Monday, November 24, 2008

Mrs Justa and the cycling of life

It is amazing how life recycles.

So many living things come onto the earth, plant their seed, grow new beings like themselves and eventually move on. Only for the cycle of life to repeat itself.

Similar to this plant.

In the Spring it began, it challenged all inclement weather and withstood the various tests of time, and now, in it's various stages of ending it's cycle, it is opening up, wings on it's seeds, daring and asking the wind to come and carry the seeds far away, to once again nestle for the winter and begin in the Spring.

We do this as human,

but our life cycles are often longer then a year. 100_1820_editedMany of us choose to reproduce, to  raise children to become adults to raise others. The challenges we face in our cycle's of life. No matter the length of the cycle, there are such rough patches along the way. Think of how you attack these challenges.

We are not blessed to have the wind spread our seeds,

but we are lucky enough to leave our own footprints in the sand of life. Our prints are all there, we choose what they mean, but each one of us leaves a print.

As this plant had different characteristics,

so do we. This plant was born at once, yet look at the different phases of it's life.

Now look at us, each individual,

we have fingers, toes, noses, and such, we have hearts and brains. We need to choose how to formulate our future. We can not destine our death, but we can choose how to live.

This does not mean we can choose our wealth ,

some make it, some do not.Some have opportunities for college, some do not. We can choose how to live with what we have, and how to strive for more, if that is what we want , but accept what we have as we proceed. God has a plan for each of us, that I truly believe. Our families, our loves, our children, our passion, our gifts.

We must let people know

that we care about them, we must think before we speak, and consider those around us. For all these things help to define that footprint in the sand. Walk carefully, speak softly, and treasure each moment, before your Spring turns to Fall, turns to the Winter of your life. Love, Mrs Justa

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