Saturday, February 23, 2008

Justa another Breakfast out

image We went out to our regular Saturday breakfast. This time we were with the Mayor and his wife again. No breakfast out with them is a "regular" breakfast. Shawn and I often joke about being each others only friend, but it's friends like Shawn and Pat that make it so you don't need more than one. We have been friends now since way back when I was 15 or 16 years old. There was a break of about 8 or 9 years or so in the middle there, where we had no contact at all. When we got together again it was just like we had never been apart. Shawn and Pat have 5 kids and it's an inspiration to us to the way they have raised them and their commitment to them now.  By the way Shawn & Pat paid for breakfast that's right in my price range. (man last week Tom & Sherri paid and this week Shawn & Pat) This is a nice racket we've got going here. Any more friends and family want to go out to eat?

After Breakfast Momma and I went out and got groceries. I have to tell you anyone that reads this and doesn't at least look into it is crazy, but here goes. We just bought enough groceries to feed an Army and all we spent was $82.00. As some of you know where we shop check this out The prices are at least 40% less than at Wegman's or P&C or anywhere else that you can think of. Jeff used to work at the one In Baldwinsville (That isn't there any more) and that's what put us on to the place. We go to the one in Fulton that is only 6 miles from our house. Most of the things we buy are around $1.00 less for the same thing we would have bought at the other stores. Don't get me wrong, I love Wegman's it's convenient, Clean, Well organized,and fun to shop at. And oh yeah, EXPENSIVE!! I'm not going to pay for Danny (Wegman) to go out to eat, I'm going to save so I can afford to once in a while.

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