Sunday, December 21, 2008

Mrs justa and the beginning of winter

Today is 12-21-08, the first day of Winter, Winter's solstice. 100_0817 We had lake effect snow last night and it was pretty intense till this afternoon. We got enough for the plow dude to come back today, at $20.00 a plowing, if this keeps up, he may end up being our most expensive bill each month. This is the 5th plow of December, and he did one in November too. And all that was before winter started !

I look at 12-21 as the beginning of the road to Spring. The days are now getting lighter more, and I can almost smell Spring in the air. I know I am a sick unit, but that is how I look at it. One more day closer to Spring.
Mark is listening to the weather on the news as I am intensely typing to you, and they are saying up to another 12 inches before tomorrow is over. The wind gusts are up to 40mph, which can be good for the snow that is built up on the roof, as long as it does not blow to the driveway!

I have a 8:20 AM dental appnt tomorrow, so I am planning to leave here early, settle in at work and then leave from there to the dentist. The dentist has a 48 hour cancellation policy, which stinks when the weather is bad! So I will go and conquer the world early tomorrow .

Tonight there is the smell or chicken in the crock pot, it has been roasting in there since 12:30, and it is smelling pretty good. I put in a cup of water and a bouillon cube and then covered the outside with a butter, thyme, sage and poultry season paste I made up, can't wait to have it. We are drinking coffee and tea right now as the chill from the wind seems to permeate through our pores, even though the windows are tight, the glass has a tendency make it feel cooler.

So, as we go an prepare for a chicken dinner, and sip our warm beverages, we hope you are warm and safe, hang onto the wheel on the slippery roads, and enjoy the first day of Winter. Love to all, Cindy