Friday, December 19, 2008

Mrs Justa and the white knuckle day

Two down, 5 more to go. White knuckle days , as I kindly refer to them. The snow came down fast and hard today, and the roads were treacherous for many. image Some businesses chose to close early,( not where I work) , schools sent kids home by 11:00. It was the 2nd of my normal 7 white knuckle days in a winter season. image

Mark was leery of me driving, and felt he would rather drive the 38 miles each way this morning and this evening, then be sitting home worrying about me driving them alone.

So he was the one with the white knuckles. He does it better then me as far as the stress of it. I am  a good driver , I think, but on the old white knuckle days, I find comfort in belting out the Lord's prayer all the way to and from work. Jesus does take the wheel. For there are times, when I can not see the road in front of me, or there is ice on the pavement that causes the cars to find a deep attraction to ditches, and I swear that Jesus drove the car.

I pray every day, but it is the intense sessions that keep me calm when I am solo on the drive to and from work.

Here I am now, it is 7:40 on Friday night, in the comfort of my home with my husband,dog, cat and bird. There is about 12 inches of hard packed snow in the walkway, it is too cold and the snow too deep for the dog to take his time and try to totally relieve himself, so we will shovel him an area to do that. I will help, as Mark's leg is limiting to what he can do.

I am about to go and start paying some bills, doing some housework, and just chilling for a weekend.

I hope you who dealt with the north east storm, and anyone that had it before it hit here, are all safe.

I will be back later, Love Cindy

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