Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Mrs Justa and Imus and Indi

Tonight is the night for Imus ( and INDI) . This cat is the funniest little animal that I think I have known for a long time. 100_0696_edited He has a fetish for clean counters, and will push off anything that he feels is not supposed to be there.

For example, we have a couple of toy VW bugs at the base of a lamp, every morning they are on the floor.

I was unloading some stuff from my arms and left an empty bag on the counter for a second, he jumped up knocked it off and disappeared.

He does not jump up and bother when there is food preparation, just for the other stuff. Ya gotta laugh at his lack of fear to that quick pop up, knock off and disappear.

He also loves Indi, I mean loves him.They get along so well, they play rumble and 100_0783then lay next to each other and clean each other off. 

I look at these two guys and am reminded of a saying- a Bulgarian proverb...

"God promises a safe landing but not a calm passage." These two have both landed safely. One was a stray cat, born to a farm cat and left to walk around in the outside by a busy country road. And Indi was given up by an elderly couple and left alone at the SPCA. Their journey was not always easy, but they have landed in a home filled with safety and love. They never are let out alone, the dog on a leash and comes right back in. The cat only out for the vet.

I love these 2 guys. I think we all need to be reminded that the road in life is never guaranteed to be smooth, but it is the landing that counts.

  Have a kitty cat/

puppy dog type of day! Cindy


Nathan Hawks said...

I expected my cat was going to act that way, but he doesn't. He's more of a talker, goes on lengthy monologues and is wordy.

Good personality profile you wrote there.

You, Mrs. Justa, have been tagged in a chain meme. I never do these, but this time I figured WTF. So, check-a my blog, please :)

Mark Krusen said...

Thanks Nathan, And I will mosey on over to your blog and check it out:)Fortunately for us, Imus is a quiet cat, except at breakfast time. I will go into more detail on that daily experience in another post LOL Thanks for the comment Cindy

Nathan Hawks said...

Ugh, my one's an obnoxious beast in the mornings -- case in point right now I would still be in bed if he knew how to piss off for more than 5 minutes at a time...

Mark Krusen said...

hee hee, well this guy, he puts on a whole show at the wee hours of the morning. Kinda humorous when I am not annoyed because I wanted to sleep in a little :) Cindy