose for parking, and shuttle or shuffle with over a million other folks to be crammed behind barriers to watch a ball drop for 6o seconds.

Question 1 : why??

Question 2 : Where do you go to the bathroom? 

Question 3:   why??

Question 4:  What would possess anyone to want to stand in sub freezing temperatures for at least 5 hours to watch this?

Now the other way to see 2008 go is100_1673 in a quiet living room , TV on, sitting in a recliner or on the couch, having some rye boat , cheese and crackers and sparkling grape juice, and getting up off the chair at 11:59, holding onto the hand of a loved one, and in the other hand a quarter for good fortune, and watch the ball drop in the comfort of our home.

Hmm, which will I choose......betcha can guess.

2008, it brought us many emotions, many ups and downs, we came out in the end I think better then we maybe thought we would end up, but we do have a new 30 yr mortgage, uncertainty of what Mark will be able to do, and a scary economy, a newly elected, not quite in office yet democratic president and house, and it feels like the world is full of anger and unsettledness. So for 2009--I hope for health, wisdom, strength, guidance that we do the right thing, for all the troubled souls to find something safe to hang onto, to be a better me, for Jeff , Amanda and Brandon to sell their existing home and find peace in their new home, for Mark to improve health wise, and Adrianne and Josh to continue to prosper, to cherish family and friends, to write a book, for the financial and emotional instability in the world to calm down, and to win the lottery. ( just the mega lottery- once- that is not being greedy is it? Happy New year to all, see ya next year ! ( I just love saying that when I leave work!) Mrs Justa


goooooood girl said...

your blog is very nice......

Mark Krusen said...

Thanks for your vote of approval :)