Friday, November 28, 2008

Mrs Justa lighting a candle for Mr Badger

Please keep Badger in your thoughts and prayers. 100_1195 Badger is our son's families dog, he is a gentle giant. He is 2 1/2 years old and loves to cuddle. He has something funky going on with his left eye, it looks like blood in it. The vet saw him tonight and can not diagnose it until the 350.00 worth of blood work comes back.

The vet said it could indicate a variety of diagnoses, so lets wait for the blood results.

So a candle is being lit for Badger tonight.

I feel bad for the kids, they try so hard to do the right things , to get ahead, and when life comes down and socks them in the gut, I hurt too.

I hope that Badger pulls through, maybe only needs a steroid eye drop or something that simple. He is not blind in the eye, just it is not right. So think of him , will you please. Say a prayer, light a candle, and let's see how things turn out for the kids and the dog. Love, Badgers Grandma--- Mrs Justa

Update on Mr Badger,

His blood work was abnormal, his platelet count is low, he is on a mixture of medications, it could be an infection, or it could be something more serious, it could be cancer, no one knows yet for sure. On Thanksgiving he had 3 candles lit for him, I want to keep him close in my prayers and heart. My Badger is the best behaved dog, his compassion for his family is amazing. We watched him in August 2007 for a week when the kids went on their honeymoon, in the morning he would try to slither up on the bed for a morning cuddle, and let me tell you, it is hard for a 100 lb dog to slither anywhere. He gallops like a horse, and believes he is a lap dog.

So as I settle down from the Thanksgiving day dinner with family and friends, I once again say, hang in there Badger. We love you > Love mrs Justa

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Mrs Justa and the teeth ache

Okay, go figure, it is the week of a holiday and I do not have one toothache, I have the whole left side of my face hurting. image Now I do not mean a dull ache, I mean the kind that makes me want to stand up and salute the darn pain so it will go away.

Now bear in mind that this is the side of my mouth that has had all the attention in the past few years. Probably in the tune of 2-3,000 buckaroonies of work when you combine what we have paid and the insurance company has paid, bridges, caps, redone fillings.

So yesterday my dentist took me in and x rayed all over, can not find why it is acting up. And I personally am not turned on by having all my bridge work removed. The x rays looked okay for what he could see among the hardware. The consensus is a lower left sinus infection that may be pushing on the roots of the teeth which run very close to the bottom of the sinus. So I am on some good ol penicillin, and I am really hoping it is what it is and it cures the pain. 

It only hurts if they are exposed to cold or hot. So I will put my turkey on a plate before everyone else on Thursday and let everything cool down to room temperature.

The pain is eye crossing when it flairs up, at work today I had an episode of pain when my lunch had not quite cooled down enough, nope I needed my instant oatmeal to get to room temp. Once the pain flairs up, is takes a long while to settle down. As I am writing this, well it is flared again, the water I just had must have been too cool.

Ahhhhhhhhhh I am really looking at my thankfulness of many things, the teeth... well that is not on my list , just thankful when the pain goes away for a while. Peace to all, Love mrs Justa

Monday, November 24, 2008

Mrs Justa and the cycling of life

It is amazing how life recycles.

So many living things come onto the earth, plant their seed, grow new beings like themselves and eventually move on. Only for the cycle of life to repeat itself.

Similar to this plant.

In the Spring it began, it challenged all inclement weather and withstood the various tests of time, and now, in it's various stages of ending it's cycle, it is opening up, wings on it's seeds, daring and asking the wind to come and carry the seeds far away, to once again nestle for the winter and begin in the Spring.

We do this as human,

but our life cycles are often longer then a year. 100_1820_editedMany of us choose to reproduce, to  raise children to become adults to raise others. The challenges we face in our cycle's of life. No matter the length of the cycle, there are such rough patches along the way. Think of how you attack these challenges.

We are not blessed to have the wind spread our seeds,

but we are lucky enough to leave our own footprints in the sand of life. Our prints are all there, we choose what they mean, but each one of us leaves a print.

As this plant had different characteristics,

so do we. This plant was born at once, yet look at the different phases of it's life.

Now look at us, each individual,

we have fingers, toes, noses, and such, we have hearts and brains. We need to choose how to formulate our future. We can not destine our death, but we can choose how to live.

This does not mean we can choose our wealth ,

some make it, some do not.Some have opportunities for college, some do not. We can choose how to live with what we have, and how to strive for more, if that is what we want , but accept what we have as we proceed. God has a plan for each of us, that I truly believe. Our families, our loves, our children, our passion, our gifts.

We must let people know

that we care about them, we must think before we speak, and consider those around us. For all these things help to define that footprint in the sand. Walk carefully, speak softly, and treasure each moment, before your Spring turns to Fall, turns to the Winter of your life. Love, Mrs Justa

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Mrs Justa and apple pie

The smells of the holiday are effervescing through the house today. 100_1990 100_1989We are hosting Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday and I have to work this week, so I have been getting ready for the special day.

Can ya smell this apple pie through the cyber waves?

It is cooling on the counter right now, then I will wrap it tight and freeze it for a few days.

The breads are already made and in the freezer. 2 zucchini, 2 banana and one streusel.

So I have a good start on the day. Mark and I do the weekly cleaning every weekend, so thankfully there is not much to do in that area. I am looking forward to the day, to meeting with people we love and share a few special hours.

The turkey is thawing in the fridge and the ham is still in the freezer. Mark suggested doing a spiral ham also, hey if there are leftovers we have a freezer.

In the roaster right now is a "left over roast beef casserole" recipe that I got off line today. I printed 3 different ones up, as we sliced up the left over roast beef from last week, and it should make 3 casseroles. This one had 1 can cr mushroom soup, 1 1/2 cups sliced beef, 1/2 onion thin sliced and sauteed, 1/3 c milk, 3 c thinly slice potatoes and mix together, top w/ 3/4 c cheddar cheese and bake at 350 for 1 1/2 to 2 hrs. Since my oven was baking pie and breads I chose the roaster to cook the casserole.

I am reminded of years long ago, when my mom would bake apple pie and breads for the holidays. The smell of the cinnamon and apple made  a comforting feeling in the house, like it was filled with love. Mom, I know you watch over me from heaven, thanks for guiding me through this baking day, I think I was the tool for her so she could once again bake.

Peace to all, Love Cindy