Saturday, March 22, 2008

Justa working together

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I've been working out this post for a long time in my mind. Here goes I hope I don't blow it. For those of you that have been reading this blog from the beginning and probably a lot of you that have joined in somewhere else along the line know, I've been harping on commenting. I've tried to use humor, cajoling and just about everything else I could to get people to comment. The Number one commenter up to date has been my brother in Law. Who shall rename nameless until I get his permission to use his name here. He has had many of funny, interesting, thought provoking and down right entertaining comments. I don't believe he will win any spelling bee's but... If I didn't have spell check I would read like Rain Man on Steroids. There's been one of my Sister in Law's that has attempted to engage in a few written battles with me. The problem is that from time to time she comes to the battle "unarmed" if you know what I mean?:)

Momma has snuck in from time to time with a guest post or a what she thinks is a "secret" code name that nobody will know. But we all do, don't we? Lady in Red 1953. I wish I could put thoughts down on paper half as good as Cindy. Heck I'd have a couple of books written by now.:) Momma has assured me that she will guest post from time to time and hopefully pretty soon so that I can rest my weary bones. Plus it would be a treat for all of us, as she is very good at getting right to the heart of the matter.(Insert hugs and kisses here).

You know what? As I think of it here are some guest post from momma here and here so wouldn't it be nice to see momma jump in from time to time. And another guest poster has been The Lime Green Drama Queen that was a lot of fun doing wasn't it Ms.Queen. She too has promised a Solo guest post coming up.

What I'm getting at and maybe some of you see it coming is that EVERYONE has something to contribute. Maybe an Idea for a place to shop will come to you, or you know what the sale day is of a gas station near you is, or just maybe you,like a lot of people would like to get on here and Justa rail on me for a postion I've taken or something I have done that bugs you. It doesn't matter. Engage in a conversation and maybe as times get tougher ahead we can all help each other get through it. Maybe we can lift a hand up, instead of a hand out! Or another thing if anyone would like to guest post drop me an email at and we'll see about making that happen. I know a lot of you have a life time of experience that you could share. Heck some of you are teachers, Policemen, Social Workers, Nurses,Social Workers, and some  Clean houses for a living, work in factories, hook up our T.V.(Whoray!) can you see? We can all contribute. Let's climb out of those comfort zones and engage. There is no time like the present. So in closing I just want to leave you with this site until next time. Wouldn't it be neat to be part of a community of 40,000 readers like they have over there? I'm justa saying!

Friday, March 21, 2008

justa messing with my head

it appears my friends at Google are having some fun with me. I'm not able to access my website in the traditional ways that I was able to in the past. I may have worn out my welcome with them. I'm checking some things out and I will get back to you. If I have not been able to post on here for even a day. It will mean I have to move on to my other two blogs. I would regret leaving the blogger platform as I have been getting better at it lately. But all good things must come to an end.So don't forget to write down the addresses and I will continue from them. The one is and the Paid hosting one that I've just started and will attempt to get up to speed quicker is the I haven't enabled comments on this one yet, but I'm working on it and hope to have it up in the near future. Thanks for reading and I hope you've enjoyed the ride. I'm justa saying  

Justa hanging it all out for all to see! Hmmm.Don't let your mind wander to much!!

Smuckers Fudge topping$1.49
Milk 2% 1/2 gal$1.78
Lemons $0.59 each (2)$1.18
Toilet Paper (Package of 4) Really thin paper$0.99
Cat food soft $0.25 each (4)$1.00
Bagel (Plain) Theodore's brand (6 in pkg)$1.39
Ice Cream Vanilla (low fat) 1/2 gal$1.99
100% vegetable Juice( 64oz's)$1.99
12 items total$11.81
Tax 8.00%$00.16
Total Grocery bill for Wed's March 19th 2008$11.97

Save A Lot Food Prices: As of March 19th 2008.This is going to be a super long post today. Lot's of info you might want to book mark it and come back to it later.

Now looking at this list of stuff ,your probably saying "Man Mark you and Cindy sure are eating high on the hog":) Heck it even looks like the cat is eating better than us. This is something we are working on balancing. We have been cleaning out our freezer and cupboard of stuff that has been in there a while,and just buying the stuff like milk, breads, toilet paper, and juices. Oh yeah we even tossed in some ice cream and a topping. Rather than run down the inventory we hope to mix in some fresh food purchases every other meal or so by planning a menu ahead for three days at a time between trips to the store and using what we have on hand. Stay tuned we'll try to journal it here.

I've, for some reason decided to post our grocery purchases for the bi weekly grocery trip. Every time we go to the Grocery store I'll post it either on this site or the other one over at the Wordpress site. (See blogroll on right sidebar). Cindy and I used to spend $80.00 per week for groceries and then another $300.00 some months for eating out. We're working on cutting back on eating out!

Now as we head down this journey to frugality(some people may call it being cheap) I'll try to map out what Cindy and I have done to either save money, or make some should that ever happen.(Beyond our daily job's).So far I've made $0.18 outside my regular job since I've been out of work. Since we started this a couple of weeks ago we have been able to give to the Church 10% of our take home pay,and give to ourselves (save) 10%. In the first pay period with our new spending mind set. We either gave to the church or saved $210.00. Not bad for a start. Some unexpected bills have come up that we haven't had time to save for in the budget. Money will be tight until our next paydays in 6 days. We should be able to just squeak by.

"Well Mark" you say. I'm not going to drive all the way up to Fulton to shop at Save A lot. Or "we do all our shopping at Wegmans", or P&C or any other one will do. Don't get me wrong. Save A Lot doesn't have everything your going to want to or need to buy. But they do have a lot of it. For some stuff Momma and I go to Walmart, or Price shopper(Because of the Advantage fuel card).I'm going to address a couple of your concerns here. First,"it will cost too much to drive to Fulton".

When we get ready to go to the store if we need gas I go on to this site and see what the price of gas is in the area I'm going to go in to shop that day, now if I need gas and the least expensive gas for the day is in the area We are going to, I'll buy it.Now as to the store we go to. Be it Save A lot or Price Chopper or Walmart. Now for us that New Walmart going up in Fulton was one of the best things in the world for us frugal (cheap) wanna be's.All 3 of those stores are within about a 3 mile radius of each other. I know, I know "I ain't shopping at Walmart" they buy everything from China. I used to have that attitude to, until I just decided that when in Rome do as the Romans do.It's a world economy. To compete we have to be lean and mean and productive. Then and only then will we compete on a World wide basis. Granted we lead in some areas, but in others we trail way behind the rest of the World.

Let's just say you live in Liverpool or the Bayberry area. Let's also say "My tank is almost mty I want to fuel at the absolute cheapest place I can fuel at. Ok here is what it's going to cost you to do that. $190.41. Am I the king of frugal or what? No I just showed you what it would cost you to drive to:

Sunny's Corner Store

8311 Spring Ridge Texas Line Rd

Keithville Ga Phone # if you should wish to call and check 318-424-7753

It's only 1421 miles away and will only take you aprox 22 hrs to get there if you can average 65 mph and not sleep on the way down. This assumes you get at least 25 mpg with your car and that you only paid $3.35 per gal average for your fuel all the way down. Yesterday,it was the cheapest place in America to buy gas.

Now I'm going to close this post early today because I hear a lot of slamming doors outside my office here. It's either people leaving to drive down to Keithville for that cheap gas. Or maybe its the men in the white coats. Yeah, that's it. It's probably those guys again. Hope to see ya tomorrow we'll continue this discussion and hopefully put a cap on the gas buying secrets in the Greater Syracuse area. I'm justa saying! Update: I went ahead and posted more information on a local bent to the gas prices on my post over at check it out if you have time. I think you'll find it interesting. Also look at the high price on the Syracuse Gas price link in the sidebar on the right. How would you like to be that guys customer?

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Im Justa NY Yankee fan. Always have been, always will be!

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I've always been a fan of the New York Yankees. As far back as I can remember,(which on some days is only about 5 mins) I would be following the Yankees on my little transistor radio. It fit in the palm of my hand. I'd lay out in the yard and set it down on the grass next to me. I'd here of Mickey and Roger and Tony Kubek,then up through the years to Yogi and Whitey,then to Mel,then in slipped Mickey Rivers,then Thurman,Derek, Arod,and on and on and on. The names aren't in order, the list isn't complete. It doesn't really matter. When you were in the dugout you were a Yankee. "Once a Yankee always a Yankee" I was there when they lost a lot. And I've been there when they've  won a lot. The feeling of triumph is better than defeat for sure. But win or lose. I'll always be "Justa another Yankee fan".

We've come a long way from those days of scratchy, hissing coverage, barely being able to make out the announcers voices. Hanging on every pitch, exalting in the wins and saying "wait till tomorrow" with the losses. Today we have 24/7 Coverage. Why heck we even get to delve in to they're personal lives. We spend hundreds of dollars on hats, bats, gloves,balls,with names on them like Jeter, Arod,Jorge,Joba...If your so inclined you can watch every single game either on cable or subscribe to the feed through Major league baseball to never miss a game no matter what city it's in. Games sometimes go into the 3 hrs plus range.Who's got 3 hrs to sit in front of a boob tube and watch baseball. Now a days no one does. But oh man it sure feels good when you do every so often get to get a few innings in doesn't it?  I can't help it I'm Justa Yankee fan!

What got me thinking about the Yankees again, besides it being Spring training was this article here. All teams do this. But there is just something about it being the NY Yankees! The history,pressure and rewards for being a Yankee and even a Yankee fan are alive and well. Every  since that first team stepped onto that grassy field years ago the team was destined to shine,and be special. Love em or hate em they are "The New York Yankees" I'm justa saying!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I'm justa having a dilemma here

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If you read yesterday's post. You did read yesterday's post? You didn't! Go ahead we'll wait... Ok now, welcome back.As I was saying in the post towards the end I mentioned an issue I had with Mr. O'rielly. I hope you read it,I won't repeat it here. I, like any red blooded American male would do when outraged, fired off an email to Bill at Fox News .com. I sent it once then realized I had made a mistake on it, so I sent another one. Well on the 2nd one I believe I forgot to put my full name on it. It appears that to be awarded the "Pinhead of the day" award you have to have your full name and City. Phew, all that to get to the dilemma.My dilemma is this, Should I try to send it a third time with all the correct information or should I just let it ride? Please let me know via of a comment as I won't sleep until this decision is made.:)

Come on now don't leave me hanging! What should I do? Our new Governor is a pretty smart man. He threw his trash out before the Garbage man came.(Bill,I am not calling you a garbage man.) He sounds like the real deal. Let's give him a chance and see what he can do. After all if anyone can motivate our legislature to pass a budget on time, for the first time in,well, forever... Today's post is going to be short. Is that cheers I hear in the background? I've been burning both ends of the candle, and it's time to recharge. Thanks again for stopping by. Oh, I almost forgot. I added a link on the other interesting read section on the side bar on Gas prices. A lot of information there,go check it out. I'm Justa saying...

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Not justa nother rant!

image Hmmmm. I have a relative named Tom. I wonder if this is his station.I mean after all I am suing him for pain and suffering on another issue. Maybe this is his way to raise funds should he lose that case.

I'm going to talk a little bit about gas prices again today if you don't mind. (I know I told you there would be a McDonald's Franchise discussion here today.) But I got to thinking about it and I figured that anyone reading this blog probably isn't coming here to learn about how to buy a franchise. I know I don't have $250,000 just laying around. I mean really do you think I work at Magna or something? That's what it would cost me and you too, for a down payment on a Ronald McDonald restaurant. So let's move back over to something we do all spend money on, Gas.

I'm talking about the kind you put in your car. Not the kind left behind after a big St. Patties day party.Some of you know that I have a "do not forward" policy on emails I get those that tell me to "forward this to just 10 of your friends." That being said I'm sure many of you have been getting an email about how to save money pumping your gas in the morning, Fumes build up in the tanks at the gas stations as the air out side gets warmer. In other words you won't be getting all the gas that the meters are displaying. A lot of you got the email that I forwarded to you and it has the whole story on that. It's well worth the read. If your saying "What?" I didn't get no email! Then you need to send me your email. I'll forward it over to you. It's well worth reading, it will save you some money and open your eyes.

Now where did I put my Bear Stearns stock portfolio? Phew... I didn't have any. Good thing I got lucky on that one. I don't feel so lucky though, gas prices have gone up 35% and food prices are well on the way. (Who did you think was going to pay those higher Diesel prices?)The trucking companies have to pass the cost on. Hang on folks, it's going to get even tighter. It's belt tightening time for all of us. I think I have 1 hole left in mine I can tighten. After that I'll have to get the hole bunch out and make a couple more holes. Hey Tom can you lower the price of regular gas down to maybe a hand instead of the whole arm?

I mean really Tom, I've already given my leg, my first born lives 2hrs away in Rochester. Ok, Ok, I'll drop the lawsuit. Just give me back my low gas prices please. I'm going to close with a little story. My wife and I were watching Bill O'rielly on the Fox channel last night. Most of the time I agree with Bill on most of the issue's but last night I had to take issue with something his show does that bugs the heck out of me. Have you ever noticed how when they are trying to get an interview from someone, and the person they're trying to interview is all but running away? It eventually comes back to Bill on the set with this look of utter disdain. As if to say "how dare them to not talk to my producers". Well William, if the proverbial shoe was on the other foot, would you stand there with a smile,and a "yeah sure I'll be glad to talk to you"or, would you do like any reasonable person trying to get from point A to B continue to walk and try to ignore the microphone stuck half way up your nostril. I'm justa saying!

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Monday, March 17, 2008

Justa Slow reader.

image Am I the slowest reader you have every met in your life or what? If you look down the right sidebar down towards the bottom you'll see my "list" of books I'm reading. I've been reading this book for months now. I can rip through a good book in a couple of days at the most. I'm most of the way into it and it's a darn good read but I can't for the life of me set aside even a couple of minutes a day to finish it. I'll let you know when I do. Hopefully we're not talking years here:). It's amazing how life grabs you by the Curly Cues and doesn't let go isn't it.That being said, I'd rather be busy than dead. You know what I mean?

If you get a chance check out these neat sideshow's that Anuj brought my attention to here  they are more than worth the trip over there. He's put a lot of work into them. He's given permission to imbed them on the Blog so I'm going to try to do that soon.

Another site that will get you thinking, I hope, is Tom Stine's site. Tom is building quite a community over there. I'm signed up. Come on over and enjoy other people's journey's that we call life. A couple of the people are talking about Foster care. This is something Cindy and I are thinking of doing. I know it would be a rewarding experience,and we feel we could help some children in need at a critical time in their lives. Stay tuned. We Just have so much going on in our lives right now what with the potential move and all.

I am so glad my name is not Elliot right now.Momma is still seeing Red every time his name is brought up.I still try to tell her that "it takes two to tango" but.... Speaking of news. On the home front Magna continues to make the news. Did you see in the business section of the Post Standard? They appear to be optimistic but at the same time it sounds like they need to drum up some business from overseas to ward off any more layoffs. What do you think?

In closing this morning I'm working on that post for the McDonald's franchising that I started last week. I hope to have that done tomorrow. I'm justa saying!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Justa picture this!

image Photo courtesy of Ronray at

Just look at that sun shining off the water. and the ripple of the waves and the sand. I don't really see anything else to point out do you? Nothing really jumps off the page. I'll have to study the picture more to see if I can extract more from it.:) Ok maybe there is a little of something else to look at. Yeah there it is. Is that an Island way out in the distance. I'm kind of tired this morning as I do this post. I had a battle of wits with an Atheist yesterday. Unfortunately, he came unarmed. I would link to his site, but I don't even want him to get 1 hit from this site. I was signed up to his feed because he had some good content. However the way he handled the discussion has convinced me to cancel that.

Cindy saw this picture and wanted to know why I needed to put it on here. I asked her what she had against sunsets and rippling water? I also told her I liked the way the wet sand showed a reflection of the water. I enjoy the beauty of nature. Excusssssse me. Ok maybe I'm missing something. Cindy is pretty upset. There must be something I'm missing in the picture. Could someone please point out to me what I'm missing? Jackofall58 your usually quite observant,please bail me out and tell me what I'm missing.

That ladyinRed gal is going to chew me a new, you know what? I'm still trying to make heads or tails of her math on the Speaking of pictures. If you would like to see a picture of Momma that is quite a bit different than the last one I posted. you can go to this page click here and see a picture of a proud Momma on her son's wedding day. I cropped this Photo. Those of you that know Cindy might recognize this one better than the first one I put up.

For you ladies that are now so up set with me.I'll show you a true picture of me that Momma took when we were out on a walk. We'll see if you'll understand a little bit more about me after seeing it. According to Momma it's one of her most favorite pictures of me that she ever took. Here it is those of you who really know me, is this a really good picture of me or what? I'm justa asking?

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