Friday, February 22, 2008

Justa Spending the money like We have some!

image Spent some major coin today. The muffler has been getting louder and louder lately. I've just sort of been ignoring the noise,(The way Momma ignores the noise of my babbling)Anyway, When I took Momma's car to Rochester with me Yesterday, that left her to use my car,soooo Momma didn't like the noise and suggested that it was finally time to replace whatever. I personally felt it could have have gone another 100,000 miles or so.

So I took it up to Cole Muffler up in Fulton. We've always had real good luck with them over the years with all our cars. They only do what needs to be done, no adding on or anything. The bad news $360 and some change. The good news it's quiet. This weekend were going to be spending $400 something on new struts and stuff for the back. After that were down to a compressor and a few other small things. All those things sound like a lot it really isn't in my eyes. It's a 1997 Dodge Intrepid with 124,300 miles on it and it's paid for. I told Momma the other day my goal is to get 1 million miles out of it. To do that you have to put some money back into it. For me to get my mileage goal out of it, one of the kids will have to be giving it to one of their kids.

I went to the Chiropractor today. He tells me My Workman's Comp case worker isn't real happy with some of the things he's saying, ie: I need some thing a magings for both my shoes, it seems all the limping and strange gait I've had since my injury, operation, and subsequent Sundry events in my life has caused my feet to bow in. So according to Dave (Mr Chiro) I need these things in my shoe's. SO HERE WE GO! This thing is going to drag on for ever.

Just a quick side note. If your so inclined, check out some of the blogs of interest that I've linked to on the side, I think there is a whole lot of useful information. Thanx for joining me on this ride called "Life".

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