Friday, November 21, 2008

Mrs Justa and "Help Wanted"

It is scary out in the employment world,

with every night hearing news on lay offs and companies going down. image Work is out there, but we have to accept what is available and not shun away an offer.

Today we had an opening

for a temporary position for our clerical support team. Normally we hear in about 2-3 days that the agency has a fit. Today we heard in less then 4 hrs. That spoke volumes to me.

As I have said before I do love my job,

and I am thankful that I have a job first of all, and secondly that I like the one I have. I did leave a tad early today because of a migraine and this funky thing going on with my right eye is not helping settle the headache. I did get to work this morning pretty early, and when I came home I was able to go back on line and do some work from here, so all was not lost for the day.

My thought for the day has to do with people looking for work.

The interview process is not a comfortable situation for me. I try not to show that I feel like I am begging for a job. In my past 38 years of working, I have gone on interviews and been the interviewer a number of times. So today my thoughts are some tips for when anyone goes on an interview .

First, listen to the interviewer,

and answer questions openly after the interviewer has stopped asking/talking. I have had some people, over the years , come in for an interview and talk over everything that is being said. That tells me 2 things, first they do not hear everything if they have already thought of something to say. And second, if they do this in an interview, how will it be to try to train a person.

Second, arrive a little early for your interview.

There may be an application you need to fill out. I had a person once reprimand me because they had to fill out an application. Oh yeah, I would advise not saying you want to come and work for the company because you want a job where you can kick back your feet and relax , that too is not a selling point.

Attire, no low cut tops,

cleavage needs to be covered.  I have in the past a few woman who have come in who I thought might have their breast end up on the table. Totally not acceptable in my book. My thought was if this is how the person is going to dress for an interview, what will it be like once they are comfortable. I could not help but wonder if they did this thinking a male might be conducting the interview. Conservative and casual business wear is best.

Ask questions,

do not just sit and nod and then leave. Make eye contact with the interviewer, the interviewer is taking time out of their day to meet with you. When you talk, talk to the interviewer and not to some spot on the wall, and if there is a window, do not be looking out it as the interviewer/s are talking to you.If the company has a web site, go on it in advance and learn something about them. That shows you have interest in your future and in the company you are applying at. And after, send a thank you to the company for taking the time to meet with you, ( if of course you are thankful for the interview). Good luck, Love, Mrs Justa.( image courtesy of google image)

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