Thursday, February 21, 2008

Justa pleasant drive

Well,I've returned to the roost. I drove out to Rochester and Adrianne and I went out to lunch at Dinosaur BB. If You have never eaten at one yet, you have to go. Does the word Delicious ring a bell. We both managed to stay away from the Dessert's-although we looked at the menu. There is one in Syracuse. We joked some more about me forgetting her birthday.(at least I think we were joking). But as you can see below, alls well that ends well.

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                                                          Not for nothing. I did a little experiment on the way out to Rochester. I wanted to see how many vehicles I would pass if I set the cruise control and what were some of the price differences  Here are some things I found out about my ride.    

  • I passed exactly 2 cars. One of which passed me back after she got back from yakking with her passenger.  
  • I passed 4 Tractor Trailers. 2 which passed me back after we got past the slight incline.               
  • I saw 2 officers of the law in the middle. It was amazing how all of the sudden I was going a good speed for the rest of the vehicles around me.  
  • Gas was about 5 cents a gallon more expensive on the thruway. 
  • Everyone else but me must be really rich. Because they were sure driving like it , with  gas costing $3.35 a gal every mile per hour you drive over 55 costing you a tenth of a gal (Saw a study on this sometime ago) The average speed had to be at least 10 mph over.
I also found out that you really need to research gas prices in your area. Not that you should drive out of your way to get gas, but just a little checking around within a reasonable area from where you are.(even in Rochester) can yield a big difference. Within a 5 mi range of where I was driving in Henrietta, There was a difference of .06 cents or so.    Also everyone probably knows this already but you can check out Syracuse gas prices here and if your going in the area of the least expensive gas, why not buy it there?

So in conclusion, I either drive like an Ole Grandpa,Just like Cindy drives like an old Grandma,or all the rest of You whipper snappers need to slow down.

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